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Hello, everybody.
Welcome toe Hamadi que Park Homebody Kew Gardens in central Tokyo.
It is.
Ah, hot one.
This is a summer walk.
I thought it would take you outside of the apartment outside of the city a little bit into the park.
You already hear the cicadas, which are a very popular, very famous sound in Japanese summer as the city bustles by on the other side of this amazing park, Uh, we're gonna take you into this this beautiful little paradise I've done this before on the on a live stream.
But, uh, today I thought I would take a break.
How you doing, everybody?
There's the knock again.
Capsule towers.
Each one of those capsules in the scent of your screen is an actual room.
I believe it was available on Airbnb for a while.
Hey, putting.
Putting This is a live stream, so buckle in for at least 30 minutes.
Probably 45.
As we walk around this beautiful park, let me show you on the map right here.
I like to start at the gate.
This is Old Tae old Tamerlan, which is Ah, the gate on this side.
This beautiful green area in the center of your screen is Hamadi Kew Gardens.
You see that?
And the boat.
A lot of the boats that come down the Sumida River will stop here.
You can actually enter the park, enjoy the park, catch a ferry and take a ride all the way to a dyba across the harbor underneath the Rainbow Bridge.
It's a really beautiful ride, but we're gonna be going into this park in the center.
And this used to be, I believe, this summer via of Tokugawa show Grenade.
But after World War two in 1946 they opened it up to the public.
And guess what?
It's open in 2020 as well.
So let's go inside.
Chelsea, stay with us.
Chelsea, stay with us.
Chelsea is not staying with us.
Welcome back.
There it is right here.
The Hamadeh Kew Gardens old Tamerlan Gate were practising social distancing.
Wash your hands and they ask you to wear a mask, which I'm gonna be doing.
Stay at least a meter away from people organize at home.
It's too hot for her.
The admittance price for this is 300 yen, which I have right here.
Three coins will allow you in.
There's no lines at this time of day.
The parks last entries at 4:30 p.m. And closes at five.
It opens at nine.
In the morning and in the morning.
It is so nice.
Good demand.
It doesn't.
I like these stamps.
Um, you see this on the back of the flyer?
There's a reason I took it.
It says you're for stamping, so you can You can open this up kind of like to really get the ink on there.
Let's do this.
3 to 1.
That's really pretty when you go so you can stamp your brochure and they actually put the date on there, too.
So very nice to make sure you do that In Japan, stamp rallies and stamps are quite popular.
Quite popular indeed.
I believe over here before we go to she OD No Ikea.
Ikea means pond and Japanese everybody.
Before we go to this, let's take a look around here.
I believe I always miss this one.
There's a 300 or 400 year old tree that it should always stop and say hi.
Do always show some appreciation for the trees because they can't really talk to us, but they can't.
If you listen, I think that's it.
Right there.
Look at that thing.
Gonna job.
Look at that thing.
Ah, it's beautiful.
The way just kind of leans over.
And man has helped this tree with its living by propping it up with these pillars of love.
Guess I don't know what else to call them.
Uh, some some Buchanan know much or 300 year old tree or in translation?
Old pine.
This pine tree is believed to have been planted by the sixth show gun Tokugawa e a nobody around 300 years during major renovations of the gardens in 17.
09 today is one of the largest Japanese black pines in the Tokyo area.
And it doesn't do it justice on the video special of at 7 20 p, which is the typical live stream.
But wow, it's don't miss this.
Make sure you take a left to the old Tim own gate and just show some love to this black time.
It's beautiful looking.
Look at her.
Planted by a show gun 300 over 300 years ago.
That's awesome.
Can walk over here on this side.
I really wanted to bring you to this park.
And I also want to give a shout out to, uh you, Cadi.
So you cutie, you cut his husband, Romi.
A message in Japanese last week telling telling me about his wife and and how she had fallen ill and had not been able to see her.
And you cut.
He likes to watch the show.
So I just want to say to the two of them and you cut his husband.
