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  • I'm Mallory, and I can blow bubbles with my tongue.

  • [laughter]

  • I can wiggle my rib.

  • I can fold my tongue back.

  • I have remarkably stretchy skin.

  • I can make like, fart noises with my ear.

  • I have a rare earth magnet implanted in my finger so that I can feel electromagnetic fields.

  • I can chug things very fast.

  • You can actually hear it when I do it.

  • Because it's a magnet I can also pick up things with my finger.

  • I usually do this with not water.

  • It moves in and out, like it's not connected to the rest of my ribcage.

  • Usually I could do more.

  • They're not like really good fart noises, they're more like, uh, little squeaky ones.

  • Three, two, one.

  • [swallows loudly]

  • [ear squeaks]

  • I don't know how I do it, I just do.

  • [ear squeaks]

  • Oh, gross.

  • [What can your body do?]

I'm Mallory, and I can blow bubbles with my tongue.

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Proof Human Bodies Are Weird

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