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(game show music)
- [Announcer] From the Annoying Orange Studios,
it's the kitchen's number one game show,
(with audience) Wheel of FourCheese!
With Banana White and your host Pat Flapjack!
- Hey, everybody!
Welcome to Wheel of FourCheese, as always.
Today our three contestants will be spinning
the world-famous Four Cheese Pizza of Fortune
for a chance to guess the phrase on the board.
And in the end, one of them will be leaving
with some serious cheddar. (audience laughs)
Let's meet today's contestants.
(audience cheers)
First up, we have Pear.
- Great to be here, Pat!
I watch this show all the time!
Hi, mom!
- Well, that was certainly boring.
Hopefully our next contestant is more interesting.
(audience laughs) Welcome, Grapefruit!
- Hello, Pat.
I assure you, I am interesting.
A bit of a Renaissance Fruit, some would say.
When I'm not boning up on Wheel of FourCheese strategy,
I paint, lift weights, and lose challenge videos
to a diminutive apple on YouTube.
(audience laughs) - "Never trust an apple,"
that's what I always say. (audience laughs)
And to our final contestant, Orange.
(audience cheers) (Orange burps loudly)
- Was I supposed to eat the pizza?
'Cause I did.
- No, you weren't supposed to eat the pizza.
That's a prop for our game show!
- So it's not a real pizza?
- No, it's made of metal.
- (laughs) Well, that explains the toothache.
(bites) (audience laughs)
- Would you stop eating my game show?!
- Owwie, it hurts!
- So stop eating metal!
- Gross, it tastes like metal!
- (grunts) Listen, we gotta get rolling here
or we're gonna lose sponsors.
(laughs awkwardly) All right, so, Pear,
give it a spin!
- Come on!
Big money!
(audience cheers)
- An all-expenses paid vacation to Fruitapest!
- All right!
Okay, I'm gonna guess "N."
- Are there any Ns?
Yes, there are three!
(board dings)
- F! Q!
- Orange!
What on earth are you doing?
- I thought we were shouting out letters we like!
W! M! X!
(laughs) Just kidding, I don't really like X.
(audience laughs)
- Great job picking today's contestants, Phil.
Pear, it's still your turn!
- All right, here we go.
(wheel spinning)
(buzzer) (groans)
- (laughs) Oh, tough luck!
Moving on to Grapefruit.
(Orange exclaims)
Orange, get off of there!
(Orange laughs)
(audience laughs)
(wheel spinning)
- 1000!
Pick a letter, Grapefruit.
- Actually, Pat, I'd like to solve this puzzle.
- Wow, really?
- Yes, Pat.
I've memorized the entire English dictionary
and there's only word it could be:
- Nuancings?
- What kind of word is that? (audience laughs)
- Admittedly, it's obscure.
But I have encountered it among my forays into literature.
At any rate, it's a process of elimination, really.
No other word in the English language could possibly fit.
So there you have it: nuancings.
It is my very educated guess.
- Is it nuancings?
(record scratches) (buzzer)
Ooh, I'm sorry.
Apparently, there's another word out there
that fits the board.
- That's impossible!
- Guess you don't really understand the nuancings
of this game, huh? (laughs)
(audience laughs)
- (laughs) That's actually pretty good, Orange.
- So are we friends now?
- No, spin the wheel now.
- (grunts in disappointment) Why?
- 'Cause that is how the game is played.
Don't be difficult, okay?
Now, guess a letter.
- Y.
- Because those are the--
Oh, okay, looks like there are several Ys.
(audience laughs and cheers)
- What the heck kinda word is this?
It's nowhere in my Scrabble dictionary!
- Oh my gosh!
I can see where this is going.
- Orange, you can spin again, or you can solve the puzzle.
- Can I take a minute to decide?
- We're actually on a tight schedule--
- What's he doing?
- I think he's meditating.
Now he's motorboating!
Now he's touching his tongue to his eyeball!
I know, it's weird!
- Heck yeah, it's weird, and it's taking too long.
I can actually feel the sponsors fleeing in my bones.
(blows kazoo)
(music intensifying) Orange, either guess or solve!
- (makes baby noises) Nyanyanya!
That is it!
I've never kicked someone off my show before, but--
(trumpet sounds)
- [Announcer] Congratulations, Orange!
You've successfully guessed the puzzle!
- Huh?
Wait, what's happening?
- Are you kidding me?!
- [Announcer] You win a new car
and a pile of edible scrap metal!
(audience cheers) - (cheers) Looks like my years
of "nyanyanya" finally paid off!
- This is absurd!
I demand a re-do!
- Well, we've never re-done an episode before,
we'd have to--
- Scrap?
- Right.
We'd have to scrap the entire episode,
reset all the cameras, and--
- No, scrap!
- Huh? (record scratches)
(yells) (building collapsing)
(audience screaming)
- Well, I guess I might as well come out with this now:
Yes, I announce these episodes in my underwear.
We'll see you next time on
(with audience) Wheel of FourCheese!
(playful guitar music)
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Annoying Orange - Wheel of FourCHEESE!

13 Folder Collection
Summer published on August 13, 2020
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