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  • Hello guys!

  • My name is Fanny.

  • Welcome to this pronunciation drill.

  • Watch this video if you want to improve your pronunciation very quickly.

  • And in today's video, I have 100 words on school.

  • All the words that you need to know.

  • Now, don't forget, it's very important to for you to repeat after me.

  • Let's get started.

  • Thank you guys.

  • I'm sure you do a great job.

  • If you think the video went too fast, or you want to do it again,

  • Please, do it again!

  • Watch the video over and over.

  • Don't stop practicing.

  • Practice will make you better.

  • Also you can watch my other pronunciation drills.

  • They will be very helpful if you want to improve your pronunciation skills.

  • See you next time!

  • Thank you guys so much for watching my video.

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Hello guys!

Subtitles and vocabulary

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