Can't visit her gum, buddy.
My show.
Let's let's do our best.
And, uh uh, I'm bringing you this garden, So if you can't go outside or you can't see each other, you can really see this beautiful garden and take the Senate.
Maybe if you're both watching and at the same time, you can call that a date, probably.
All right, there's loads of different directions that you can go.
It is a massive park.
As I showed you on the map, um, it takes up a pretty significant part of the the Bayside in Tokyo.
We could go that way, but we're going to go this way because it's next to the great pine.
So for the next minute or so.
Just soak up the cicadas and the sounds of summer.
As we get closer to this garden over here, it's a quick shoutout to Jeff Hang.
Hi, John.
Here's something for the vending machine.
Thank you.
I'm going to get one in the middle of the park.
There's one to cool down and Daniel McLaughlin can't believe my luck.
Wake up from sleeping and there's a dime you'll spot open.
Yes, Daniel, Did you swipe that?
Good on you, mate.
And there's actually two of this.
One more.
I'm gonna open up a soon as I get back home in a couple of hours.
We don't have a lot of diamond spots on patri on and I just hope it up.
Two spots.
It's been a while.
Thank you.
Im not just gonna be quiet, but you enjoy Chelsea.
Chelsea has a mind of her own.
Chelsea, stick with us here.
I'm have to restart it.
Hold on a second, guys going for a restart here, Gimble, Stop still.
Not with me.
Wear the crows in the background.
I'm resetting the gimbal.
Everybody just hold on tight.
You're in for a little bit of a ride.
All right, we're back.
Had to reset.
Sorry about that.
You're gonna be able to see on the left and right, going as we walk through this beautiful garden.
I believe they're called the tumble.
The Dragonflies I always get.
I always get I never use that Japanese.
It's something I There's a lot of insect names I use when I lived in the countryside But living in Tokyo, I never use him.
The Dragonflies.
Let's see if we get some close ups of the Dragonflies.
Sometimes they land on top of you, like on me on your finger.
You get close these Air city Dragonflies, though they're not quite as quite as friendly as the ones in the countryside.
It's beautiful toe.
Look back over the flowers and a lot of photographers come after weddings.
They come here to take pictures because it's just such a beautiful little site.
I say little this the massive park, but the buildings around it kind of also detract a little bit from it.
I don't know.
The park is pretty empty, and I wanted to show a little bit of support.
This isn't very far away from my house, so It's not a very tough ride to get here in the heat got up to about 30 38 degrees Celsius here in Tokyo, which is over 100 F.
A lot of bees here.
So another reason why can I was not exactly excited to become into harmonic.
You park it this time.
Beautiful, though fish is the Let's.
See if this if the signal got a little bit better, it could be because we're surrounded by these buildings here.
And I think Tokyo Tower is is the closest, uh, space that's giving us the signal.
So I think as we get deeper into the park, the signal's gonna get a little bit better.
I should have I should have gone around to the other side, pull my finger times.
If you do that, they'll come and land on your finger.
A lot of photographers will be coming here to a mile.
Yours here.
Well, what a difference a day can make.
We did make it.
We did.
We did it right.
I'll talk about that in a minute.
And Suzette, bring home some ice cream or you got it says that Thank you.
Thanks for reminding me Ah, I got to bring home a tub of ice cream.
They don't sell that here, though.
Everything comes in like many cups.
Logical boy.
This is how much you could park.
This is one of this used to be the show guns, like via a private garden on the on Tokyo Bay.
And after World War two, it opened up to the public manhole on.
Ah, yeah, that's a pretty one that shows like, um ah, bonsai looking tree Teoh sculpted tree Matsuo opine.
And then there's a tea house, and we're going over there right now.
So thanks for thanks for going through that tough.
Yeah, that's a beautiful garden back there.
Right here.
I love the colors of it.
Um, people, a lot of brides and husbands come here and they stand and the photographer takes a picture over with all these colored flowers and then there at the end of it.
