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Hey, guys.
Josie here with you today.
Thank you so much for being here.
Welcome to my channel.
I want to share with you some guidance on spiritual awakening
in this video.
And I often get asked, you know, how
to know if you are on the path of spiritual awakening.
And let me tell you, my answer today
will be a completely different answer
that I would give you like five years ago, or 10 years ago.
I think because the more time I spend in contemplation
and reading and talking to my higher self
and just looking at the world differently,
through the eyes of the spirit, I
gain with this different perspective.
And that's what I wanted to share with you in this video.
I hope it helps.
So, how can I describe you a spiritual awakening?
Imagine if you are reading a book,
right, and it's a really interesting book
and you're fully in it, right?
And you were wondering, OK, what's
going to happen to all of these characters,
and how is this going to end?
And you're fully, fully present with this game, like,
will these people get together or, you know,
with this person does not end up well,
and you can't help by being fully in that story.
And what happens if you just switch your awareness,
switch your attention?
And what you will notice, what you will see,
you'll have this clear understanding.
Man, it's just a book.
You know, hardcover, pages, chapters, words printed on it.
So this book looks no different than all these other books.
What makes it different is the story that's in it.
But if I look at the shelf of books,
they will be different by colors,
but essentially, they're just paper with pictures and words
written on them.
So what happens during that spiritual awakening
is that you wake up from your story.
You realize that I am just an observer of this experience.
That's extraordinary.
So I'm not identifying with that story, or that character,
or that plot.
I am fully present right now, and I
can see this reality as it is.
So that's-- that happened to you.
And when that happens, how do you feel?
You feel excited, right?
You feel very present.
You feel alert spiritually, right?
You feel like your life is on purpose.
That you're not at the mercy of someone else's circumstances,
you are not at the mercy of some writer who
has put that story ahead of you, you
have no choice in the matter, you
know, your society, your culture, your parents,
your teachers, your partners, they all
tell you how to live your life.
It's almost like you just have to flip the next page
and follow your story.
But when you begin to be awakened spiritually,
you realize that, wait, if this is just a movie, right?
Like a book that I am reading, you know, this is just a story
that I'm living in.
I can write my own story, you know,
if I am the creator of my life, I can write my own story.
And it can start with a clean page.
You can start with a completely different book from page one
and start your life over again.
So when people seek out spiritual teachers
and, you know, spiritual teachers,
they are people who have experienced
that level of awareness.
Now, they can see the detached version of life.
So they're not identifying with the drama
or with their own stories, and so on.
They have this level of presence.
So when you're seeking these teachers,
they will always want to bring you into this present moment
It's like, master, help me, I'm stuck on this page,
you know, I don't know what to do.
How can I flip this?
I want my life to be so different.
I want to be in a different story.
I don't like this story.
Please, how can I change it?
So in the spiritual awakenings when you have this realization,
if you just live in that story, and my friends,
for a good reason you will be coming here
into this world to experience something.
So you will want to have a little bit of drama here,
and a little bit of excitement here,
so you have all of these kinds of really
great human experiences.
And for spirits, life on earth is only like 100 years,
so it's not too long.
So they're not obsessed with wanting just all good, or all
great experiences.
They want to break through something so they
can build something, right?
So they can open up to this new greater, bigger, more expanded
version of themselves.
So when you have this level of spiritual awakening,
you realize that life is kind of just like a dream and you will
awaken, and you know that there are still--there are people
around you who are still sleeping and they're believing
their dreams.
So when you awaken spiritually, that's where suffering ends.
And there's this one story about Buddha that I love so much,
you know.
It's when Buddha was dying.
He was on his death bed, surrounded by his disciples.
And one of the disciples approached him and asked,
master, now before you go, I want to know, are you a god?
And Buddha said, no, I'm not.
Then he asks, you know, are you a master?
And Buddha said, no, I'm not.
Well, you-- are you a teacher, or are you a healer?
Well, who are you?
Help me to understand.
And Buddha looked at him and he said, I am awake.
I am awake.
All right, my friends.
And that's my desire for all of you watching this video,
to come to the point of awakening so you
can write your own story.
All right, my friends, here you go.
I hope this video has served you and, of course,
if you want to share your stories,
please do so in the comments below.
And I'm sending you all the love from my heart.
Be well.
I'll check with you in the next video.
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Real SIGNS of Spiritual AWAKENING

24 Folder Collection
Hhart Budha published on August 22, 2020
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