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That's called a scale.
Which scale?
Pick in the options below.
Did you get it?
The correct answer was...
Wait till the end of the video, we'll tell you.
Oh my god.
Anyway, today we are talking about scales.
We're going to be ranking
all your traditional western tonality scales.
And then, we also have a few for the more...
Tonally and harmonically enhanced...
If you're not practicing scales,
what are you even practicing?
Oh, but I just wanna play my pieces over and over again.
And that's why you can never play in tune.
And that's why you suck.
- Just kidding. - Just kidding.
I mean, not kidding, but just kidding.
All right, let's go.
C major.
I think it goes like S or A
because it's such a good key signature to everyone.
No sharps, no flats.
It's a little bit vanilla.
Oh, I want vanilla ice cream...
It's lacking a bit of...
You know, spicy accidentals.
But who doesn't like sightreading in C major?
- Yeah. - You know, I think most composers don't like
writing symphonies in C major because it's a bit basic.
But then, Sibelius came along with Sibelius 7.
Bach's Sonata's also in C major.
- Yeah. - Check it out.
- It's the hardest fugue out of the three, I reckon. - All right. It is. It's pretty hard.
C minor, oh...
Beethoven's favorite drama key.
I'm feeling B or A.
I reckon B cause I'm not the biggest fan of it.
- But it's - Yeah. - It's not that fun to just play on the violin.
C# major.
Dude, why isn't it D♭ major?
Yeah, it sounds horrible.
See, I reckon C# major is F.
But D♭ would be like that.
- But since it is C# major. - It's C#, it's going to an F.
I don't know any instruments that will like C# major.
- Everyone hates it. - Yeah.
C# minor.
Oh, slipped to E, my bad.
- C# minor. - Ooh...
Okay, fine, D.
D major, ooh, that's a...
- That's a *******... - S.
Don't ask questions, it's just how it is.
If you don't know what it is, do some research.
Just accept it.
D major, S tier, let's go.
D minor is pretty good too.
- D minor is also pretty good. - All right, S tier.
Every best violin concerto, D major, D minor, like, it's...
Oh, come on.
Everyone likes D major.
- It's just a glorious key. - It's just a...
Glorious, happy, great key to play.
Thank you D major for being here.
E♭ major...
- E. - Oh, yeah, that's good. I agree.
Ah, actually, nah...
There's a lot of pieces in E♭, but I don't like them.
E♭ is better or worse than C#?
They're about the same.
All right.
E♭ minor?
E major? Ooh...
- Yeah. Ooh... Like a B? - Not bad, not bad.
- I reckon like a B? - Yeah.
It's bright, it's like...
Yeah, yeah, yeah. The um...
It's not as pleasant to play as D major.
- E minor. - E minor, ooo....
Mendelssohn violin concerto.
I think A will be...
All right, A.
Nothing's in C, have you noticed?
Well, F is in C then.
Yeah, it's pretty like...
- Eh. - Eh.
F minor.
It sounds horrible.
F, I don't like it.
Well, F minor or E♭ minor?
Uh, they're both cr...
I think F minor E.
Wait, what?
F minor on E.
- Ohh E, okay, yeah. - E♭ minor.
F# major, urgh.
- Dude. - It should be G♭ major.
All right, it's an F.
F# minor.
I don't think anyone likes F at this point.
- E? Yeah. - Yeah, I think so.
Not a big fan.
G major.
- Oooh, yeah. - Ooh, that's pretty top tier.
- A or S. - S or A.
I would say S.
Yeah, yeah.
- Let's go! Yeah. - That chord is just, bom!
G minor? Ooo, yeah.
Yeah, A. A or S.
Oh, the Bach beginning...
G minor, bro.
All right, S, let's go.
A♭, I don't mind A♭.
I'd give it a C or B.
It's a bit like F to me.
It's just there.
A♭ minor, uh.
Dude, that sounds horrible.
It should be G# minor.
- F. - Oh, well. F.
A major, ooh...
- Yeah... - That's good.
A minor, ooh...
I will say A.
I quite like A minor.
Yeah, okay, fine, S.
I would actually bring A major down here.
I'm cool with that.
A for A.
B♭ major, I think it's a B?
- I think it's a B as well. - Yeah.
It's sometimes cool.
Hey, Bb...
Tea, bubble tea -
B♭ minor, argh.
- D. - Yeah, D.
B♭ major!
- What? Oh, B major. - B major.
Nah, it's a bit... C.
- C, D, C. It's a bit meh. - Yeah, I was thinking C.
What's in B minor?
- It's so awkward even just playing that. - I remember playing that with all the half positions.
I would say D.
- D! - Yeah, done!
Chromatic, oh...
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I say D.
Yeah, not a big fan of chromatic.
Whole tone.
- Uh... - Uh...
For those of you that don't know,
whole tone means everything's a tone.
- Debussy used it a lot. - A bit sci-fi-y.
It's very um...
Like, hazy, kind of like,
- where's the tonal center? - Dreamy.
- Kind of like, you don't know where it's going, right? - Yeah.
I like it though.
- Debussy, yeah. - B.
Dude, I love pentatonic, so I'm just gonna put it up there.
Okay, done.
- It's all pentatonic, that's where the uh... - Yeah.
Traditional Asian...
At least Chinese, I don't know about other Asian...
Ionian mode.
What's that again?
I lost my theory.
I think Ionian is the...
Yeah, Ionian is just the typical major scale.
- Oh. - So...
Well, how much do I like major scales?
- Yeah. It's pretty good. I like A. - It's pretty superior. A.
Dorian is...
Uh... Yeah, it's...
It's all right.
I like it. It's kind of funky.
Ah, put it C.
I'm not a big fan of it.
I love Lydian.
- What's that um... - It's like...
Yeah, that's epic, yeah.
Yeah, all right.
Lydian is like on A scale or S scale, it's pretty good.
- Eh, whatever. Yeah. - C, for me.
Aeolian, I believe, is just the minor scale.
Oh, dude, that's...
It's a natural minor scale.
Then, that means it's like A or S.
- A. - A. Nice!
Imagine composing a piece that goes...
*Cough* Oh my god.
Not a big fan of Locrian.
Dude, it just sounds like
you don't know what key you want to go to.
It's full of the um...
Tritone too.
Which is like the devil's interval,
- back in the medieval days. - Tritone...
So you'd probably get like...
Hunted down for playing Locrian mode.
Locrian mode will stay in F.
All right, guys, that's it for our lamentable list.
Guys, accent the like button.
And legato the subscribe button.
Or we will Locrian you with a lot of tritones.
Are you practicing?
Also, check out our TwoSet Apparel.
This just came back in stock.
Thank you so much for the support. See you guys.
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Ranking All the Scales in Classical Music

17 Folder Collection
李芷凝 published on September 6, 2020
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