And it's such a beautiful photo.
Can I and I got married Not too far away from here, uh, at another kind of garden.
It's a little bit smaller, but you can't get married in here.
This is a public park.
We had a private park.
But I wanted to get married where they were trees, a lot of trees Because I always think that I got to get short love to trees.
Mommy Gouda.
I love the histories.
Dead spot.
It gets better in the center.
I don't know why.
I guess it's those buildings nearby you can hear in the distance.
The ships passing through some of them docking on the side of Hama Dick.
You park black screen.
OK, but he has a screen now.
Seems like we're back.
This is an old canal here and there.
A lot of water, A lot of lakes ponds going through a Tory Smith.
I got the message.
Let's say we can open this up.
Oh, this is Mosquito Kingdom.
Ah, one got me already.
Keep moving.
Keep moving.
I think it does look like the place where force did run in Alabama trying to get home through the trees of the car, chasing him.
You over.
That problem is that we're in, like, really kind of deep, deep rocks here.
It's hard to walk in sandals on that.
Oh, Toby, alert somebody.
This is some sort of curse Bolero with area trying to get out of here a lot of crow feathers while pointing south.
What is that?
Uh, water.
Let's get out of here.
Can't get the signal in here.
I lost my tripod.
Stupid crows.
You and your land of cursed bad behavior.
Everything that goes wrong is this area the quicker I think we're good.
Does this other humans?
Although they could be harvesters, they harvest people for the crows.
Part of the human slaves.
Kanna the flu Right at me.
What is this area?
I don't remember ever walking from here to get the heck out of here.
Came in for flowers.
Number for that.
Uh oh, that's that's dunk.
Don't go in there.
Do not off limits.
Ah, was awful.
Hair of on Kickstarter.
Is that 106%?
The goal.
Just on the replace The tripod.
Ah, and lemon is a traveler.
Oh, look at that toilet.
That's a public toilet.
They've made it into, like a tea house.
Looking thing.
Very cool.
How many?
You park those crows air?
Not cool.
Oh, okay.
Get Come back!
Come back!
Come back!
Come back!
All right, we're gonna go.
We're gonna go back around towards towards this.
I shouldn't wear that loud sound that you hear a sea cicadas, cicadas, and I don't know how you pronounce it in English.
All right, here we go.
This is the part that I wanted to show you, but I got lost in some sort of chrome.
A's signal was dying all the time because he took your tower.
That's what I'm talking about.
What a beautiful scene.
So fat up on the other side.
So welcome.
Everybody live Mohammad que park.
I just wanted to take a break, Take you someplace different.
Um, different compared to where I've been.
This is I've been here before in a live stream.
But take a look at the signs so you can climb that mountain.
We're gonna do that.
Maybe there's a view from up there, but I always try to film signs.
Signs tell a story.
Which will we not to go?
Don't go to the duck hunting ground.
Apparently, there are lots of ghosts there that block signals or something in the during New Year's.
This is where they launch falcons and they do some falconry.
All the water buses this way will go towards their next.
Nothing like a good floodgate.
Make the day go by faster watching the floodgate.
And by the way, I will have to end this live dreaming about 20 minutes.
Because according to the weather, when I left here, there was a massive thunderstorm going by there.
And if you're lucky, will get a shot of a lightning bolt hitting Tokyo tower safely.
But there's been some really bad, um, thundershowers in Japan lately, and some just torrential downpours and storms that just hit without warning.
Let's climb this hill.
This is, uh oh Chinyama Hill.
It says Right there.
All right, let's climb this here.
Do this.
Get up here.
Do it?
Sounds like a high school track coach.
What's wrong?
Tell off.
Get you.
Handle it.
Handle it.
Handle it right now.
Got little Island over there.
It's an island of ducks.
Are the ducks there?
They duck ghosts.
It's hard to tell.
We're going to investigate.
Over there, there's a There's a wedding pictures going on.
Do you see that on the bridge?
That purple spot in the center of your screen?
