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I think I came down here, will come back to my channel in today's video.
I'm going to be telling you guys my experience.
I'm using the Korean 10 Steps skin care routine.
Now, Just before I saw this video, I just want to tell you guys that the 10 step Korean skin carry team does not work for everyone.
For some people, if you're putting too many products on your face, your skin will break out.
So this is purely from my personal experiences and everyone skin is different.
And also I just want to say that even though it is called the tense that create skin care routine, I don't actually do all 10 steps every single day.
So sometimes I would leave out two or three steps per day, depending on what I feel is best for my skin on that particular day.
So, for example, one off the steps is exploiting your skin, and obviously you can't do that every single day because in your skin will be really damaged.
If you do so, I'll only do that step maybe twice a week at most.
Another step is a face mosque, and I don't do that every day as well.
I really door maybe once every second day.
Some days I may skip upon essence or serum.
It just really depends.
Like I said, I want to be good to talk about my skin care journey.
So when I came back to Australia after all my troubles last year, I had a pretty good skin can retain going on.
My skin was looking healthy.
It was glowing on it had that DUI glass effect that is really popular right now.
When I went to Korea, however, at the end of last year, my skin drastically went downhill because I was going from one extreme climate to another.
So when I had a pretty good skin care retained going, I was layering on quite a bit of products.
Each time I would do my skin can, I would put on maybe about five products, but my skin was improving and it was doing pretty well.
Now it went downhill because when I went to South Korea and Japan, I decided Teoh not pack as much skin care with me.
I decided to cut down my skin care a lot because I was traveling.
When I travel, I don't like to bring all my skincare with me because it's very bulky, and I find that when you travel, it's really hard to do like four skin care routine.
So usually when I travel, I would bring a smaller skin care travel kids, and I would use that now.
Back in November, I traveled to South Korea and because I was going from one extreme climate to the next, my skin did not take it very well because it was summer in Australia.
And then when I went to South Korea, it was freezing.
It was winter.
It was like minus 15 degrees.
In Australia.
It was like 35 to 40 degrees.
So because of the huge change, my skin did not take it very well.
And I started breaking out now because I didn't have all my skincare.
With May I cut down a lot on my skin.
I was earning its cleanse, our tona an emotion and moisturizer.
Alongside that, I was extremely stressed out because I was doing blow GMA's back then, which meant I wasn't sleeping.
I was stressed, and when I'm stressed, I tend to break out a lot on my chin area I also find that my skin changes a lot depending on where I am.
So when I'm in Australia, my skin is combination.
So my teaser gets really oily and then the rest of my face is dry.
However, when I am in South Korea or Japan, my whole face is dry.
Anyway, whilst I was traveling in South Korea and Japan, I would do these steps I would cleanse I would tone my face.
I went for emotion on on awesome moisturizer, so I would do forceps.
Now, this is very sufficient.
Ready for a scene?
Carry teen Now, I just went back to Japan two weeks ago on I was really worried about my skin messing up again.
So this time I decided to pack skin can I know it would work.
So I got released more containers and I filled up those containers with the skin can I would use for the 10 steps in Claritin.
Whilst I was traveling in Japan, I made sure every morning and night to do my skin care properly.
So I did that on my skin didn't bring out.
Luckily, even though I was going from one extreme climate to the next once again.
Also, I didn't really sleep as much and I was pretty stressed out, even or their circumstances.
My skin didn't break out and it didn't lose the glory.
So definitely I think if I keep up, the skin can retain.
Then my face continues to look healthy.
When I used to live in Japan, my skin was very dry.
But because I kept up a pretty good skin care contain, I was almost doing a 10 step crane skin parenting.
My face looked like it was doing most of the time.
But then I guess when I started traveling a lot around the world, I didn't bring all my skincare with May.
And then from then on, my seen this with down here.
So when I went back to Australia, I was like, Look, I'm gonna do something different to my skin.
