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  • hey everyone Jennifer from Tarle Speech with your pronunciation question we have

  • another long question this week the question is how do I say the word

  • present a gift present to announce or give information presentation presented

  • and presenting so let's go ahead and jump right in because this is - all

  • right so for our noun our present we are going to stress syllable number one

  • stressed syllable number one and the second syllable is unstressed and then

  • in the word present when you're giving information the verb you are going to

  • stress syllable number two and to stress a syllable what do we do to stress a

  • syllable you make it louder higher in pitch and longer so the longer is going

  • to impact our vowel that's what I really want you to pay attention to so we have

  • a present because the second syllable is unstressed you're going to hear that

  • schwa sound that's short uh sound and then when we

  • have present again we're gonna have this schwa sound let me make that a schwa

  • sound for you so you can see that and I'll do that here to you were going to

  • have the schwa sound here and then the second vowel is going to be a little bit

  • longer present so we have present present now when we say the word

  • presentation our word stress is going to shift because of that tion and when we

  • have a tion ending the word stress is always the syllable before so we have

  • presentation presentation and then when we add the ed and the ing it's actually

  • going to add an extra syllable in both of these cases

  • so we're going to have presenting presenting and presented yes I did right

  • did here because when we end a word with a t we add that it and in this case

  • because we have that voice sound right behind it right before it we are going

  • to say did and voice that D from the t so let's give those all who try we have

  • present present presentation presenting presented so give it a try people are

  • going to notice the difference help me out leave a sentence with all of those

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hey everyone Jennifer from Tarle Speech with your pronunciation question we have

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