Very nice.
Very very nice.
Let's see if we can get the 500 likes and I will take you over to the tea house.
Do you see that tea house over there?
It's up to you people.
If you want to see that teahouse, click the like button.
Let's get the 500 likes waken Do this together because that's what we do.
Everything is together.
So while I have a second here taking in some of the fresh air I want to tell you about the Kickstarter project.
We just hit the goal around 1 a.m. Last night I was up till three AM celebrating by myself.
My wife went to sleep and way hit our goal of 25 $25,000.250 two on 2.5 million yen.
That gives us a start.
But stage two is Teoh go even further.
This now lengthens the fireworks festival.
So my goal My my personal goal was five million.
We have 25 days or like like 75% of the time left.
So I think I think we get a good shot of getting there.
I'm gonna try to upgrade the perks as well the rewards on the Kickstarter, so you can change your reward level at any time.
By the way, once you pledge a reward or you don't have to stick with it, you can change, upgrade or even downgrade if you want to.
Um, until the date in 25 days.
September 5th or sixth, I believe, is the last day, and after that we're locked in.
But so far we have the funds to do this.
So it's on, no matter what.
John's going to somewhere to film fireworks that we bought and manufactured ourselves.
My professionals.
These are not sparklers.
Some Jack in the box from Texas, um, wrote in and I just put that because he said he was from Texas.
He wrote in, Um uh oh, so you're charging this much for two?
I could go do sparklers in my backyard in charge.
I said, Well, you can't because we're manufactured them in Japan and we're putting fireworks.
Work occurs to work.
We're giving people jobs that would not ordinarily have it in The more we bring in, the more work that they'll have, and you didn't quite get it.
He just sees people to see the money and they don't they don't understand the value of it.
The background story for this is that the fireworks association has been completely gutted.
There are no events going on, not nothing.
Nothing planned.
They don't have a lot of work.
And I thought this would be a great way for us to give him some out in the countryside where they need it the most mean that that's That's kind of the real That's one of the big purposes of it, but I haven't been talking about that.
So we get Yahoo's tell me, um, about It's okay.
I still have a Yahoo account, by the way.
Nothing against Yahoo.
Alright, folks, let's get Let's get back.
Let's get moving here.
I'm gonna take a picture for you.
For the instagram.
Look at the way the sun is on the distance behind that building.
I could stay here for the rest of the day that I can't because I gotta edit some videos.
Let's take a picture for Ah, take a picture for Instagram here.
Ah, I don't like the last picture.
These pictures air for you.
I'm sending it to you via Instagram okay.
I don't think that's a hole in the building.
I think that's Ah, maybe there's a hole in the building.
I think it's just a special one.
This is an instagram story that I'm gonna upload for you because I want you to go to Instagram and I want you to see that that's where you can get updates on the next, um, live stream over there on Instagram.
Put that up there just so you guys can check it out.
All right, let's get out here.
Investigate that whole.
That's what it looks like.
I don't think it's a whole.
I think it's a view we're getting close of, the 500 likes.
Let's go down there, walk across that bridge.
You see that bridge really pretty?
Be looking bridge crossing the pond to the tea house with Tokyo Tower in the distance.
It's such a pretty view, isn't it?
Actually, the view looks even better from right here, down from the hill, doesn't it?
I think it's a little bit better right about here and, uh, get down and you can get that tree there.
Do you see?
That's the That's it right there.
The tree on the lake.
Let's see if we move a little bit.
We get tickets.
That's it.
Right there.
That's the view, isn't it?
That's it.
That's beautiful.
That's it.
Got it.
Thanks Yet Ranjeet.
I'm waiting for the 500 likes from our community.
How Money to park for those of you who are joining us, I was.
I just had to run from the crows.
Had to run from the crow's through a uh oh, my word.
Look at the sky.
You see that?
I got to get out of here, so I only, um, planted here for 20 minutes or so.
I can your thunder.
Are you thunder?
I still got a bike ride to go to.
