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These vegetables look good.
- And a crate of potatoes, too. - Great.
We already told you, religious wording isn't allowed on your sign.
- But isn't it just a sign? - Just give up.
You're taking it down today!
Shut up and take it down!
This is going too far.
Saying "Gift From Heaven" is against the rules.
- Come on, take it down. - Take it down!
It's bound to happen.
Hey, what's going on over there?
I don't know. Let's go have a look.
"New Policy on Sinicization of Christianity."
It's the CCP persecuting religious faith.
Everybody, come over and have a look.
The central government issued a new notice,
"New Policy on Sinicization of Christianity."
Get a good look, then go and spread the news.
What does it say? Can you read it?
Read it for yourself.
The Chinese national flag must be displayed in a place of prominence
in all Christian public places.
Even the churches have to do it?
Hey. It's the Religious Affairs Bureau!
Quick! Hurry!
Don't go down!
The Religious Affairs people are here again.
- Can't be anything good. - Hey, not now.
Where is Pastor Xue?
He didn't come.
He is not here yet.
What did I tell you last time?
The national flag, and portraits of Chairman Mao and Chairman Xi
must be hung in all churches.
Why aren't they?
Get them up soon!
Director Shi,
the constitution doesn't say we have to hang Chairman Xi's portrait.
Isn't displaying an atheist leader's image asking us to worship idols?
Exactly. I feel the same way.
The Bible says we can only worship God, not idols, so you—
I don't care what it says in the Bible.
You believers in China have to follow national policy and the government's orders.
If you don't hang Chairman's portraits like the government says,
you are breaking the law,
and your church will be closed!
- What? - Pastor Xue …
- No. It's unfair. - We haven't broken the law.
What gives the government that right?
- Exactly. They are right about that. - They're so unreasonable.
Pastor Xue is here.
Director Shi, it's not that we don't respect national policy.
The church is a place of worshiping God.
Is that appropriate to hang the Chairman's portrait.
This isn't the Great Hall of the People.
That's right.
Now, imagine,
if foreigners came and saw portraits of national leaders in the church,
and went and told others,
wouldn't that harm the Communist Party's "great and honorable, correct" image?
Chairman Xi doesn't believe in God. He believes in Marxist atheism.
You Party members can worship him like God if you want to.
We worship the Lord Jesus, and you shouldn't limit our religious freedom.
Exactly. It's not right.
Hanging the portrait is a hallmark of sinicized Christianity.
Other churches have it up, and you have to do the same.
This is nationwide.
And doesn't it say in the Bible that those in power are established by God?
You must obey those who are in power. This is also obeying God.
You must understand that.
What churches abroad display pictures of their national leaders?
- That's right. - Yeah, who does that?
Isn't this an absurd demand? I just can't believe this.
- That's right. -Yeah.
I don't care what churches do abroad.
Having faith in China means hanging Chairman Xi's portrait.
This is national policy.
Churches that don't are all sealed and banned!
- What? - Banned?
Go hang it up! Go on! Now!
Director Shi, this isn't an urgent matter.
I need to discuss this with everyone.
If it's not done today, the church will be closed!
On what basis? This is tyrannical!
- That's true. - That's not okay.
- Hurry it up! Hang it up now! - This is ridiculous.
Pastor Xue, we …
- Do it right now! - Fine, I'll do it.
- Hang it higher! Straighter! - Come on!
Just sit down. It's fine.
- Hang it up. - Fine, I'll do it, right now.
Pastor Xue, we can't hang this.
Yeah, we can't do that.
This is an offense to the Lord.
It is.
The government wants us to. What choice do I have?
You can go, I'll do it.
Hang it, unless you don't care, if we close.
Hang it higher! Straighter!
It's still crooked!
Weren't these hymnals confiscated?
Do you sing the national anthem here?
Yes, of course.
Alright, then sing it right now.
Let's hear how well you sing it.
Sing it.
Right now, sing!
Brothers and sisters, sing along with me.
- Let's all sing with Pastor Xue. - Sing together.
You sing along too!
Not loud enough! Again!
Pastor Xue, we're flying the flag and singing the national anthem,
we are talking about the spirit
of the 19th National People's Congress and Xi Jinping's thoughts.
This is ridiculous! Is this still belief in the Lord?
- No. - It's not.
Isn't this just belief in the Communist Party?
The Party's demolishing churches, and taking down crosses,
they're arresting and persecuting Christians.
They want to fully eradicate Christianity.
