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  • hi everyone its Jennifer and and we are taking a break from our little

  • mini-series to wish you all a Happy Easter

  • and we are here to teach you how to say our favorite animal and our word today

  • is bunny rabbit okay so let's take a look at the board Claire designed it for

  • us so to say these words correctly we're going to start with the B sound but to

  • do this your lips are going to open and your voice box is on and moving move to

  • relaxed lips for that uh sound and then move to the n sound to do this tip of

  • the tongue is behind the top front teeth air is moving out of the nose and then

  • smile for the e ba knee bunny bunny bunny next for rabbit you're going to

  • think about having your mouth in square tense shape the lips are square and

  • tense the tip of the tongue is either going to be down or flipped back rr and

  • then you're gonna open your mouth a little bit for that ah sound so that the

  • tip of your tongue can get low and the back of your tongue is slightly pulled

  • up then we're going to move to that b again to do this close your lips open

  • them up voice box is on short ih sound in there your mouth is slightly open and

  • you should have the tip of your tongue behind your top front teeth and your

  • lips are relaxed and then end with the T by touching the tip of the tongue to the

  • back of the top front teeth rabbit rabbit rabbit now when we put this all

  • together we're going to make this a compound noun and to do that this word

  • bunny is going to be louder longer and higher in pitch bunny rabbit and rabbit

  • is going to be shorter softer and lower in pitch we're also going to link those

  • two words together so there's no pause between them let's give it a try bunny

  • rabbit bunny rabbit bunny rabbit bunny rabbit

  • bunny rabbit so we hope the bunny rabbit but you brought you some treats on

  • Easter so happy easter everyone Happy Easter bye!

hi everyone its Jennifer and and we are taking a break from our little

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How to Pronounce BUNNY & RABBIT - American English Pronunciation Lesson

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    Summer posted on 2020/09/05
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