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  • Please do not do that, Miss Wilson.

  • Julia is your fantasy, my wife, she said.

  • She just started here.

  • She believes that Yes, you see, my wish was to have her back just as I met her forever.

  • So she appears not knowing me.

  • Soon she takes it just that she did before a place up again and again.

  • According her became too painful.

  • So I like toe delicious.

  • My assistant.

  • When Melanie requested or fantasy, I had no choice but to oblige.

  • You can stop her work.

  • No, he can't.

  • He's genie And this island is his bottle, trapped forever on.

  • He doesn't give every guest their fantasy.

  • He loses his love.

  • You think that's love?

  • Letting Julia die over and over again forever.

  • That's health.

  • She was your wife, Brooke.

  • She's not anymore.

  • She's not even your assistant.

  • She's your prisoner.

  • You have to let her go.

  • I cannot.

  • No, I'm sorry.

  • Find him.

  • What's reach?

  • Its natural conclusion.

  • Those are the rules.

  • Guest.

  • I'm done.

  • You'll be fine enough.

  • And the others? If I interfere with the island, I lost you forever.

  • Are not the island's guests.

  • They're yours.

  • It's no what I want.

Please do not do that, Miss Wilson.

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