And we've just submitted to them. Isn't that being foolish?
- Right. - It is.
I think we brought this on ourselves.
I joined the Three-Self Church in the first place because I was afraid and timid.
I thought it would let me believe in the Lord Jesus,
that I'd have government protection.
I never thought the Communist Party was just buying itself time!
Never mind taking down crosses,
now we have to sing the anthem, raise the flag, and hang Xi Jinping's portrait.
The CCP is finally showing its ugly face.
It's true.
They're using religion itself as a vessel to eliminate faith!
- It is. - That's exactly right.
You know she's right. We have become Communist Party's slaves!
When I sang, "Rise up, those who would not be slaves,"
inside me, inside, I felt a rage rise up like a fire.
We should stand up and refuse to be the Communist Party's slaves!
We have to say no to them!
- Right. - Yes!
- We won't be slaves! - we should.
- They can't do that to us! - Give them an inch and they'll take a mile.
They've bullied us to this point.
They're trying to wipe out our faith!
If I can't practice my faith at church, I'll do it at home.
With services like this, I'm not coming anymore.
- Let's go. - This is humiliating.
Brothers and sisters …
Brothers and sisters,
I understand how you're feeling, but my hands are tied!
What is the Communist Party?
An atheist revolutionary party.
If you don't listen, they won't just put you in prison,
they'll actually kill you!
Look at all those house churches.
All they know how to do is bear a cross.
They would rather do time than join Three-Self.
Especially Eastern Lightning. So many have been sentenced,
or crippled or killed from beatings.
Does the Lord really approve of that kind of faith?
If you're persecuted to death before you gain life,
does that glorify God?
Can you enter the kingdom of heaven that way?
We hide under the Three-Self Church because we have no other choice.
The Lord Jesus teaches us,
When we raise the flag and sing the anthem, we are being wise.
The Lord sees inside our hearts.
As long as we don't deny His name or betray Him,
and stay strong to the end, we will be saved!
- Amen! - Yes.
Pastor Xue is doing all this so he can protect the church.
If this church gets shut down, where are we going to gather?
I think we should all listen to him.
We need to be wise in dealing with the CCP.
There is no other way for us to save our church.
Worshiping idols here in the church is an offense to the Lord.
That's exactly what it is.
Pastor Xue, obeying the CCP is a mistake.
How about we consider the house church path?
Wait. What?
Consider being a house church?
That's a dead end!
You want to do time?
To believe in the Lord from a jail cell?
That's foolish.
Alright, thank you.
Here, I'll take a screen protector.
You got it.
Crazy times we live in, huh? The churches have the flag up now.
Yea, a day I passed a Buddhist temple,
and I saw the monks carrying around a flag and doing a flag-raising ceremony.
They even saluted it!
We've sunk to worshiping the king of devils and Satan in our church.
If this goes on, and the Lord returns, can we be taken up into the kingdom of heaven?
Since joining Three-Self it's been one wrong step after another.
Slow down.
The hunter came to the forest and all the animals ran away,
but two were caught.
They didn't get away in time. Guess which ones!
The tortoise?
Right. Guess what was the other one?
I don't know.
Silly, it was the ostrich.
Why was it the ostrich?
Because ostriches are cowards, they stuck their heads in the sand.
This is a nationwide policy.
All the churches in the country have to take down their crosses.
If you don't take it down, we'll tear down your church!
What gives you the right to do this? Why are you taking down our cross?
Tell me why?
Sit down!
Not loud enough, again.
Hello, Mrs. Zhang.
- Hello! - Hi kids.
- Brother Meng, Brother Song. - Brother Zhang.
Good to see you. Welcome!
We were at an impasse. And so we had to go.
We've all heard Religious Affairs is forcing churches to raise the flag and sing the anthem.
I imagine that you could never accept that.
The CCP made us join Three-Self, and I could compromise.
You may laugh at me, I joined out of fear. I admit.
But the flag and the anthem? How is that belief in the Lord?
I could deal with forbidding us from preaching Revelation or receiving the Lord's return,
but they want us to worship the king of devils. I just can't accept that.
Thanks be to the Lord! You've finally awakened.
Practicing faith in Three-Self means you're Satan's puppets.
Satan controls you.
Here, have a seat.
The CCP's claim of religious freedom is just to deceive people.
Its demonic face is revealed.
If we still can't wake up, are we really people of faith?
It violated our consciences.
I finally see the CCP's truly hateful, and does resists God.
