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- I think it's fun, making passwords;
I don't like to do it from 9AM to 10 o'clock at night,
but that's what comes with having a business,
you do the orders,
you don't just get money for doing nothing.
Welcome to Keeping Up With The Modi/Egglands.
My name is Mira Modi, and I love password making,
as you know.
One big happy family.
I make passwords that are very secure,
and I have a website where I sell them for $2 each
and I send them by postal mail.
I roll dice to make strings of numbers,
use the string of numbers to get corresponding words
in the diceware dictionary.
I roll dice five times for each word,
so you do that six times for one password.
So, I roll dice 30 times
and it produces random word
that have a lot of entropy,
which means it's not easy for the computer to hack.
Kind of, like, turned into a thing I would do
like, if my mom's friends are like come over,
and they're like hey, can you make me a couple passwords,
and I'd do it.
Then I was like, “Oh, let's make it into a website.”
And here I am,
and the website is kicking off,
and I'm really excited about that.
Some people, like, say being popular in school
is the best thing ever,
I think this is so much better.
People actually learn from this and that's good.
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Need a Good Password? This 11-Year-Old Will Sell You One

33 Folder Collection
erikayokoyama published on August 12, 2020
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