A2 Basic US 53 Folder Collection
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It's hot, isn't it?
Don't pretend like yours' not hot.
So crunchy outside.
So juicy inside.
Isn't it beautiful?
This is so much better than the American apple pie.
Mmm hmm...
This is SO good!
Japan, you should be proud!
It's not that hot, actually.
You want the last one?
Go head.
So good!
You should eat it now.
No, I'll wait for it to cool down.
What's that?
I'm waiting.
Oh, waiting.
It's not too sweet, either.
I can have two of these.
Let's order some more!
You know what?
What makes this perfect?
A cup of coffee.
Good coffee.
What time is it?
Like 6:00, 6:30?
Isn't it a little earlier than that?
Alright. We left at 6.
Perfect dessert!
Almost done.
Are you ready?
Let me finish this one.
I'm getting so sad!
Last bite.
That's one bite.
Oh, that's weak!
Okay, this is my last bite.
No, that's not.
That's half a bite.
Ba da ba ba ba...
that's copy-righted.
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English Customer Service Manual

53 Folder Collection
Takaaki Inoue published on August 14, 2020
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