I won't be enslaved by Satan anymore.
Being in Three-Self means believing in name only, you don't follow the Lord.
I feel the Lord has already cast us aside,
so I have to take the house church path.
Well, it's not too late. In the house church, you are all welcome.
Thanks be to the Lord!
Xiao Sun, what are you up to?
Just out buying some fruit.
Come on out.
- See you. - So long.
Pastor Xue,
today I saw Meng Changlin and Brother Song up to something.
Mom, let me in. I'm home.
- Hi Grandma! - Good girl.
Brother Meng, you're home.
Brother Sun and Pastor Xue.
I was near by and thought I'd visit your mother.
Xiaoyu, go do your homework. Okay?
- Xiaoyu, come on, I'll help you. - Go on, oh, be good girl.
We'll go inside.
the house church path is not easy.
Shunzi's uncle was in a house church, remember?
What was his sentence?
7.5 years.
Haven't you seen the way things are going?
The CCP wants to eliminate all house churches.
If you were to join one at a time like this, that's like digging your own grave?
It sure is.
Can't you think of your mother and daughter, if not for yourself?
Yeah, think about.
If we hadn't joined Pastor Xue in Three-Self all those years ago,
we'd have been arrested by now.
We might be able to save our skins that way, but can we gain life?
House churches are persecuted so much but they won't yield to Satan.
They keep their faith and follow the Lord.
It's the same path the saints took through the ages.
Think about Eastern Lightning.
I don't know how they ever got started,
but I've heard they're suppressed and persecuted by the CCP.
And they still spread the gospel and bear witness.
Look at their path, and then at our situation.
It's pathetic.
The Three-Self churches are indoctrination centers for Xi Jinping's Thoughts.
Would the Lord accept us when He comes back?
I always feel the great disaster is right around the corner,
as if the Lord has just abandoned us.
Aren't we just following their policies so that we can keep them off our backs?
Besides, taking the Three-Self path and obeying the regime
has a biblical basis.
How could that be wrong?
What does it say in Romans 13:1?
By doing this we are in line with biblical teachings.
Pastor Xue is right to lead us down the Three-Self path.
It accords with the Bible.
Pastors are established by God.
If we leave pastors and elders behind for some house churches,
the consequences are unimaginable!
That's right.
If we do that out of fear of arrest and imprisonment,
cause we fear the forces of Satan.
We may save our skin, but we're controlled by the king of devils.
We bow down to it.
Is that glorifying God or shaming Him?
If we worship Satan in our church, we're clearly offending and betraying the Lord.
Why can't you see that?
Changlin, just listen to us this once.
So many people have died in the CCP's crackdowns.
Why do we believe in the Lord? Isn't it for peace and safety?
Mom …
Zhiheng? When did you get back?
Just recently.
It's no wonder I couldn't find you.
You were in hiding out of town.
I wasn't just evading arrest.
I've also been at some house churches the last few years.
I've been pretty busy, so I haven't come back.
Hey, so tell me, how are things here?
Don't even ask.
At Three-Self Church services,
it's just some shallow talk of the Bible, you can't gain anything.
Now we have to raise the flag, sing the national anthem,
and worship the king of devils.
It's become a Communist Party indoctrination center.
If we don't go back to the house churches, we'll become atheists ourselves.
Well, I guess I'm just too stubborn.
The CCP leaves me no choice.
I can finally see the demon's ugly face.
After more than a decade in the Three-Self Church, I haven't gained a thing.
The pastors and elders have really harmed us.
You've finally woken up. This is a good thing.
Have a seat.
We've all read these words plenty of times,
but how many people can truly take up a cross and follow the Lord?
Think about it when the Lord Jesus appeared and worked,
why so many Jewish people refuse to follow Him?
Wasn't it fear of being arrested?
Judaism back then was just like government-managed Three-Self churches we have today.
At the time, it was recognized by the Roman government, and not persecuted,
but what happened in the end?
They were all abandoned by the Lord.
But those who followed the Lord Jesus, who forsook everything for that,
they belonged to the house churches of those days.
They suffered a lot of persecution,
but gained the Lord's salvation, and understood some truths about faith,
they learned how to follow the Lord and bear witness,
and had God's blessings and guidance.
With Three-Self, is it really faith and following the Lord?
They have to listen to the CCP in everything,
even help the CCP monitor house churches.
They know they should worship the Lord Jesus,
but they raise the flag, sing the anthem, and obey the CCP.
This is humiliating for Christians!
