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(game music)
(smooth music)
- You are ruining the video.
Why you so noisy?
Who made you this way?
You bad boy.
"I'm a good boy."
"You're the bad boy."
- I'm not paying attention to you.
(smooth music)
(wind blowing)
That's a very good cup of coffee.
Last time you saw me make coffee
I think you saw me use the French press,
but I have been trying to study
how to do a good hand drip.
I started studying videos from
this guy who won the Barista Championships.
He's a British guy and you gotta
believe British people with glasses and white hair.
He's very convincing,
and he taught me this method
and I like this a lot more than my French press.
I gotta say, as a feminist, I approve.
(wind blowing)
Wow, this is such a peaceful rustling wind shot, isn't it?
(wind blowing)
- [Martina] Did you just wake up?
- [Simon] Yeah.
- [Martina] You're drinking your water.
I see your little chin's wet.
Your butt.
- [Simon] Looking at my butt-hole.
- [Martina] And you gonna fall over?
Ah, He's down.
Super windy day, my hair's not moving.
Why is that?
Because it's being weighed down with
10,000 pounds of coconut oil.
Coconut oil was overnight
so that my hair is feeling very healthy.
So that when I get my hair
done with a little bit of bleach so it's not as damaged.
So, I'm gonna get my hair dyed blue
which I know it sounds crazy,
but it's like a dark gray blue.
And then, as I wash it, it fades back to like a silver.
Silver hair is so complicated.
If you're part of our channel memberships,
we call them the Rainbow Ladder Support Team.
You might've seen people with a little rainbows
by their names.
Those people have already seen my hair blue,
but I only showed it to them for
I think like one video after. - [Simon] Yeah.yeah.
- After only for ramen and stuff.
The coconut oil was overnight
so that my hair is feeling very healthy.
So that when I get my hair done with a little bit of bleach,
it's not as damaged.
Your hair's been doing great.
Take a look at the moving clouds, yo.
Geez louise.
- [Simon] Hey, I like your shirt.
- Oh thank you.
It's from the city that I'm from.
Which is also consequently.
- [Simon] Very nice.
- I'm trying it out
seeing how it sweats in and everything.
- How does mine look?
I got the WEST SIDE TOKYO too.
- [Martina] Very nice.
- Why does mine say feminist?
- [Martina] Well, they miss printed it.
So now, you have a feminist WEST SIDE TOKYO shirt
which I think it's kinda brilliant.
- It is what it is. (smooth music)
- Look at all these bike spots.
Today, is a holiday in Japan.
Holiday in Japan means Kichijoji is
ram packed with people
and there's no bike parking.
Honestly, there is no bike parking on a normal weekday.
So believe me when I say
we were delighted to stumble across
this secret bike parking
that not many people have seemed to discovered.
And we've all got this unspoken rule
that we're gonna try and park.
- [Simon] All along this side.
- Because, we don't want anyone to see it.
So we're not gonna tell you where this is.
(evil laugh and thunder)
But, if you're in Kichijoji
you might discover it on your own
if you spot my obnoxiously obvious bike.
- [Simon] Well, they won't spot it because it's hidden.
- That's right.
They're gonna look for the flopping sign,
all the clues are there.
- [Simon] Tear it down!
- Ah. Typhoon 17 will do it for us.
- [Simon] 27?
- Um, jyunana.
- [Simon] Awe. It's okay, girl.
You cutie.
- Better you correct me than the internet.
Let's just get in this shop you've been to.
- [Simon] Yeah. I've been here a couple times
you haven't been here enough, I don't think.
- I've been here once. Is it, what is it like?
Is it very--
- [Simon] It's a thinner broth.
- Oh man, that's seriously overflowing maisen sushi.
No, we had a lot of fish.
Is it thinner broth you said?
- [Simon] It's a thinner broth.
- Hmm.
(baby crying)
I'm gonna go for this one.
- [Simon] That one?
- Yeah because, this one has so much bacon.
- [Simon] Yeah,yeah?
