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It's hard to imagine a time before likes.
Or sliding into DMs, or face filters, or memes.
We're obsessed with social media, and all the oversharing that comes with it.
Not everyone needs to be up in your business.
Go private, from Twitter to Instagram, you can delete your location, along with personal details like your email, or phone number.
Depending on your platform, you can also control who's able to tag you in photos.
All this and more can be found in your privacy settings.
Next, delete any post that gives away sensitive information.
Your address, pet names, and things you use in security questions can be easily found in your social feeds.
To make life really difficult for social stalkers, use different profile pictures so they can't find all of your accounts at once.
Avoid using social media to log into other sites.
You're paying for that convenience by giving both sites access to some pretty personal details.
Including the articles you read, that costume you bought for your cat, and who you know.
On Facebook, go to the apps and websites page to see what sites already have access.
Select the sites you want removed, or disable all of them.
Our favorite social platforms use human psychology to keep us locked in.
The longer we stay on, the more ads they can show us, and the more they get paid.
It's problematic for us but super easy for them.
Facebook is a prime example of this.
They know everything you do on and off Facebook.
And they use that juicy data to their advantage.
Create some distance by adding the Facebook container extension to Firefox.
The extension blocks Facebook from following your visits to other sites, so you can browse in peace.
Love your selfie, and everything that comes with it, by keeping your business, yours.
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Data Detox: Social Media | Firefox

144 Folder Collection
nanako.kamiya published on August 12, 2020
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