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  • [Reporter: Christine Birak] Canadians are landing in emergency rooms asking if they have COVID-19.

  • The University Health Network showed us what happens next.

  • Minus the wait.

  • Hi, so we have a patient with a positive screening named Christine.

  • [Reporter] The screener share symptoms and travel history with a nurse who prepares to take a look.

  • Now the person that's being screened is supposed to sit about two meters from other people that are in the waiting room.

  • Hi, Christine?

  • Hi.

  • Hi, my name is Cherry.

  • I'm one of the nurses here.

  • You can please follow me.

  • [Reporter] More questions followed by a quick exam.

  • The information then gets passed on to the doctor.

  • [Nurse] Then she or he will decide whether to do a swab or not to test for COVID.

  • [Reporter] After a quick check, the ER doctor makes the call.

  • A nasal swab goes down the throat or up through the nose.

  • So, if you can pull down your mask.

  • Okay, I've never had this done before.

  • [Reporter] Yes, it's startling but it's over in a moment.

  • [Nurse] That's it.

  • It's all done.

  • [Reporter] The results take 24 hours but doctors urge people not to just show up in hospital.

  • [Dr. Erin O'Connor] We need to be very careful about is not over burdening the department, so that we can still look after the very sick people.

  • [Reporter] Staff are also preparing for those scenarios.

  • [Dr. Erin O'Connor] We also have been really running drills on the worst case scenario, which is that if a patient comes in with COVID-19 and is in a cardiac arrest situation.

  • [Reporter] It's a mannequin but in case you missed it, it exhaled, spraying workers like a patient.

  • Afterwards, UV light reveals how far germs can travel.

  • [ER Doctor] It's stressful, yeah.

  • It's very stressful and anxiety-provoking.

  • [Reporter] Reminding everyone, as this outbreak evolves, proper precautions must be taken by health care workers and patients alike.

  • Christine Birak, CBC News, Toronto.

[Reporter: Christine Birak] Canadians are landing in emergency rooms asking if they have COVID-19.

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Watch what it's like to get tested for COVID-19

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