- I don't think I'll finish it all.
- [Simon] Oh yeah!
- Right?
Oh, it doesn't look as thick and gravy like.
- [Simon] I know.
- Ramen. I think I should just go for the Yoji.
- [Simon] Go for the Yoji one? - Yeah.
- [Simon] Okay.
- And you would like.
- [Simon] You adding one more meat?
- Osusume, we're ordering that one for sure. Okay.
- [Simon] All right.
- [Martina] And then, it's gonna pop right out, I think.
- [Simon] All right, cool.
We gotta go in the back door.
- I remember the year that we first
filmed a video inside of a dark place.
- [Simon] Right.
- Confidently, that was in Honde.
- [Simon] It was in Honde.
- What in the hell's name?
- Ducky what?
- This has gotta be some kind of curse day
where you're like," Oh, your day will end very badly.".
- [Simon] Ooh!
(sad piano music)
You may not go back there, girl.
- Wow.
- [Simon] Wow.
- I mean, it started from the middle.
- [Simon] It started from the middle,
not right here.
(Calypso jazz music)
Oh yes, arigato, look at this!
It comes with the sausage as well.
- Itadakimasu.
- Itadakimasu!
(seductive music)
- Yum.
- [Simon] How did you like that?
(guy hacking in the alley)
- [Martina] Right by the toilette say Simon?
Every noise possible.
- [Simon] The coughing and the horcking.
- [Martina] You go, you go on.
(upbeat music)
- That was hands down the meatiest ramen
I had in my entire life.
Thin meats wrapped around the noodles.
It had meat in the inside.
It comes with an extra sausage,
as a Polish person, I approve of the sausage.
But as a feminist, I approve the whole meal.
- [Martina] Kay, I gotta go get my haircut.
- All right, let's do it girl.
You look so little because this is
like on a wide zoom.
- Ultra wide, I am a little tiny man.
- [Martina] Okay, now stand up and watch what happens.
That's my height, so this is what I see all day, nips.
- Are you staring at my nips?
- [Martina] No, but they stand out.
You can see why duckney.
Oh, this is so nice with the tree behind you.
- Isn't it? Oh. Oh my God, stay right there.
(horn sounding)
(light music)
- [Simon] You got this girl!
- [Martina] What's up guys, it's Martina here
with another little final cut lesson.
At this point of the video you have already seen
where Simon is pouring coffee,
so I'm just gonna play it back a little bit for you guys.
So at this point,
I end up intersecting the song
with the Memer joke.
So for this section, I really wanted to kill the music
so that you could hear him.
But, when you bring the music back in again
you don't want it to just abruptly
start off on the wrong foot.
So, first of all,
I've got the song that I chose.
I use the V button to toggle it
between being mute and not mute.
So muted.
I press the V.
So, if we were to start right here.
It might be a really awkward part in the song.
So, let's hear.
So, not terribly bad, but I think if it would be better
if we came in on that high part here.
Then that sounds a lot better.
Cool, so I can drag this back now.
And we'll see if it sounds a little better.
I like, but, it's a little bit loud.
It comes in quite tinny.
So I'm gonna just grab this little mabob here.
This is for fading in the volume.
So, I'm gonna do that a bit.
It's a bit softer, I like that.
All right and that's my little lesson on
some of the audio stuff that we do
in order to make a video sound great.
Please let me know in the comment section
if there is any other little things
you want me to show you.
Okay, back to the video.
(uplifting music)
- [Simon] This, I'm gonna get this for her.
(speaking foreign language)
So Martina is getting her hair cut for the
next two and a half hours and
I know that she can't sit for that long.
After, half an hour of setting
her hips are in a lot of pain.
She can't sit through regular movies anymore.
So, to get her hair done for two and a half hours
is gonna be really rough on her.
I know she's probably gonna leave happy with the hair,
but still feeling a lot of pain.
I'm hoping that this little tiny
bouquet flowers when she comes here,
will give her just a bit of an extra smile.
