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  • Today, we're going to be talking about impermanence.

  • So one of the really interesting things, if you sit and meditate on a regular basis, you start to see thoughts coming and going.

  • Intellectually, we know that thoughts come and go.

  • But the experience of actually seeing it is very different because it starts to play into the rest of our life.

  • We start to see that it's not just thoughts that come and go, it's emotions that come and go.

  • We start to see that sensations, physical sensations come and go.

  • We start to see the situations around us in the world come and go.

  • In short, we see that everything is changing all of the time.

  • Some of the changes are small, some of the changes are really big.

  • And right now, you might be experiencing the feeling of change at a massive, global scale.

  • It can be frightening.

  • It can induce a sense of anxiety very easily.

  • The real skill here is being able to sort of hold our seat.

  • Seeing the change happening, but not getting too swept away by it.

  • That means not getting too caught up in all of the information that's flying around.

  • Not getting too caught up in our internal thoughts, but instead, being able to step back.

  • It doesn't negate the difficulty.

  • It doesn't negate the seriousness, and that may well be something that we're having to sort of deal with in a very direct way in our lives and in the lives of the people that we love and care about.

  • So it's kind of finding this careful balance where we're able to be present for ourselves and for the people around us, but also to have a sense of ease.

  • Knowing that everything changes all of the time.

  • Everything that arises in time, disappears.

Today, we're going to be talking about impermanence.

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