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  • Welcome back on my channel. My name is Charlotte.

  • Today, as you might see, I got comfy.

  • I had a really tough day at work so when I got home, I felt like I needed to get into my pyjamas right away!

  • I hope you don't mind I got comfortable; I hope you are comfortable too over there.

  • There was an awesome article that I couldn't wait to share with you all.

  • It's about a Taiwanese couple that got so famous in such a little time. They blew up online!

  • I know that they blew up because as you might know, I speak several languages:

  • I can speak French, Dutch and English

  • I saw the couple in several newspapers across different countries.

  • The first time I saw them, was in a Belgian newspaper. Then I saw them in the Dutch one

  • And then I also saw them in the French news.

  • I was thinking: wow, they are getting seen worldwide. I wonder,

  • If you are from another European country, probably you saw them too?

  • Maybe this story even got famous in the US. I don't know, if you are from the US and you heard about this, let me know!

  • I am very curious to know how far this story has spread.

  • The article is about an elderly couple. They are both over 80 years old.

  • I saw on the Instagram page that the grandmother turned 84!

  • This elderly coupleTheir names are Wan-Ji and Sho-ErThey own a little laundry store in Taiwan.

  • This laundry store is small, and their days are very boring there, so their grandson had an awesome idea

  • And that was to create an Instagram page for his grandparents.

  • You might be wondering, “what are two elderly people showing on Instagram?”

  • In their laundry shop, it can happen that when people bring clothes, they lose a piece of clothing

  • Some people come and put their laundry in the washing machine and then never come to pick it up.

  • So this couple is left with a lot of lost clothes.

  • They decided to make some kind of stylish photos on their Instagram, with clothes that people left in their shop.

  • I think it is such an original idea! You have to check out their page. They are doing this with a lot of style

  • It is also very cute, because you can see that this couple is so affectionate with each other.

  • They arecouple goals”. They are so stylish and awesome together.

  • I wondered why this story became so popular.

  • I think that in these dark times, we are used to seeing bad news every day.

  • I don't know how it is in other countries, but here in Belgium we are talking about corona every single day.

  • Sometimes they talk about other things, but then it's even worse, like explosions in other countries

  • There is just so much going on around the world right now.

  • When I read the article and I checked out their page, their page is calledwantshowasyoung

  • When I got lost on their page I started scrolling and started reading and started laughing.

  • I got such a positive vibe from it. I could forget about all the worries in the world for a while,

  • so I think this page has such a big success because it is what we all need right now.

  • We need a bit of cuteness and positivity in our lives during these difficult times.

  • That might be one of the reasons why they blew up online in my opinion.

  • I think the grandson is such an awesome grandson for noticing that his grandparents are having a tough time and for trying to do something fun together with them.

  • Since they got so popular now, I think they haveWait, let's check the Instgram page.

  • They have 654.000 followers. (I am one of them by the way)

  • They have so many followers. I think that right now, with this number of followers on Instagram

  • Who knows? Maybe they can get some super cool brand deals.

  • If I was the owner of a trendy clothes shop, I would definitely want to work together with those style-icons!

  • I hope that this couple doesn't have to work anymore after their success.

  • Because 80 years oldOr even more than 80 years old? I think it is time to enjoy the years you have and go enjoy some holidays,

  • spend a lot of quality time with your family. I just hope they don't have to work anymore. I think it has been enough.

  • I hope that this awesome idea from their grandson makes them famous and that they don't have to work anymore.

  • Something I was wondering aboutSometimes, these kinds of stories become very famous in other countries

  • but they are totally unknown in the country where it happens. I wonder if that's the case for this story.

  • If you are from Taiwan, I would love to know if you have heard about this story or not at all. I am just curious

  • Right now, are there huge waiting lines in front of their store?

  • Are people waiting to go there to take pictures of the store or did nothing change at all? I am so curious to find out.

  • If you know more, let me know!

  • I think that was it for the article. I think you should check it out if you haven't yet.

  • For me, it was such a nice trip down their Instagram. To read all their cute stories and watch all their cute pictures.

  • I think they deserve all the fame they are getting right now because they are awesome.

  • Thank you so much for staying with me until the end! We should probably choose a codeword

  • So I can recognise who watched until the end. Let's choose

  • Maybestyle”! Because they are such style-icons.

  • If you saystylein the comments down below I know you watched until the end and you are awesome!

  • Thank you so much for watching.

  • Oh wait, there is something else I wanted to say.

  • I have the most awesome subscribers in the world, obviously!

  • One of my subscribers suggested to use a platform called Patreon.

  • I had only vaguely heard about it so I looked it up and it is really cool where I can create a page, same name as my YoutubeCharmless Charmander”.

  • I can create a page where people can come and form a community, so all people who enjoy my channel and who want to show their support can go there.

  • It is a system where you can create different levels with different benefits.

  • For example one level I can give people early access to a video or… I don't know,

  • you have to help me and let me know what kind of things you would like to have as rewards for the different levels.

  • I'm still trying to figure it out. It is very new to me.

  • I thought it was so nice that one of my subscribers gave me this great idea.

  • Sometimes I got some other messages of people saying that they like my channel and would like to show support,

  • if there is any way they can support my channel and that would be a perfect way.

  • If you want to be part of the community, of the family, you can check out my patreon.

  • I will try to finish my page before I publish this video. Whish me luck!

  • Definitely check it out if you have some time.

  • That's it for today! I hope to see you very soon in the next video. Thank you for watching! Bye bye ~

Welcome back on my channel. My name is Charlotte.

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