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Hey guys.
How's it going today?
My name is Brandon.
And in this video, we're gonna help improve your English speaking ability.
I make mistakes, and you probably make mistakes, too.
But I make mistakes when I speak English and I'm a native speaker.
I make many mistakes with pronunciation and grammar.
And that's okay.
Everyone makes mistakes when speaking, and you can, too.
So stick around and keep watching.
Let's say you're playing tennis with an English-speaking friend and he says to you, “You play tennis good.”
You know the sentence should be, “You play tennis well.”
Is he wrong?
Yes and no.
In colloquial English, which is spoken English, “You play tennis good,” is okay.
But in written English, which is more strict, the sentence must be, “you play tennis well.”
So should you copy him?
As an English teacher, I say, “no.”
Go with what you learned in your book or what you learned in class.
Let's talk about pronunciation.
One word that I pronounce differently than everyone else is “ask.”
Is it wrong that I say it like that?
You understand me.
In this world, there are many different English speakers with accents everywhere.
The most important thing when speaking is if the receiver can understand you.
In conclusion, native speakers make many mistakes.
Those mistakes could be pronunciation or grammatical.
What I want you to do is be better than us.
Practice every day and learn so that you don't make the mistakes that we do.
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Learn English Conversation | Native Speakers Make English Mistakes, Too

3320 Folder Collection
Summer published on August 13, 2020
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