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- Hello everyone.
Today's episode is taking a more somber tone
than past Try Not To Laugh Challenges.
As you may recall,
last time we did a Try Not To Laugh episode,
Orange did a spit-take that frizzed out our laptop
and blew up the entire kitchen. (swipe)
(water spewing) (electric static)
(laughs maniacally)
- Ain't nothin' CRATER than that! (laughs maniacally)
- Please Orange!
No jokes!
As the title states,
we must do our best to try not to laugh.
I just hung this priceless painting
by Vincent Flan Dough.
And we cannot get it wet!
- Hmmm?
If I do spray it a little,
WATER you gonna do about it?
- I said do you understand?!
- Okay, okay, yeesh!
I understand. We have a nice painting.
Take it EASEL, would you? (laughs)
- Glad you understand.
That is why today we will not be watching
a compilation of farts or kicks to the groin,
or any other lowbrow humor.
Instead, we'll be watching
one of these following programs.
- "The Willow Tree of Sadness:
A Boring Documentary"? (book whizzes)
"Judith: A Pretentious Black and White
Art Film"? (book whizzes)
Pear, these don't sound funny at all.
- That's the idea, Orange.
We cannot destroy the kitchen again.
So you'll have to pick from this box of DVDs.
- Okay, I guess I'll go with
"Hidden Springs: A Soap Opera".
- Very well.
Have you ever watched "Hidden Springs"?
- Iunno. (DVD case whizzes)
I might've caught a few minutes
before I fell asleep one time.
(DVD drawer whirs) - Sounds like a great choice
for today's video then.
Go ahead and take a swig of water,
'cause here we go!
(somber piano music) [Film Narrator] - Previously
On "Hidden Springs".
- Dove, have you seen my husband?
- Why yes!
I believe he's down by the Irish Spring.
- Huh?! Not even a chuckle.
This couldn't possibly be going better.
- That's strange,
because I heard from Ivory
that he was here,
In your room! (dramatic music)
- (gasps) Oh no!
And I thought I was being so suave about this!
(soft piano music) - Orange is almost asleep!
This could be the most successful
Try Not To Laugh episode ever!
- Oh, I'm sorry, Neutrogena.
Cheating is a slippery slope.
I'll just gather my things and
(screams) (metal spring snaps)
(laughs hysterically) (water splashes)
- Noooooo!
- Oh my gosh!
A hidden spring got my husband.
We have to get out of here before
(metal spring snaps) (screams)
(laughs hysterically) (water gushes)
(metal spring snaps) (screams)
(metal spring snaps)
(laughs hysterically)
- Orange!
You have to stop laughing!
You got water on the remote!
I can't pause it!
- Open up,
(door breaking) police!
(metal spring snaps) (screams)
(laughs hysterically) (water gushing)
- How was I supposed to know
THAT'S why it's called "Hidden Springs"?!
(laughing hysterically) (water gushing)
- Hey, yo, Sarge!
I think I found something here on the floor.
(metal spring snaps) (screams)
(laughs hysterically) (water gushing)
- The painting!
We have to save the painting!
- Mommy!
I heard a commotion in
(metal spring snaps) (screams)
- Everyone get outta this house!
Right now! (screams)
(laughing hysterically) (water gushing)
(metal spring snaps)
- Orange!
Get a hold of yourself!
(laughing hysterically) (water gushing)
(screams) (metal pan banging TV screen)
Oh thank goodness I got it turned off
before the painting got wet.
Remind me to never let you watch that show again,
by the way.
- Hidden Spring?
- Yes.
We're never watching "Hidden Springs"
in this kitchen ever again!
- No!
Hidden Spring!
- Huh?!
(metal spring snaps) (screams)
(whimsical music)
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Annoying Orange - Try Not to Laugh Challenge #3: Hidden Springs

17 Folder Collection
Summer published on August 13, 2020
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