In this city, over 40 believers have recently left their churches
and joined house churches, thereby escaping government control.
This is a very serious problem.
It really is.
And I must stress again
the religious personnel of every church are to enhance education
regarding our religious policies.
It is essential to grasp every believer's ideological trends,
so that we can understand the changes in their thinking,
and promptly carry out relevant political thought work.
It is so important.
We must guide them patiently and carefully out of theism,
and have them believe in science and the Party,
so over time they come to love the Party and the country.
Only then can we completely eliminate religious belief,
transform China into an atheist nation,
ensure that all Chinese will trust, and love, and forever follow the Party,
to achieve the goal of ensuring the Party's eternal rule.
Thinking back on it now, we really did stray from the Lord's way.
We only listened to the pastors and elders and obeyed the CCP's policies,
but didn't remotely obey the Lord's words.
We've betrayed the Bible's teachings at every turn.
We really have resisted and betrayed the Lord!
Now I've learned a lesson.
In faith, we should listen to the Lord's words and follow Him,
not listen to or follow people.
The path taken by the saints of the past was correct.
If we don't take up the cross and follow the Lord, we aren't fit to be His disciples.
I've known these verses for over a decade,
but this is the first time I've understood that the Lord's words are the truth.
When we follow the Lord, we're persecuted and arrested by Satan,
but don't underestimate that whole experience, because there are lessons in that.
When we rely on the Lord and let Him guide us,
we can see God's deeds, understand His will,
and see how He leads, and saves His people.
This is why going through suffering and trials is actually God's blessing.
Tell me, if we fear arrest and imprisonment,
if we crave comfort and safety, and live ignobly,
can we ever gain the truth or the life?
Can we ever gain God's approval?
We must forsake Satan, escape from his bondage,
and follow the Lord with full faith to feel peace and joy in our hearts.
By doing this and welcoming the Lord based on His words we find a path!
- Am I right? - Yes.
Thanks be to God!
Pastor Xue.
Yes, sir.
We've heard that certain people in your church
are quite opposed to the government's religious policies.
We already know who all of them are, and we are investigating the situation.
It would behoove you to help us ascertain the issues with these people.
But don't be passive.
Yes, Chief, it's true there were two people who wouldn't listen,
but the problem has already been resolved.
Be assured that I'll cooperate with your work.
I'm warning you now, if something like this happens again,
you won't just lose your church, but you'll lose your career as a pastor.
Chief, I assure you
nothing like this will ever happen again.
That's good to know.
Going to a house church can't be done lightly.
We need a permission of Pastor Xue.
Why would we need that?
He is hanging the flag and worshiping the king of devils. He is dooming himself.
Why listen to him?
Brother Meng, I'll go.
OK, see you later.
In any case, going to a house church is right.
It's our own fault for being cowards at the start.
Brother Liang.
Go on.
Hey, hold up, tell me where do you live?
Hey, Xiao Zhang.
Hey, Director Wei.
We've noticed strangers in your alley a lot lately.
Whose house are they going to?
Whose house?
Now you've clearly seen Satan's evil face.
You feel singing the anthem and worshiping the king of demons
shames and betrays the Lord.
You want to leave the Three-Self Church.
These issues are not simple.
The pastors have their own reasons for taking the Three-Self path,
but as to whether we have to follow them in doing so,
whether this accords with the Lord's will,
if He will approve of it or not,
we just have to seek the truth and pray to the Lord.
Without a basis in the Lord's words,
if we choose based on human wisdom and views, we'll likely to take the wrong path.
It's human nature to seek comfort and avoid suffering,
especially for the Lord, or to gain truth.
No one wants to die for the Lord.
The moment we experience persecution,
we become Judases, we sell out the Lord and the church.
What are the consequences?
So when choosing a path, we need to seek the Lord's will.
Otherwise, if we blindly follow people, isn't that just foolish?
In the Age of Law,
Proverbs also says,
If you want to gain the truth and life under Communist rule,
you need to risk your life and offer your life in trade.
Without true faith, can you ever follow the Lord?
You can only live ignobly on the Three-Self path,
and if there's a hint of blessings, you run after the pastor to believe in a church.
This reminds me of the prophecy in Proverbs,
But I don't understand.
There's biblical basis for the pastor leading us down the Three-Self path.
Plus, pastors and elders are established by God.
How is it wrong to follow them?
Yeah, what's wrong with that?
Whether pastors and elders are established by God
isn't determined by the words of man.
