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  • Vagina. Disgusting!

  • Blood.

  • I don't want to hear my sister talking about vaginas.

  • I need you to pull over so I can pee.

  • You should've thought about that before you left your apartment.

  • Before you spent, like, 30 minutes probably in the bathroom doing whatever cleaning shit you do.

  • Kenny, just pull the car over so I can pee.

  • Steven, have you ever even seen a vagina?

  • I'm not talking about this right now. Do you know what they look like?

  • It's okay if you haven't.

  • You have a baby face; you're a late bloomer.

  • I've seen a vagina!

  • You don't understand what it's like when a girl has to pee, like, when a guy has to pee, it doesn't hurt the same amount.

  • You don't get it. Sure. Sure.

  • Mom and I were talking and we're, like, a little concerned about your roommate.

  • Really? Mom said that?

  • Well, yeah, I know Mom hasn't met him, but from what I've told her of him, we're both concerned.

  • ♫ I don't know whatOw! Kenny. Are you serious right now?

  • Come on, it did not even hurt that much. I got a flu shot.

  • I got a flu shot right there! You got a flu shot?

  • You're so blessed that I'm in your life to show you how to behave.

  • Yeah, I'm pretty sure you were just home alone last weekend just sitting on the couch with some ice cream.

  • You just know that because I sent you a picture of it.

  • I've made out with girls.

  • You don't know everything about me, Kenny.

  • Oh, really? You have some special life that no one knows about?

  • Why are you getting drunk all the time, Kenny?

  • I'm not getting drunk.

  • That was my roommate. This is when you should be focusing on your career.

  • That was a stop sign.

  • I slowed down.

  • That's not stopping!

  • There's no cops around, it's fine.

  • Oh my god, you're gonna end up in jail and now everyone is gonna be like, "Allison, where's your brother?" and I'm like, "I couldn't save him, I tried."

  • I hate you.

  • You love me.

  • You're literally the worst person I've ever met.

  • (humming)

  • Now you've got that stuck in my head.

  • It's not my fault; you love that song.

  • You talk about me to everyone?

  • No. No one knows you exist.

  • You're my greatest shame.

Vagina. Disgusting!

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