Just a little warm feeling that can
get her through this rough day.
You know what?
It doesn't hurt, it never hurts to the people that you love.
Just try it, what's the worst that's gonna happen?
I'm gonna leave them in her basket.
Because this is Japan and nobody steals anything.
Hell, I left my key in my bike and nobody took it.
Don't gotta worry about theft here.
This is a nice country to live in.
(mellow music)
- I just finished my hair salon appointment
and now my hair is temporarily blue.
You'll probably see it better when I get home.
Because there is so many awesome lights
everywhere that it changes everything.
So, I'm heading back to the bike now.
You guys can see it now, whoa.
Very blue, and I'm getting a lot of line messages.
Truthfully guys,
this has been a just dreadfully hard week for me.
Typhoon's came in and sometimes
they're low pressure and sometimes they're high pressure.
And this time they were mega high pressure
and nearly killed me.
Ha, okay
(saxophone music)
Looks like a very nice duck
left me some surprise flowers.
They're really pretty.
That's really nice 'cause I have been having
a really rough week and I haven't been
taking care of Simon at all.
So this is really thoughful of him.
Thanks ducky, love you.
- [Simon] I see you.
Hello ducky.
- [Martina] Inception.
- [Simon] Inception, whoa!
Look at your hair girl!
- Isn't that amazing?
- [Simon] That's really blue!
- He actually did my roots.
- [Simon] Wow, the color is just like,
Wow, you are a smoking fox!
Holy smokeroonies, girl.
You look--
- Does that look neat?
- [Simon] Great. - I was so scared cause we're
always scared about getting our hair done in Asia.
- [Simon] Of course. - You two of us aren't we?
- Well, that's just because white people's
hair is very different than Asian people hair.
- Yeah. And not, all white people's hair is the same either,
my hair is super fine and super thin
and then they tend to--
- [Simon] Well, you are super fine! (clapping sound)
- Ooh, what's this?
(clapping sound)
- [Simon] I got it for me ducky.
- It was really cute.
I was really surprised.
- [Simon] I wasn't sure if you were gonna
have a tough time getting in and out of the chair.
- Oh my God.
I hobbled every time.
It was like, so painful,
the last time she washed my hair
I just stuck my legs out of the chair
and literally did this,
in order to keep my SI off the thing.
- [Simon] Awww.
- But then, I remember my exercises that I was taught.
Which was lacing everything back up again
to pull my bones back shut.
And so I did that instead,
and the pain alleviated for a bit.
- [Simon] Well, you just look so great
and I glad you enjoy the killer flowers I got you.
- It's really nice but I recorded it by accident.
- [Simon] You're a sweet girl.
- Thanks.
- [Simon] Good, Come here.
I just heard somebody make some noises.
- [Martina] The small noises.
- [Simon] Oh,
Hi Memes.
Hi Memes.
Did you just wake up from your nap,
you sweet little sucky baby?
Go ahead, go down.
Go see your mom's new hair.
- [Martina] Don't film right now, I gotta bra.
- [Simon] Whoo!
- Okay, we are off to the grocery store.
We're both pretty tired so we.
We we we we!
That's right Kobe, we do want to go to sleep.
We got a little bit of energy back
by listening to good music and dancing in the living room.
Honestly, that's what happens.
Simon said wear bikes and ride to the grocery store.
Let's get grocery shopping!
(smooth music)
Yeah, we're gonna go to the park and just eat some food.
The weather's actually really nice.
The Typhoon has just passed.
Well, it's still passing over Japan
but Tokyo's getting less of a lashing so
the weather's kind of cold and warm
like mixing together.
So, let's just go.
We're doing it, right?
- [Simon] Let's do it.
- Picnic.
- [Simon] Want some fruits? - Yeah. We'll get some fruits.
(quirky music)
(dance music)
(quirky music)
(dance music)
(uplifting music)
(register speaking foreign language)
- So, here in Japan.
They don't want to touch your dirty money
from your dirty grubby hands.
So they make you go to the machine
and you pay for it that way.
