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  • Where is the center?

  • Okay.

  • Hi, Vogue.

  • I'm endure Scott, and here's high incorporate glitter into my look.

  • First I do a facial cleanser just to make sure that my skin is super clean and fresh.

  • Here's my I must.

  • We don't want to be giving tired.

  • We were going out here is like you little face mask.

  • Um, put the first half on, but it's really good for firming and lifting.

  • We're giving bet Woman.

  • I think it's definitely really important that you don't overdo it with the face mask because our skin on our face is very sensitive, especially if you're me.

  • I leave this one on for 15 minutes.

  • No longer than that.

  • It could actually backfire and turn you into little tomato.

  • Break free of this kind of like rub it and a bit like somebody do love oil.

  • It's super helpful, especially with what I have going on with my left right now.

  • Then I'm gonna do this toner.

  • It's especially good for dark skin tones, so I just take the toner and Arab it between two fingers and a little of my taste.

  • Next, some coconut oil.

  • I put it everywhere all over my body.

  • And then I put their minder my face so that I'm not putting too much coconut oil on my face.

  • Basically use it as a form of par lighter.

  • It just kind of naturally brings out the glow that you already have.

  • It also moisturizes the hair.

  • A lot of people usually axe me how my edges are able to be so healthy while modeling having to do this high.

  • Pointing out the time having box read since I was a little girl is edge control really helps.

  • I just kind of apply it on my edges with my fingers.

  • Make sure it's all in there.

  • So next I do my trusty concealer, I'm gonna duh with my finger because everyone says Don't rob spots or taking care of, we're gonna do some eyeliner.

  • This is going to give me a little edge because Tom feeling today I'm feeling edgy.

  • I'm sweating.

  • I take such pristine focus for me to do things like this.

  • They said they're not matching it.

  • Also, we're going to dig a key tip and make the match phenomena add like some dots.

  • And you said some like dimension to the look glitters, something that we do for any occasion.

  • Glitter is every day glitters Grocery store glitters Dinner glitters Going out glitters brunch glitters Festival Glitter is life Once again I'm just gonna take my finger and just apply it clean So now going to do a boy brow And I'm just gonna put a little on what I like is wild eyebrows That looks like you didn't really try people like different things Then I'm going toe curl my eyelashes Because I'm not a mascara girl I'm gonna use this lipin cheek tent on my cheeks And I'm actually going to use my finger gets time for my liver oil to come off the lips It feeling soft and ready I'm also gonna apply the same thing I put on my cheek to my lips I like a little stain I'm not too into full live Stay for lip gloss and I'm gonna pull on my braids They lift my pony more Yeah, Here's my going out Look, I definitely give a lot of credit to all of you emulates out there.

  • Stephanie.

  • Hard work.

  • Okay, Vogue.

  • Thanks so much for getting ready with me.

  • It's time for me to go now.

Where is the center?

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インディラ・スコットが教える、4分でできるグリッター・アイメイク。| My Beauty Tips | VOGUE JAPAN

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/09/08
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