We have to go by the words of God.
Did the Lord Jesus ever say they're established by God?
Did the Holy Spirit ever say that?
When the Lord Jesus appeared and worked,
it was the religious leaders who worked to resist and condemn Him,
and who nailed Him to the cross.
If the pastors and elders lead us down the right path
to follow God, with the work of the Holy Spirit,
there's nothing wrong with following them.
But if they lead us to surrender to Satan and worship the king of devils,
can you still say they're established by God?
Isn't this blatantly misleading and harming people?
That's exactly what it is.
Most pastors in religion are graduates of theological institutes.
They're professional theologians, who rely on theology for their paychecks.
They aren't followers of God at all.
Most pastors and elders only believe in science, not in divine miracles.
Some don't even acknowledge the divine conception of the Lord Jesus.
They are simply nonbelievers.
Especially pastors in Three-Self.
Some of them are professors at Communist schools, or Marxism-Leninism institutes,
and still others research the Bible for the United Front.
Most of them are Party members,
or if they're not, they're Party agents.
These people call themselves pastors,
and the Party plants them in every church to interpret the Bible.
Can you really say they're established by God?
They're established by the CCP. How could anyone say it was God?
If we say pastors established by the CCP were established by God,
that obeying them is obeying God, isn't that blasphemy?
Aren't we twisting the facts and confusing good and evil?
That's so true.
These people adulate status and influence they're greedy for life,
and would rather obey a clearly satanic regime just to preserve themselves.
Can we really obey such false shepherds?
We can't.
You should all think about this, cause it's really serious.
It concerns whether we can enter the kingdom of heaven!
- I agree. - Yes.
This is really important.
The pastors and elders really are hypocrites,
false shepherds submitting to Satan's forces.
We've been confused for many years now.
We thought they were established by God, and blindly followed and obeyed them.
We thought that obeying them was obeying God.
We're blind, we didn't understand.
It reminds me of the Lord's words,
As believers, we must listen to the Lord Jesus' words and follow Him.
We can't be deceived by false shepherds into worshiping the king of devils!
So how do we follow the Father's will?
We need to listen to the Lord Jesus' words and practice accordingly.
Only that is a follower.
If we listen to the CCP and follow false shepherds, are we doing God's will?
Aren't we blatantly resisting and betraying God?
This fellowship is really enlightening.
Changlin, open the door!
It's the neighborhood committee!
The neighborhood committee!
- What? Who is it? - Quick! Everyone go hide in the back!
Keep it down. Hurry! Hurry! Let's not so much noise, quite.
Changlin, open up!
The chairs!
No, no, no. Careful! Careful!
I forget, I forget.
Director Wei.
Changlin, what on earth is going on?
I didn't hear you first.
You've had visitors, haven't you?
A few friends came over for a bit, they're gone now.
They're gone? Yeah.
What kind of friends were they?
Believers, weren't they?
Some brothers and sisters from the church. They came to visit my mother.
I thought you quit the church and started having home gatherings.
No one's here.
Would you look at my cat's timing?
Changlin, staying with Three-Self is the right choice.
If you start holding private gatherings at home, that's against the law.
That's right.
OK, let's go.
No need to see us out.
They're gone.
It's not safe to hold gatherings here. Let's find somewhere else.
How about my house?
- Everyone leave separately. - Stay safe.
Take care.
See you.
Zhiheng, in the years you've been gone,
you've come to understand a lot!
How do you see things so clearly?
I didn't dare tell you before.
But now you've seen Three-Self for what it is, so I can tell you.
In the last couple years, I've accepted Almighty God.
You believe in Eastern Lightning?
Yes, and I came back to share the good news with you and everyone.
Well, look at you! Come tell us all of it.
As believers, we all await the Lord's coming, but how should we receive Him?
We need to listen for the Holy Spirit's words to the churches.
It says in Revelations,
How many times is that repeated?
Um, 7 times.
Why is it repeated so many times?
To remind us that the key to receiving the Lord is to listen for God's voice.
Come on.
That's so true.
- This really is new light. - It is.
Stop, stop!
Everyone look happier. Try to put your hearts into it, OK?
It's almost National Day, officials will be by to see us perform.
If we look miserable, we'll spoil the National Day mood?
So let's spoil it then! I'm done singing!
Why are we doing this?
Come on, let's just make it good enough.
I still have work to do at home.
OK, OK, we'll do it just one last time, just once more.
Come on …
- Let's just get it over with. - Come on, the last time.
