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  • Your Majesty.

  • I hope it's not inconvenient.

  • I just thought we pop round for tea.

  • This is my granddaughter Sophia, Queen of Greece.

  • And this is grand batches.

  • Sophie.

  • Off sex, violent.

  • I snack on my daughter, Princess Elena Auguste Victoria off surgical stands on Denberg Alston Book.

  • This is my wife, Mrs Cody.

  • This is my mother, Your Majesty.

  • Sofia, Queen of Greece.

  • Grand Duchess Sophie off Sex.

  • Weimer, Eisenach.

  • Princess Elena, Augusta, Victoria off Schleswig Holstein, Sandberg or Rosenberg.

  • I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of myself, my wife and my wife's mother to thank Her Majesty for accommodating us.

  • We are very grateful for her in finite kindness and interior decoration.

  • The gift off hospitality and friendship to strangers is all very high importance in our country.

  • Sylvia Honor to repeat it.

  • No one small way.

  • What is always is yours quite literally.

  • Hungrily.

  • My dear Munshi, we're so glad to have you here.

  • My Children, We've missed you enormously.

  • I can't wait to show you the door.

  • Bar room, Children, Possibly You will have to do something about this.

  • My dear Montri, I'm so glad you're back.

  • It's been dreadfully dealt without you on.

  • I'm so glad to meet Mrs Kareem.

  • There is just one thing I've been curious about the whole afternoon.

  • What does she look like behind her veil?

  • You must see him.

  • Is that allowed you're leading?

  • And the Empress of India were the bloody house you're going now.

  • You really are beautiful.

Your Majesty.

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