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  • said for baby shape Brooklyn on you.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • It's me, baby shirt.

  • Let's celebrate Shark Week together.

  • Are you ready to have some fun with us?

  • Hey, let's get this ocean party starting.

  • Did it?

  • Dio?

  • Baby a baby baby Mommy!

  • Shocked dude, It didn't.

  • Mommy Shocked dude, It didn't.

  • Mommy Shut!

  • Dude, it didn't.

  • Mommy de o dio are shocked.

  • Grandpa are shut.

  • Wait!

  • They last a good and it didn't say back.

  • Lasted edited video baby check Did it todo Oh hi guys.

  • Did you enjoy the baby Shark Sung?

  • Guess what?

  • I have another surprise for you.

  • I will be introducing my special friends from the ocean.

  • Can you guess who they are?

  • And don't forget to sing along way to tell you something.

  • There's a lot of trash in our home every day Wait!

  • Please help!

  • Please help us.

  • Please help animal rescue and save us from way I'm sorry.

  • No more plastic cups The ocean So see no more plastic bags The ocean So sad No more No more trash e I hope you enjoyed meeting my new friends.

  • Police help protect the ocean life so we can all live in a safe and clean environment.

  • And don't miss baby sharks.

  • Big league over on Nickelodeon.

  • See you next time.

  • If you want to learn more about how you can help protect the sea animals, please visit discovery dot com slash save the sea animals for pink on YouTube.

said for baby shape Brooklyn on you.

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