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  • Today we have something a little different.

  • Dr. Jane Goodall is going to tell you a story.

  • Stay tuned after the animation to learn how to download this as a free children's book.

  • Ready?

  • Let's begin.

  • It starts as a whisper, a word on the air.

  • It can't quite be heard, but you know that it's there.

  • As gentle as sunlight, as tenacious as hail, in its route to the heart, it could not but prevail.

  • And the people looked up from their day-to-day tasks, their day-to-day jobs and their day-to-day masks.

  • They heard or they felt where the whisper could lead, and they looked with eyes wide at what that might mean.

  • And once they could see it, they hadn't a chance to resist the sweet song of the deep spell it cast.

  • But the feeling it brought them at first glance was pain, as they lifted their eyes on the land they had claimed.

  • Since they saw at last as if raised from a dream, they were almost alone on the land and the sea.

  • For the trees had almost gone, and the bees had almost gone, and the creatures in their shells by the seas had almost gone.

  • And the people felt sad as they saw their new Earth, but they knew this was it.

  • One wild chance for rebirth.

  • Breaking new ground, seeds rolling down, smell of the earth on your hands and your brow.

  • No time for sorrow, we're building tomorrow.

  • The sound of things growing now keeps us around.

  • As the wildness grows, and the deep wood grows, and the sense that the future's come to meet you grows.

  • There's no chance we can rest.

  • We must do our best.

  • This moment can lead us back home, that's our test.

  • It starts as a whisper, a word on the air.

  • It can't quite be heard, but you know that it's there.

  • It then spoke like thunder.

  • Until we all moved.

  • And we could.

  • And we did, and it's done.

  • She's renewed.

  • Help turn the whisper into a roar by sharing this poem today.

  • You can download the illustrated book for free at

  • Or keep your soul aflutter with one of these animated poems.

Today we have something a little different.

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“What happened when we all stopped” narrated by Jane Goodall

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    Cindy Lin posted on 2020/09/22
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