All right, we're gonna do this fast here.
I'm gonna cross this bridge of of the end of times.
The lights went on.
The storm's coming fast.
Let's do this.
OK, folks, we could do this here.
Leon Olsen from Philippines.
Congrats on the Kickstarter.
Thank you.
Thanks, Everybody who's back that were successfully funded for that.
So this is a tea house.
I love the windows and I believe it's closed now, but typically you can go in there.
Chillax with a T and some.
Uh oh.
Kashi from snacks.
Here, here.
The This is the Nakashima.
That's the one we're going to across the bridge.
And this one must be the Matsuno, China.
Right here.
There's another one right there.
I can I just I could see the There's a small bolt of lightening up there.
See how fast of other changes?
That's a really beautiful looking tea house there.
Look at the old style of the roof.
Could take a quick look.
See here.
This is how Montague parked is a link in the description.
If you're interested in check it this out on Google Maps.
Look at that.
It's awesome to be able to see this kind of history here inside of a park in Tokyo.
Pretty much where a lot of hotels are just not that far from Tokyo Tokyo Tower in me.
Ah, look at this.
You can see inside.
It's closed for today, but from here it says you can take a look.
Uh, smells like wood smells like wood.
There's another building over there.
Let's go take a closer look at that.
Hello, to our friends from the Philippines.
We get a lot of them.
Look how pretty this is inside.
Like they get the flu.
Tonin Conine.
I can chill, aka.
On top of that, a tatami mat smells like fresh cut wood.
This looks like a brand new or newly renovated building.
We're gonna cross that bridge wraparound.
I'm getting the heck out of here because that lightning lightning likes me.
I'm a positive energy lightnings.
Negative negatives, attack track positives or something like that?
I don't know.
I don't want to be around to find out.
Beautiful teahouse, not even close to 500 likes.
This is ridiculous.
You need to step up because we're at the bridge.
This is Lightning Bridge, so I need encouragement.
Who's gonna encourage me?
Toe walk across this bridge to the other tea house.
We're 50.
Like short.
Let's give it 10 seconds.
987654321 Not bad.
The lights went down.
I like Well, you can't blame me for trying top to tie Boschee The first Taiba.
She is said to have been built in 17 93 black.
Then the wisteria Charlie says trellises were longer than they are today.
Entire wondering 20 meter length of the present day bridge is made of hinoki or Japanese Cyprus.
I love Hinoki has a really good smell to it.
Ah, Hinoki smells great, Spike 0 to 1 has just bought us admission.
So this bridges over 100 meters long.
There's the purple umbrella.
Lady, I can hear the rumblings.
Guys, this is not good.
Johnny needs to go home.
You can hear it just above those buildings over there.
Up there.
It looks bad.
I saw Swan.
Where to go.
Can I ask you to bring her back from Taco Yockey?
I might have to go and do that real quick.
She likes the one without the without the manage my requirement.
John Going.
Make sure you get some Tako Yaki said like this.
But in Japanese I said height, high height.
All right, here's the teahouse.
And, um, your orders will be taken at the entrance.
That's pretty neat.
For 850 yen.
It seems a little high, but it's quite worth it because you're not just getting in the tea, but you're actually enjoying inside of the tea house and I mean, there's no tipping here.
So let's just say that anything that you think it's exorbitant and that he goes towards that beautiful lady in the kimono over there could see this is the Nakajima or China.
And it is a beautiful place you have to pay to get in here when I'm not going to do that.
Because of the lightning.
Strikes are eminent, but for NHK, I've actually sat in here like a few times and enjoyed some tea.
But we're gonna be able to see that as we walk across this bridge and look back in the other direction in a second right there at the curb.
Gonna look back at this teahouse, Jerry.
She does not want Nagy.
And that was specific in her orders.
No Nagy.
So I'll pick the Nikki.
There's a double it up, buddy.
Is it, uh, gin Taco shop in ski ski on your ski Demark, which is not to far from here.
