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Hi, I'm Jay Stokes, and this is everything I eat today.
The first thing I do when I wake up is nothing.
I usually sit around and stare at the walls and try to let my brain reboot.
After I do that, I drink water.
I drink probably two cups in the morning and then I drink coffee.
I am a coffee feen.
I live off of coffee and to do it black every now and again from feeling fancy, I'll put a little goat milk in there.
Every now and again, I'll have a cup of tea like an Earl Grey or from feeling fancy will do a little Citrus tea.
And at night came a meal.
I mean Drew, Maddy and I.
Sometimes we do hot toddies.
Just final.
So we've done that with Cameron Meal at the end of the night.
Little cameo.
11 Whiskey.
That's pretty great.
So I usually don't be first thing in the morning, but if I do, it's usually one of two things.
So I had, like a little avocado toast.
I'll do egg.
Usually do my eggs over medium so nice little runny yolk, lightly salted.
A little bit of pepper.
And then I just started doing this.
It's a brioche bun.
So did the bottom of a bottle.
And take a grill pan for me to throw it on the grill pan.
Yes, it takes a little bit longer than putting in a toaster, but I love having that char in the little grill marks.
And then, from there, I usually get a little avocado.
Put it on top of the British bond, slide that egg on top and then top it off with a little red pepper flake and sometimes feeling fancy.
Have a little Suraj.
Just taste buds.
If I don't do that, I usually just do like a Greek yogurt and maybe some nuts on top.
So I want cash you.
So what is up next?
In a typical day, usually, if I'm working, it's a lot of water, so we shoot predominantly outside.
So in Charleston, where we film, it's 1000 degrees with 1000% humidity, if I remember scientifically correct.
So I usually am just consistently drinking water.
I had one of those little electrolyte packs in their every day.
I try to find time to work out, even if I can't work out.
I try to get out and get somewhat active, whether it's a walk, whether it's something indoors.
Obviously during the quarantine period it's been difficult.
But I think it's super important to stay somewhat active.
I feel like for me when I am physically active, my mental body and what not feels so much better.
So on top of that, my job requires me to wear a little to no clothing.
So part of my job responsibility is to be somewhat in shape.
I mean, I enjoy a good dad thought, but unfortunately, while I'm filming, I can't get away with that.
Oh, I am the worst when it comes to getting angry.
I saw the whole bid that Kylie Jenner did about her informing being angry people.
If there was like a face of who of hungry, that it would be me, I would be the face of angry.
And stormy has it, too, because when that little girls a little hungry, she turns into a different baby.
I'm sorry to break it to you taking the crown.
If you seen Mark Ruffalo turn into the Hulk in any of the adventure films, I'm that with another £4000.
It's scary.
It's It's bad.
So anyways, I like to be fat.
What do I usually eat?
Good question.
I don't know.
It's whenever I feel hungry.
Usually if I'm fasting, I try to eat anywhere from around two o'clock, and right now I'm kind of a work mode.
So for lunch yesterday, I had a salmon as my protein had a little keen loss out.
I think there was a little bell pepper mixed into became motors touch and then water.
I mean, I just consistently drink water.
I'm not a big soda person.
I don't drink a lot of sweet, savory beverages.
So from not drinking water than it's usually an alcoholic beverage, which I'm not supposed to have right now because my training let me Yeah, no, it was, uh, Salmon came us out Bell peppers and I did sneak in a bag of she's It's I don't really eat a lot of fruits.
I try to stay away from sugar as much as possible, but usually if I'm traveling my guilty pleasures Chick fil A I find at home or preparing for something, I usually will try to pack a meal.
So for me.
I've been working with Sweeter stove.
They're awesome.
Bacon burgers have kind of been fantastic.
They're super easy to make, so I usually just plop one of those in a pan.
Syria real quick and costed on a brioche bun.
Lettuce, tomato Suraj peo on there cats me out.
Who weekend she lunch.
I am a sucker for a good that fried chicken buffalo sandwich.
I know I said that wrong, but a Buffalo chicken sandwich immediately is one of those things.
If I see it on a menu, I can't help myself.
So that, like some really good season fries, is like I don't have buffalo chicken sandwich.
So long just thinking about it now it's penny back.
Very vivid memories.
I usually eat an early dinner.
Last night we had grilled chicken breast with was chefs.
We did that.
There was a chickpea in eggplant salad.
And then we also did a keen wall with red bell pepper, tomato, a little bit of cilantro, a little vinaigrette on top.
It was so beverage of choice during dinner.
I'm boring.
I get it.
I know if it's gonna be a stream agency alcoholic beverage, Drew Starkey can give him.
Shout out.
He got me hooked on just wild turkey.
One on one.
So usually do that meat.
If I'm not drinking whiskey, I usually go with the red wine cab.
Late night snack.
Uh, I'm calling myself out here.
Jesus, Cheetos, Doritos, Tostitos.
Toki knows pizza rolls.
What is my number one cheap meal cheesecake?
I'm not a big, hairy guy, but something about a really good cheesecake just sings to my soul.
Well, that's everything I eat in a day on.
Then some, uh, you can check out out of banks on Netflix, and, um, see you later.
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Everything 'Outer Banks' Star Chase Stokes Eats in a Day | Food Diaries: Bite Size | Harper's BAZAAR

23 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 14, 2020
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