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  • Hey guys.

  • How's it going today?

  • My name is Brandon.

  • And in this video, we're gonna help improve your English speaking ability.

  • I make mistakes, and you probably make mistakes, too.

  • But I make mistakes when I speak English and I'm a native speaker.

  • I make many mistakes with pronunciation and grammar.

  • And that's okay.

  • Everyone makes mistakes when speaking, and you can, too.

  • So stick around and keep watching.

  • Let's say you're playing tennis with an English-speaking friend and he says to you, “You play tennis good.”

  • What?

  • You know the sentence should be, “You play tennis well.”

  • Is he wrong?

  • Yes and no.

  • In colloquial English, which is spoken English, “You play tennis good,” is okay.

  • But in written English, which is more strict, the sentence must be, “you play tennis well.”

  • So should you copy him?

  • As an English teacher, I say, “no.”

  • Go with what you learned in your book or what you learned in class.

  • Let's talk about pronunciation.

  • One word that I pronounce differently than everyone else isask.”

  • Is it wrong that I say it like that?

  • No.

  • You understand me.

  • In this world, there are many different English speakers with accents everywhere.

  • The most important thing when speaking is if the receiver can understand you.

  • In conclusion, native speakers make many mistakes.

  • Those mistakes could be pronunciation or grammatical.

  • What I want you to do is be better than us.

  • Practice every day and learn so that you don't make the mistakes that we do.

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Hey guys.

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