Somebody said those clouds don't look too bad.
I don't know where you're from.
They look like clouds.
That could be from Darwin.
And I've seen some massive electrical storms.
This looks like Darwin weather, but there's already, like 1000 strikes going on When I was up in Darwin, Uh, about 18 years ago, 17 years ago, it was massive.
This the electrical storms we had in Australia are probably the most impressive ones I've ever seen.
You have a lot of lightning, and you have a lot of flies in Darwin cities.
Okay, walking around is pretty harsh.
Let's get moving.
I'm not gonna dio Statue of Liberty for you.
Okay, But this l soggy might look at this.
Beautiful out.
I don't know what sound they make.
Woo hoo!
Anyone know?
I don't know.
It's hard.
It's got really dark.
All right, let's get out of here.
I don't even know which direction I'm supposed to go.
I gotta get out.
This looks really bad.
It's dark all around now.
It was sunny when I came in here.
All right.
It's not worth it like this.
This has been a tough livestream, everybody I know.
I thought this would be a little bit better weather, but give a stunning when I started.
What's up with that?
Didn't bargain for this.
It is pretty lighting with the with the clouds here.
I'm gonna go home, crack open a beer and and kind of edit the next video, which is Ah, coming up.
Oh, I could smell the rain now.
Can you smell the rain?
I could smell the rain soaked that in How many?
Cute Park a croquet.
You, buddy, you better run.
You better run.
I know you live here now, Crows.
Let's get out of here.
Looks like Crow Forest just got a message.
John, get home.
It's gonna pour.
I don't have a raincoat way.
Uh, OK.
No, wait.
I'm lost.
I'm lost crowd!
I got a map here.
Um, we're going to the O Tayman.
Oh, so they weren't the Nakajima Coachella.
I just crossed that bridge.
So here, Uh Nakajima Coachella, Cross that bridge on this side.
So I want to go to the left.
This'll way.
I think so.
I'm so far away.
No, this is like mosquito Deathtrap.
How am I gonna get out of here?
I'm not going that way.
That looks so bad.
That is a jungle.
No way that looks not inviting.
Gonna sticker stick to this direction.
Now, this is going back around the lake.
I think that's the only way.
I think this is the only way.
Ah, thing is gonna end up being a really, really bad livestream.
Look at this place.
This is full of mosquitoes.
Skeeter's air getting in a last supper.
What is this clearing?
This looks like one of these Blair witch clearings.
Spiderwebs, Spiderwebs, spiderwebs.
Indiana Jones won't even come in here.
What is this, some kind of tomb?
What is that?
What is that?
Is that the dead duck places?
Not good.
Keep going up my ankle.
A ticket through chamber.
They would lock little kids in here.
Something probably.
Oh, I'm not going in there.
Go in there.
Game over.
I'm not good.
Hey, tight time out!
Time out!
Game over.
Come on, Let's get out of here now!
All right, Game times over.
Just tell me where the excesses How do I get out of here?
Where the people.
Oh, this does not look good.
It's like I'm going deeper and deeper and further away from my intended.
Ah, spiderweb.
Right in my eyes.
So dark in here I can't run is like stumps and stuff all over this trail.
It keeps getting darker.
Well, snakes and stuff in here.
My heart is racing.
Uh, it's so dark.
It's like yellow.
This ambient light is all yellow all around.
This is where we lost the signal last time.
To what is that?
Looks like a grave.
Uh ah.
Uh uh huh.
Get out of here.
Excuse me.
Nobody here to help me give May.
Which way?
Wait, What the heck?
It's a dead end.
Dead end.
This is this.
Thinks I get out of here.
Heck, Aitken's here.
FamilyMart umbrella.
I'm gonna need something stronger than that.
It looks like the wind is coming.
How do I get out of here?
I think we're open picnic space.
So if I go straight, keep going towards that Conrad Hotel.
I think there's a bridge right there.
I don't know where I am.
There's no more maps.
I don't think this looks right to me.
It gets this way.