I'm going to do the Korean 10 step skin Claritin, and I'm going to do it properly for one month.
So because I decided to do that, I thought it would be good to feel my face every day to see how my face changes.
After doing the skin care retain its every morning, I wash my face and then fill my face.
So I tried to keep the lighting as consistent as possible.
So I filmed in my bathroom every single day with the same lighting.
Sometimes the camera didn't really have to say lighting, so I apologize for that.
But I really tried my best to keep it consistent so I would feel my face, which I will show you guys later and explain to you how different my face built after the war.
Now the skin care products I was using on my face were really affordable.
Korean skin.
Now I have tried expensive seen pops before.
I found it really didn't make a difference to me.
Anyway, I know for some people, it makes a huge difference.
But who may I found that using affordable drug store products was completely fine on If I could save money, I would rather save money.
It Tony depends on your skin type, but I've tried hundreds of different skin camp on us, and I found these ones with the best for me.
Now the reason why I think it worked out so well for me is number one.
You double cleansing every day.
So when I wash my face, I tend to get very lazy.
I would just remove my makeup with wives and wash it once now, just by watching once.
Maybe it does not remove all my makeup.
And then when I go to sleep, I still have some makeup on my face, plus skin care on.
And then they just really close my paws and I break out from that.
And another thing I like about Korean Skincare products is that it doesn't feel heavy on your face, even though I'm layering on quite a lot of laughs on my face after the skin routine is finished, I felt that my skin did not feel heavy at all that I'm not going to explain step by step what I did for my skin carry team because I'm going to do that for my next video.
So this video, I'm just purely talking about my experiences.
So I think, 100% after I did the 10 step Korean skincare retained for one month.
My skin just look so much more glowy skin so much healthier on.
I feel that I don't have to wear foundation as much anymore.
So on the first day when I started this, my face was feeling extremely dry.
I have a scab on the right, under my mouth, which still hasn't healed yet, and I also had a pimple near my eyebrow and nose.
And there was also a pimple on my foreign at my chin, which you couldn't really see yet.
Also, I just want to apologize in advance for my really messy hair.
In a lot of these shots, most of them I took when I just wake up and I didn't realize how missing my hair WAAS Now, on Day five, I pop the pimple on my Florida, which I shouldn't have, but I always have a bad habit off popping my pimples if they don't disappear after a few days.
I also a pimple on my chin since Day one, which I also popped around the same time after about a wake up during the 10 step Korean skincare retain, I could definitely feel an improvement on my skin already.
My skin started getting the dewy glow back, and it would feel healthier than it did before.
Slowly, this car started fading and my skin started to settle down My steps also healed, but the mark would take a long time to fade.
After two weeks of using the 10 steps, skin care retained, my skin definitely settled down.
I didn't have any new breakout, so I didn't have anything to pop, which is a good thing, since I can't help myself.
So not only did my skin feel more moisturized, I felt on my skin turned a vid at a little bit more, and also bright dark.
Scott has definitely faded, as you can see on my for it, and if you look closely onto my skin right now, you'll see that my skin is a lot macdhui.
And if I move around a little bit, you can see that I have a glass skin effect on my skin already.
You guys can probably tell from this video that my skin has improved over time.
However, I just wanted to say that during this time I felt so much more better about my skin that I kind of stopped wearing makeup when I went out.
Finally, on the last day.
Here is my skin and you can see a huge improvement.
My skin is so doing that when I move my face around.
You can see the shine which gives the glass effect without any makeup My skin has brought end up in areas and my skin tone has evened out a bit.
So everyone I'm very happy with how my skin looks now.
And I hope this video was helpful for you guys.
So if you guys have tried at the tents that Korean skincare retained in the past, let me not comment balls down below.
How what you worked.
If it didn't work on what products you were using, found out this video, we enjoyed it as a scratching my channel.
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I Tried 10 Step Korean Skincare for a Month! | DID IT WORK?!

17 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 13, 2020
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