- [Martina] It's really smart.
- [Simon] Pop that in.
- [Martina] And what's great is,
if we're here taking our slow ass time
the cashier could move someone to this side.
So everybody is going at a different time.
- For people that have,
like me have to work in retail
and you have to worry about counting the cash afterwards.
You worry that maybe you got the change wrong one time
not this time, it's all computerized.
It's all done for ya.
Come on over for a little picnic.
- Even though this summer was really hot
I will miss these balmy evenings.
Japan does evenings in the summer time,
I think really well.
- Yeah, we had that big ridiculous bowl of ramen today.
And now, we're gonna have our dinner of veggies.
Cause we're real nice.
Mmmmmm vegetables.
- Or what I prefer the tips. - Nom nom nom
- If we were van lifers, we would have been like
Here we bar our road type pit
set up this microwave using wood chips and solar panels.
- We picked our own vegetables, driving to each prefecture.
Come over here you Snuffmuffler,
that would be the name of our dog.
- Snuffmuffler.
- Snuffmuffler found us some mushrooms.
Good job stuff, Snuffmuffler.
There'd be t-shirts like,
I love Snuffmuffler.
- I feel like somebody's used that word
for something a lot worse.
I don't know what it is, but I feel it in my cubs.
- I love Snuffmuffler.
- When we get our dog, when we finally--
- When we get Snuffmuffler.
- get our dog, he's not going to be named Snuffmuffler.
- It's gonna be Snuffmuffler.
- It's not!
- This is exact same thing we had
when we first got Spudgy.
And he wanted it to be named Spudgy Chodub.
Come here Snuffmuffler.
- Who is a little fluffy Chodub.
Let me pet the furry Chodub.
(smooth music)
- Sometimes you don't have an amazing one day.
Like, you don't have a day where you did something great
or created something awesome,
or watch some awesome movie
read some great book, thought of something witty.
Not everyday is like that.
And somedays it's kinda like days like this,
I had a terrible sleep, I'm in a lot of pain,
I know that this will pass,
it's just that right now it sucks.
It's like going to the dentist
and knowing that after the dentist, it always hurts.
It's going to be swollen,
you gotta gargle it and shit.
And then, it goes by, and then your fine again.
You don't think to yourself,
this is never gonna get better.
But we do that, with these pain weeks.
- Yeah
- Because it's unusual for someone to be
in so much physical pain.
So we feel like it's total despair.
- Yeah
- My point is that, it's not total despair.
It's whatever you make it.
So I said, I don't think I can film again.
In day three, I was like,
"I don't even think I can film again.".
But why don't we do this?
Let's film how we can't film.
And then, we just put together this little movie.
- Yeah.
- I don't know, some of you guys are gonna like it a lot.
And some of you guys didn't even make it this far.
And some people would be like--
- Thank you for those of you that have made it this far.
- Some people would be like,
"This is stupid! I hate his feminist shirt.".
For sure, we're gonna get some one lines.
It's a win day for me. It's not like the most fabulous day.
We're out in the park eating little bits of food and stuff.
But you came with me,
and you wanted to do this with me in the park.
So I think it's a fucken win day.
- Well, I'm so out of energy.
- Okay, let's throw off the camera big boy.
- I'm so dead.
- Bye guys, we will have more--
- Bye, thank you for watching this lovely little video.
See you next week, I promise with better stuff.
We'll do are best.
I don't want it. - He doesn't want to eat rice
because he thinks he's getting fat.
He's not, he's so thin.
- My body fat percentage just spiked up.
I need to drop it by dirty bulking.
- Like a model.
- Dadan. it's over!
Well, it's not over if you want to
see some bloopers so click on the link here
and you can see some more scenes
from this bizarre day of ours.
And if you want, we got some new stuff on our store.
So make sur to check those out.
Martina's lovely shirt and my amazing feminist shirt
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A Day in Our Life in Kichijoji: West Side Tokyo

27 Folder Collection
Summer published on August 12, 2020
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