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  • I define "success" as...

  • Oh my gosh, you have challenged me right there.

  • I define, uh, oh okay...

  • huh. I guess...uh...

  • I don't know.

  • "Success" means motivation, passion. Determination.

  • Going to Disneyland.

  • Just taking down fear and doing what I have to do to survive.

  • I define success by the amount of likes I receive on Instagram.

  • I guess how I would define it would be the smiles that I see on my wife and kids' face each and every day I come home.

  • That lets me know that what I'm doing is worthwhile and to keep going.

  • I would describe it one word: "Sincerity."

  • Achieve the goals that you set for yourself.

  • I started my Instagram account back in 2012.

  • At that time I had just lost my job and it was one of those rare moments when I felt like I had time to really think about what I wanted to do with my life.

  • I fell in love with Instagram.

  • Now I do that as my job.

  • I want to go back to law school to help change laws and also to improve society and the world understanding of people in general.

  • Especially those who are deaf and hard of hearing.

  • I've thought about going back to school even online because I don't think I could sit in a classroom with youngsters they'd probably call me "Grandma."

  • I actually had a child at 22.

  • I never really had time to go back to school but he turned five and I went back and I got my high school diploma at 27.

  • One of the goals I set for myself many years ago was to have a happy family and I think I've been successful in that.

  • My first love is, you know besides my wife, is music.

  • I feel like I just have a lot to say to the world.

  • I wanna be the number one Instagrammer in the world.

  • Waking up with the complete biggest smile on your face knowing that you're gonna make it.

  • I would tell people to follow their gut. It's never too late to do anything.

  • Don't sweat the small stuff. To embrace others for who they are.

  • I think we all, deep down, know what we want to do in this world.

  • And don't be afraid to be you.

  • [How do you define success?]

I define "success" as...

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