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Hi, guys, that Mr Dominique and this is my little my night time skin care routine is so important to me.
I want to stay young forever.
I wear makeup every single day and I need to wash it off.
So I also take this time to really just pamper myself.
So it's so important that I have a clean, moisturized face before I got back.
My skin, naturally, is a very dry I have drive.
It's a combination because I'm more of an oily situation in the center of my face and everything else on my body.
And the rest of my face is a very dry.
So I really focus on hydrating products.
But the first thing that I do is get this hair out of my face.
I'm so just timing here back like that, and then I will take off my earrings so I can feel comfortable.
And then I will go into a cleansing makeup remover, and this is the one that I have been using.
This is from origins.
It's the original skin cleansing makeup, removing Johnny with Willow Herb and I do like Oh my God, make ones about today.
I do like help the jealous because they feel like a soon as you apply it, it starts to melt everything off.
We are about to get to know each other on a different level today because I'm taking off my eyebrows and you're gonna see that I have no growls at all.
Look how easy this is.
So next time to be using the essence by Tasha, and this is something that I absolutely love.
This is also hydrating.
It's a clumping skin softener, and what it does is it allows your serums moisturizers to really get deep to the skin, and I kind of like to just spread it on my hand.
It's like it just looks like water so thicker than water, and I just press it into my face.
You can also use something like this, but I'm just using my pants and it feels so good.
It makes my skin feel like a little bouncy, which I love.
And it's just that's my other cat.
His name's Machi.
Say hi.
He's cute for my under eyes.
Gonna take this vitamin C dark circle corrector.
This is not make up.
This is a moisturizer Looks like so it's bridge and what it does is just over time.
It brightens the eyes, and I really feel like my under eyes have gotten a lot brighter.
But what I do is just take that under the eye and press it, and you can use this in the morning and at night.
I use it morning tonight because I do have to re circles and I definitely feel like it's helped.
I take that on my eyes before the serum.
Just because I have learned you go in with syrup all over your face and say It's like you know it has some type of But I didn't see your ironic acid or whatever it is.
And then you go in with a moisturizer and then you go in with dry.
That's a lot of products on your under eyes.
So what I do is just apply this to my under eyes and right over the brightens whole area like and then that kind of protects it, and that's all that I do on my under eyes.
I avoid my and arise from this point.
So next time to take these rodeo Elstrom college drops, I, as you can tell, I'm almost done.
I'm almost completely out of it.
It really, really hydrates the skin.
I immediately feel it.
And I definitely need another one something.
Some of this, and apply it here, here in a little bit right there before it drops into my eyebrow.
I'll just work it in and I'm 33 already, so I want all the youthful collagen I can get on my skin.
You can already tell how much brighter and glowy my stomachs after that.
Then I'll go in with my favorite.
Oh my goodness, I love this.
So much is from a cosmetics.
It's confidence in Europe.
Eadie sleep, It's let's go And it's called a skin transforming pillow cream.
It truly it smells like lavender.
Look, is just so call me just looking at the charge like you wanna go to sleep and I apply that my skin and you are just going to go to sleep with the most baby soft.
The final step to my skin care routine.
Is this right here?
This is from my brand Dominique cosmetics.
This is an ultra hydrating finalist, and I collaborated with my good friend JB waiting 1 80 to create this beautiful package incent, and it's clinically proven over time to give you 6000% hydration.
You will definitely see a difference.
Desist all over body and my face because I have dry skin everywhere.
You see how fine dismissed is love.
It's like a heavenly spray.
I love this.
So this is my final step.
And then before I'm completely done with everything that I'll put on this lip sleeping mats from Low Nagy and this it feels like myself.
Every time I put this on.
It is so thick and creamy and all the dryness just completely goes away smooth and my lips or hydrated, my face hydrated.
I like a little Greece turkey and ready for bed.
I hope you guys enjoyed my nighttime routine and I will seize by.
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Christen Dominique's 7-Step Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper's BAZAAR

44 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 12, 2020
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