- Why are we doing this? - OK, ready …
- Thanks be to God! - These words are wonderful!
That's right.
Yes, That's exactly right!
Wherever we do hear the voice of God, haven't we received the Lord?
Waiting for the Lord before,
we only listened to the pastors and elders, didn't know to listen for the Lord's voice.
How could we have been so foolish and ignorant?
- Yes. I agree. -Yeah, that's how it is.
It's alright.
So what else did they say?
They said …
most Three-Self church pastors are Communist Party agents,
and that they're established by the Communist Party, not by God.
People like Brother Meng and Sister Feng are most important co-workers,
and give regular offerings.
We would sustain a huge loss if they left the church!
- Thank God. - Amen!
- Amen! - Thanks be to God!
These words have so much weight!
Bad news! The police are here!
- What? The police? - The police are here? Now what?
- What should we do? - How did they find us?
Alright, don't panic.
- What are you doing? This is a private residence. - An illegal religious gathering was reported.
Why did you hit him?
Now get on the ground!
- Hurry! This way! This way! - My shoe! My shoe!
Come on!
My goodness, that was terrifying!
Who would be so awful as to report us?
How horrible! They'll get what they deserve.
It's safer in the church.
Alright, let's go.
If Meng Changlin comes back, tell him to come to the station!
The police are looking everywhere for you.
Go hide out in our hometown.
If anyone violates church rules again, and receives strangers without permission,
especially Eastern Lightning people, or dares to listen to their sermons,
don't blame me for being harsh!
The moment you're found out, you'll be expelled!
These last few days,
Pastor Xue has been forbidding us from investigating the true way,
and from having contact with people from Eastern Lightning.
He said that anyone who does will be expelled.
Everyone feels constrained now, and no one dares to investigate.
Almighty God's words are invaluable.
We live in such a prosperous, democratic, civilized, and harmonious country,
and freely worship God in such a stable social environment.
I'm so grateful for this. This is God blessing China!
So, we must love country and Church, and glorify God,
and obey the Central Committee.
We must contribute to the goals of the 19th National People's Congress,
and pray for the strength and prosperity of the nation and the health of all of our people.
Come on, workday's over!
For you, it's 100. Here you go.
- OK, bye. - See you next time.
It's our turn now.
Director Shi.
No need.
Take it.
Pastor Xue,
holding the National Day performance in your church
is a very significant event.
Do you know what this means?
It means that our Party's sinicization of Christianity policy
is more and more welcomed by the people.
Where the people's hearts go, there go we.
It also reflects most believers' love and genuine support for our Party.
The bureau chief, Mr. Ma, considers the ceremony at your church to be very important.
I hope you know you cannot let him down in this.
Of course not.
I promise you,
the ceremony will go off without a hitch.
As it should.
Obeying and following the Party is the only thing you should do.
- Amen! - Thanks be to God!
Where's Xiao Chen?
- Come on! Hurry up! - Coming! I'm coming!
- We're waiting for you! - I'm here! I'm here!
Get ready …
Pastor Xue, this is the program.
We start with the anthem, followed by this dance, then practicing here.
Then there is a choral performance of "Always With the Party."
Then, we have crosstalk and comedy skits,
and last, the chorus will sing "Party, My Dearest Mother."
If you'd like any changes at all, please let us know.
Let's move "Party, My Dearest Mother" up to here,
and put "Always With the Party" at the end, for the finale.
Of course, I'll change it right away.
Is everything safe?
Safe so far.
Brother Xiang and the rest are inside. Go on in.
This is wonderful!
- Thanks be to God! - I love that passage.
Let's read more of Almighty God's words.
- Thanks be to God! - Thank God!
These words are the truth.
- Wonderful. - Thank God!
- Did you hear? - These words are the truth.
- Come on. - I'll dig in there. Looks great.
- This is wonderful. - Delicious!
Braised meatball with brown sauce. Try it.
It was great!
- This is all very good. - Cooking's fantastic.
Help yourself!
Thanks be to the Lord!
All of you have been working very hard on our rehearsals.
It's nothing.
The Religious Affairs Bureau is happy with our work.
To the success of tomorrow's performance. Let's make it happen!
That's right. Let's make it happen!
Let's sing a hymn of God's words together.
- Great. - OK.
It's "Come to Zion With Praising," we learned a couple days ago.
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Faith in God3-Rise, Those Who Would Not Be Slaves!

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寻光 published on September 8, 2020
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