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Hey, guys came down here.
Welcome back to my channel.
In today's video, I'm going to be telling you guys the top 10 Korean skincare products Since I started using Korean skincare products, my skin condition has improved so much.
My skin is now a lot more Dewey, and it's not as dry as it used to be.
I tested hundreds of different Korean skincare products, and these are the top 10 products that I would definitely recommend because these ones are the ones I keep repurchasing just before I start this video just wanted that.
You guys know I do have a Japanese version off this video.
I've tried and tested out the top 10 Japanese skin care products that I found really helpful, so make sure you guys check that video if you're interested to try out Japanese Castle theme is the engine house baking power pull cleansing tissue.
This by far, is the best make up removal walks I have ever used, and the reason I love it so much is that works wonders.
Wait, remove your makeup.
The packaging has a passage lit, which is great because it helps prevent your tissues from drying quicker so their product has baking soda as a main ingredient, which closes your paws and also contains natural walls.
That leaves your skin feeling nourished and healthy, even though it doesn't look like it.
If you squeeze a product, quite a lot comes out.
So here I'm going to remove only heart off my face to show you guys.
How does product works?
First, I'm wearing a full face of makeup and I'm going to start by removing that.
I make up first for holding down the cleansing wife for a few seconds and then wiping I, as you can see, almost removed off my makeup.
My mascara is still there, but if you just work a little more, it comes up very quickly.
He's in the rest of the tissue to move my makeup.
You can see that it only needs once what to get rid off the make up.
What I love about this product is that it removed to make up very well, but also it doesn't dry at your skin, and also it does cleanse your face as well.
So if you are in a rush and need a quick cleanser, you can use these next item is clean zero from Manila car.
Now you have makeup that is very difficult to remove, such as mascara's.
This is a public you should use because it works wonders when you remove really difficult makeup.
If you look closely, the product looks like a bar.
You scoop it out and then you melt it between your fingers.
As you can see, it turns into a world which you then use a massage over your skin to remove your makeup, and this put up has all in one cleansing that works for all skin types.
The palazzo also cleans out your paws and has papaya extract to exfoliate the skin and remove impurities.
It also contains mineral oil, which is a great ingredient for Klinsi, especially for those with blackheads.
Once you have massaged into your face, wash it off with water.
As you can see, my makeup has been removed completely, and my face is let's feeling very soft.
I've been using this for a couple of years now, and it was wonders, especially when you are trying to remove the stubborn, waterproof mascara.
Once I wash his products off my face, at least my face feeling very soft and refreshed.
This is a cause.
Our X one step original clear pad.
Now this item has been super popular amongst a lot off people.
I first started using this item two years ago at ever since I discovered it, I have not going back.
I have repurchased maybe about 10 off these.
And many is just because my skin has improved so much.
After using this, these pants are pretty so that contained Ben time Sallis islets and highly right asset as some of the main ingredients.
As you uses on your skin.
The chemicals exfoliate about drying out your skin.
It also contains Willard via water that helps clear blemishes and control breakouts.
It works great on sensitive skin as it dissolves dead skin and excess, even without making a skin irritated and as you can see here from just one had alone.
There is so much liquid sucked inside as I squeeze it out.
Usually are lackeys in the pad Under I removed my makeup and clothes My face just to remove any impurities are still left on my face.
I missed.
And also these present Very versatile.
You can use them in many different ways.
Usually I just use them to wipe my face after I have removed my makeup.
But also you can use it like a mask and put it around your face believable about a few minutes, and it leaves your face feeling very hydrated.
You can also use on your body as well if you have any back acne.
Next, I got the skin food black sugar mask, wash off.
I made a Korean skincare video maybe about four or five years ago, and I used this product.
I still use this product because it is that good.
So this is an exfoliating scrub, and it leaves your face feeling very soft after washing it off.
The key ingredient to this part is like sugar, which gives you hydrated and glowing skin.
The first thing you might notice when you open up the packaging is smell.
It's most fresh lemon grass to me, and it's a peasant sense.
Apply on a damn face after you have washed and spread the product.
A rap avoiding the area.
The product has yoga graves that works very well as an exfoliator.
When you decide you into your place, I would be very careful when using this product, however, as it can scratch your face if you scrub too hard.
Typically, I use this maybe about once a week.
I wouldn't use it more than once a week just because it can definitely damage your skin if you use it to be.
Your next product is a later republic, AL.
Over 92%.
This is a top selling product, which has been around for years, so the main ingredient is, of course, Talavera extract.
The olivera relaxes the red, irritates areas on your face and gives you more moisturized skin.
I also find by using this product it Debbie has helped faint my hyperpigmentation.
So I do have a very bad habit off picking my pimples.
