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- Oh my god, I'm gonna do that thing
that my cast mate Johnathon does.
I don't know why people put their hands behind these things.
It's ludicrous, but I'm going to do it anyway.
(upbeat music)
- I am in New York.
I am not in my own home.
I'm here for my collaboration with Express,
and now I would like to show you
what my nighttime routine is.
It's a little different here than my actual home.
I don't bring all my products with me.
So, I usually wash my face first.
I only use my face wash maybe,
two or three times a week when I'm at home.
The rest of the time when I'm on the go
I don't really need a face wash.
I don't use much makeup at all,
literally just under my eyes.
So I wipe that off and wash my face off with hot water.
I do have a blemish today.
Yes, I know you see it.
I see it too.
It's screwing me so hard, but I only get one
like once or twice a year.
Twice a year max.
So I promise you, me not washing my face
with a face wash isn't affecting my skin.
I usually have really clear skin.
Back home I use something called Tata Harper.
It's their face cleanser,
it's this green one, it's refreshing, it's gorgeous.
But I don't need to use it everyday.
A couple of times a week when I'm home,
I also use a toner before I use my products.
The rest of my products,
which I'm going to show you in a moment,
is called Biologique Recherche, or Recherche.
I don't speak french, I don't know how you pronounce it.
But it's called P50.
It's wonderful.
It smells so bad.
It smells to high hell, but it's wonderful.
So, other than those two things,
I'm going to show you what I do with my face.
I wanna wash it real quick,
and then we'll get started on the rest of the products.
(water splashing)
Okay, so, washed my face with very hot water.
So this thing here, it is The Nightly by Beauty Bio.
I have been using Beauty Bio for two years.
Also, I love it very much.
I like how thick it is.
I have pretty dry skin.
I don't have a t-zone or anything,
it's just dry in general.
And so this gives me the weight that I need,
and it's really accessible.
In my opinion it's really accessible.
Maybe I'm completely diluted.
Maybe I've lost touch with reality.
But in my opinion it's really accessible.
I think this is like, $25.
What next, I use this.
It is The Quench for your eyes.
I put just the tiniest,
tiniest little bit under my eyes, before bed.
I have been obsessed with skin care since
I was probably 14, 15.
So my mom used to insist that we moisturize,
and that we stay out of the sun as much as possible,
to protect our skin.
And my mom, she wasn't one for a fabulous routine,
but she did try and take care of her skin.
So she did use moisturizer at least every night.
And so she used to do that us too, us kids.
And so is started to realize,
Oh I should probably protect my skin
because my mom is obsessed with that,
and maybe there is a reason why.
Normally you don't do what your parents say.
I was clearly a good child.
And then by the time I hit 19, 20,
I just thought, I really don't want the same skin
as a lot of my elderly relatives.
Yes I know, that's shade, but that's just the way life is.
They have very very very weathered skin,
and I thought, I really don't want that.
And so I started taking care of my skin.
I started, moisturizing.
I didn't use toner or serums up until 5 or 6 years ago.
But, I did start doing this one thing.
So I started using this face mask that I make at home.
I met this person who was a beauty editor
at a magazine for years and years and years.
This Korean lady, and she said
the majority of the stuff she uses
is for the magazine that she worked for,
but the main thing that has changed her skin
is this yogurt mask.
Take a cup, roughly, of Greek yogurt.
I use Fage.
Use whatever other thick Greek yogurt you can find.
And then I get green tea, tea bags.
I get one tea bag, steep it in some hot water
for about 30 seconds, and then
open up the contents of that tea bag,
put the contents of the tea bag into the yogurt,
mix it up, and then put that on your face,
and really generously.
Imagine Mrs. Doubtfire,
like you know what scene I'm talking about.
If you're too young for that,
just go google it.
It's really funny.
And that amount of yogurt on your face,
keep that on for 10 minutes.
Scrape it off, wash your face,
and then use your regular nighttime routine.
I do that, at least once a week,
and it's the reason why I'd like to believe
that I don't need to wear a lot of makeup.
Okay so, now that I have my eye cream on, obsessed,
I then move on to a full face moisturizer
which is my Quench.
So this was the Quench just for the eyes,
and then this one is the Quench for the rest of my face.
The reason I like this is because it's super thick.
And so it really feels like, at night
I've got a protective layer over my skin
that's working for me all evening.
So I just take a small amount like that,
and then I rub that in.
I don't rub it in too much.
I kind of leave it so it's a little bit filmy.
And then within 10 minutes it absorbs into my skin.
And gosh it's gorgeous.
You're skin will just feel beautiful, beautiful.
I'm not endorsed by them.
Or I don't endorse them in any way.
I'm not sponsored by them.
I just truly, truly love this brand.
One person who you may know very well,
Johnathon Van Ness, suggested about two years ago,
three years ago when I first met him,
that everybody should use SPF everyday.
Without a doubt, everyday.
And so, in the daytime I do try and make sure
I use a serum and moisturizer with SPF.
And both of these do have that in.
So that protects against my skin.
But ordinarily I don't stand out in the sun.
If I'm in the sun, I cover with a cap.
But that's it.
Super simple.
The last thing is a lip balm.
I always moisturize my lips before I go to bed.
And then I wake up with relatively soft lips.
That's it.
It was so easy.
Final thing you guys.
Now that my face is taken care of,
what I do is I make sure I kind of pre-select
an outfit for the next day.
So I'll choose between two looks.
Then in the morning based on how I'm feeling,
I then lock it down.
Do you want to see what I'm choosing?
I chose a couple of looks that
I know are going to work for what I'm doing.
A printed shirt.
If you know me at all you know that I love a printed shirt.
So that's for sure going to happen.
I love this shirt very much.
And then I'm going to decide on whether
I do a brown pant with it, or a black.
I'll wait until the morning until I decide.
But for now, bed time.
I'll see you all later, bye!
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Queer Eye's Tan France's Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper's BAZAAR

25 Folder Collection
Summer published on August 14, 2020
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