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  • The most powerful lesson I learned from Dr. Seuss came from his book Oh, the Places You'll

  • Go!

  • In it, he described roughly seven locations that, once I knew them, completely changed

  • how I perceived my own life.

  • And now, in my own words, I'd like to share these locations with you.

  • You have one goal in life: to get to The Great Place.

  • Every Great Place sits at the top of a mountain, and it's where your wildest dreams come

  • true.

  • It's the place where you finally become who you always wanted to be: an NBA superstar,

  • a doctor, a singer, or a lawyer.

  • But the journey to The Great Place is difficult, and there are many dangers along the way which

  • you must be ready for, otherwise you'll never make it.

  • You live in a small town with your friends and family.

  • You feel safe here.

  • You feel at home here.

  • There are many well-trodden roads for you to travel, and many of these roads can get

  • you started on your journey to The Great Place.

  • Some of you will even find a path that goes directly to your particular mountain, but

  • be careful.

  • A well-mapped road doesn't make the journey any less difficult.

  • But many of you will have to leave town and venture into The Great Wide Open.

  • Anything can happen in The Great Wide Open.

  • You'll come across exciting, new adventures, discoveries, and moments of transformation.

  • But you'll also face danger, pain, loneliness, confusion, and fear.

  • But the journey begins in joy!

  • Welcome to The Heights, the moment when you finish your first dance recital, make the

  • basketball team, or get an A+ on your story, and you take your first big step towards The

  • Great Place.

  • You might actually make it there.

  • You're moving forward, and everything feels easy, fun, natural, and effortless.

  • But no one stays in The Heights forever.

  • Your hot air balloon catches a branch, and you get stuck in a Lurch, swinging back and

  • forth.

  • Your peers fly off into the sunset, as the cold evening air approaches.

  • You're stuck, stagnant, left behind.

  • You're not moving anymore.

  • It's not fair,” you say, “What did I do to deserve this?

  • I'd give up anything to fly again.”

  • And what happens next?

  • You quickly fall into a dark Slump.

  • A hundred paths lie in front of you, but which one do you take?

  • Where is the way out?

  • You run and hide from the monsters that want to peel the skin from your bones.

  • Poverty, Misery, Stress, Sickness, and Doom lurk in the shadows, but where is Hope?

  • Is The Great Place even worth it?

  • Is anything worth it?

  • You keep running until you approach a crossroads.

  • On the left, you see The Waiting Place.

  • People sit around in their rocking chairs, waiting.

  • Waiting for what?

  • Approval, permission, an offer, a solution, a promotion, an email, a text message, a hero.

  • They're waiting for someone, or something, to get them out of the Slump.

  • But they'll wait forever here.

  • No one is coming.

  • So run!

  • Become your own hero!

  • Take the other path, and never look back.

  • Become the one who runs, not the one who waits!

  • And even in the darkest depths of the Slump, you'll hear a faint sliver of music.

  • Follow it!

  • Rediscover that initial joy you once feltthat feeling you had when you started your journey.

  • Where did all the fun go?

  • Find it, and follow it, like the thread of Ariadne, and use it to get out of this labyrinth

  • of misery.

  • And as you run from the monsters of the night and rediscover the joy that you first felt

  • when you started, the music will get louder and louder, until finally,

  • You're flying again!

  • And there may be more Lurches and Slumps ahead, but as long as you avoid The Waiting Place

  • and constantly rediscover the threads of your joy, the feeling that set you on the path

  • in the first place, the fun where it all started, you'll give yourself the best chance of

  • making it to The Great Place.

The most powerful lesson I learned from Dr. Seuss came from his book Oh, the Places You'll

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The Most Powerful Life Lesson I Learned from Dr Seuss

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