When I do, I was scratched them, and then they'll start scabbing, and after the scabbing, you'll leave happy pigmentation marks on my face, which takes a very long time to say.
But if I put this on my face morning on, not I find that it helps paid.
This guy's a bit fast so you can use its products in different ways.
I left using up on my face to give it a bit more moisture and also defended my scars.
But sometimes I also like to use it as a moisturizer on my arms and legs, says I also have really dry skin.
They're usually when my skin is irritated.
I like plus onto my face, just a super out.
As a calm down, my skin changes.
Next item is the skin food Black sugar, Perfect first serum.
Now this is a first serum, which she apply on your face after cleansing.
So this product is a multi functioning Sarah, which has blood sugar extracts to explain it, hydrate and soothe biscuit that this product is best applied with a cotton pat, which comes with the product had this around your face to allow your face to absorb the product.
I find that when I applied his products on my face in morning and night, the hell's my acne Scars on my face.
Fake quicker.
Finest products work stress on combination skin, so I usually use this product during the summer.
He gives you blow is give and leaves your face feeling very soft, Dr Woods.
Now, when you buy a put out the TV set off cotton pads and these ones are a lot more they can any usual cotton pads, and I like this much better because it absorbs more product on when you apply on your face.
I feel that my face absorbs more liquid that way.
Next item is the skin food, lettuce and cucumber water.
In essence, now this essence has a water texture, which really moisturizes your skin.
It is that like product, and it doesn't feel heavy on your skin at all.
And there is a light cucumber sent to this planet, but it's not that strong, so it doesn't really bother me.
So this product contains 10%.
Let's extract 10% cucumber extract at 30%.
Keep humble water ingredients that really hydrate your skin.
I was recommended this product as I was trying to find a solution for my dry skin.
I find that when using this quality, my skin absorbs a lot very quickly, despite it being very watery are using their power to my skin is left.
Feeling much softer was that I found that my skin just drinks of this product and keeps the moisture on my face.
Just thank your time.
Next time on the edge in house voice full college in line.
Kellan is my favorite skinhead line up all the time.
I could not pick this one item from this line.
I had to quit three Isis So But you guys don't mind that you've been following my China for a while.
You would know that I am obsessed.
Diskin Care line Ever since I discovered are you using the products on my face?
I was able to achieve the blowing look on my face for the very first time.
The products are very moist and rich in texture.
They had Moshe and Colijn to help improve the complexion of the skin.
Overall, even after layering on the skin camp when I use a plus from this line, my skin does not feel heavy at all.
Seriously is the best skin care I have ever used.
Investable line is very affordable.
This was scraping have dry skin.
Overall, this product has every helped improve my skin condition As now I'm in my late twenties and it has helped my skin to stay looking young.
Tell your friends next item is a water sleeping mask problem is it waas grateful or skin types.
So the product is used as a last step to your skin care.
It absorbs the skin.
Can you apply while you sleep to hydrate your skin?
I've been using this product for about four years, and I always find myself read purchasing this item as I haven't found an at and better than this one.
It helps it dry skin, doughnuts on even texture, finalize and wrinkles.
It also has hydrate ionized mineral water as an ingredient, which helps moisturize dressed skin.
Usually the next morning, I wash my face to take up a lot of skincare applied a night earlier, and my skin is that been very soft after applying the sleeping mask.
If I don't apply to sleeping glass and I watch my face, I don't get the same effect last autumn.
Is the lips leaving mosque from the Nash?
People like May with really druskin.
This is a part for you.
This product is just like a sleeping mosque.
It's applied just before you sleep.
Use a special provided and even spread them on your lips.
The next morning, use a tissue or constant Catto.
Watch your lips so the past gently removes dead skin cells during the night.
Time to leave them support the next morning.
It also contains vitamin C to help dry and rough lives.
Plastic contains hyaluronic acid to maintain the moisture and that that is it for the top 10 Korean skincare products.
I really hope this video was helpful for you guys.
All these products.
Like I said, I've been using them for a very long time now.
And I worked wonders on my skin.
Justify this video piece, Get this video thumbs up, baby enjoyed.
And you want more videos like this?
Let me know in a comment, boss, down below What other videos you want me to make?
Or if you have any more recommendations for skincare?
Isis, I did showing this video.
Let me know damn below as well because there are so many more Korean skincare products out there that worked very well since crosses Chantome alloy, if you haven't yet to keep up to date with all my videos, also check out my flow Channel because I have been placed e a lot of different blows on that.
And also I'm going back to Japan this way.
So you guys will get more Japan blocks.
Follow me in all my social media which link over here and down below as well.
And I would say you guys in the next video Thanks, guys.
To die thin to some, okay.
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16 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 13, 2020
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