Supposed to be a 30 minute livestream.
I'm going on an hour because I can't get out of here.
First person shooter game right now.
I'm sweating.
How long have you spend finding an exit?
This is pretty long, Bond.
I think we're close.
This looks a little bit familiar.
Ah, Spiderweb.
What's that there?
I don't know.
We could be here to at this young guy.
Taco, Open space.
I don't know what open space that is.
Let's see.
Didn't bargain for this.
No guy.
Your guy.
Now it looks like 10 TEM on.
I get you.
I mean, I get the team.
I tell you, they don't know.
I asked the lady for directions.
A little Jew.
That's a strange name.
I ask that people for directions.
Sorry about that.
It's not a strange name.
Is your name polite here?
Okay, here we are.
All right, Goes Here's Tim on my bicycle is here.
Go behind me.
This way, This way.
I wanted to show you over here.
So basically, we went through this, this we went straight here.
Then we went through this jungle in the center, and I took you up here to the tea houses.
We came out here, we walked over here to this hill.
Then we went around here, and then I got lost here in this Blair Witch Project area.
And then now we're here, and I'm gonna make my way out to the here.
All right.
Well, I just saw lightning between the buildings there.
That's orange.
That's a bad sign, man.
It's coming.
This will a You know, those of you on the West Coast you're getting late.
Probably should be getting a bad, huh?
I did get a stamp when I came in here.
Always take the pamphlet.
If it's free and on the back of the pamphlet, you'll be able to see Ah, place for the stamp stamp to be stamped Stamp zone.
Go straight.
All right, Good.
I see that.
I think I see the 300 year old pine.
Those clouds look wicked.
There's the flowers that we saw with the dead zone over there before.
Remember, the signal was not doing too good over there.
Looks very I Ah, she I actually means like suspicious.
I as she I actually he suspicious man.
One of my favorite Japanese were I?
Ah, she she very suspicious.
Getting lost is part of the fun, but it's not that much fun when there's an ensuing thunder shower about to strike your head.
Did you see it?
There's some lightning there.
All I could smell the rain.
You could smell it All right.
There's a 300 year old pine.
We're done.
All right, all right.
I hope you enjoy this live stream.
It was something, huh?
You never know what's gonna happen when you live like lightning strikes.
Are the weather changing?
From a beautiful, sunny, hot day to a a cloudy day?
Couldn't think of anything.
Their 300 year old pint planted by one of the show guns.
That's pretty cool.
Let's get the heck out of here.
This looks like it's like like seven.
PM, and it's it's not even five.
You can't touch it.
What would you want to touch the tree?
Leave the tree alone.
I don't know what your hands have been touched.
The tree, you touch it, get out of here.
Just very dark.
Campbell use people entering.
People going in now.
Dudes, have you not seen the weather?
All right, There you go.
Alright, guys, I'm getting home.
Thanks so much for watching.
Ah, beyond a little bit later and I'll be talking about the Kickstarter project were 106% funded.
Keep it going.
Um, the more we get, the more the longer that this becomes and we got 25 days, I'm going to plug in the heck out of it from now.
A lot of press releases went out.
I have an interview with a couple of media outlets.
I'm gonna try my best to push this and make this in the most amazing excellent adventure.
Bill and Ted will be jealous.
It's one of my dreams toe light off my own fireworks.
But I'm not talking about Roman candles on talking about professional grade canon fireworks that were going to be doing.
We're putting people to work.
We're doing a good thing.
And speaking of flashes in the sky, I'm out of here, folks, Have a good day.
Have a good night wherever you are in the world.
Thanks so much for the support.
Everybody stay safe where you are and get inside.
Now, before the end of the world strikes Radical reptile, Will you ever do a scary Japanese urban legends?
Baby can I told me not to.
And jaded West head.
You'll make it.
I believe in you, John.
Thank you, Jaden.
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Tokyo’s Hamarikyu Japanese Garden Summer Walk

18 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 14, 2020
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