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Soft chair , computer , chips . Eating more and more
You order pizza when you are hungry . You play computer games when you are bored
Here is your comfort zone . Here is where you don't want to move anywhere
Comfort zone is a situation in which you feel comfortable
and in which your ability and determination are not being tested
You feel more comfortable and calm in this zone
Everything comes easy for you . You don't want to get your ass up
You don't make any effort . Everything is familiar to you
You don't feel any anxious or fear
Is comfort zone looking good for you , isn' it ?
In the short term , yes
but when you need to get into the real life , no
You will feel like a fish out of water
You can't live your life happily by experiencing your instant pleasures
In the long run , you will begin to feel empty
Because you do not know where you are going . You don't have any goals to accomplish
Maybe now , comfort zone is coming comfortable for you
but if you want to achieve your goals like maybe having a big happy family
or overcoming your social anxiety , you need to get out of the your comfort zone
I know its going to be hard
You will feel anxious and stress when you try to get out of the your comfort zone
But you have to do it . You have to face of challenges to live your dreams
You have to step into the unknown . Thats the only way to grow , only way to moving forward
But how can we step out out of the comfort zone ?
I thought you would never ask
You need to set your goals . What do you wanna in this life , what makes you happy ?
Think about them and write somewhere
Be clear about what you want in this life
then you can draw your own path and you can be aware of where you are you going
Okey , we've set our goals
Now , how can we go for them ? Taking action is the most difficult part
because we don't want to be uncomfortable , we don't want to get out of the comfort zone
This is very difficult part for us but don't worry , we can handle it
Take baby steps
For example , if you need to study for your exams but you don't feel like studying
don't think about studying
First of all , what do you need to study ?
books ? pencil ? lecture notes ?
First step , put the things that you need on the table
and second , sit on the chair then set twenty-five minutes alarm
then just sit and try to focus on your notes
Don't think about anything , just focus on your notes
Maybe you will get bored but don't give up . Just sit and try to focus on your notes for twenty-five minutes
Then you can take a break . You are unfamiliar with this situation , i know
but you need to get out of the comfort zone with small steps
Its going to be hard , boring but you can deal with it . Do it
As you begin to step out of your comfort zone slowly , you will get used to this uncomfortable situation
then this new situation will start to become your comfort zone
In this way , your comfort zone will start to expand into these new areas
and you will start to feel better by trying new things
Stepping out of the comfort zone is going to be hard
but once you act boldly to get out of it , you will be surprised at the results that you meet
now if you want to break out of your comfort zone
shut down the computer , stand up and start moving towards your dreams
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Expand Your Comfort Zone | Define Comfort Zone

124 Folder Collection
Cindy Lin published on August 31, 2020
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