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00:00:04,960 --> 00:00:07,140 So today is my first time trying sushi.
I've never tried salmon. I've never tried shrimp.
Seafood, in general, it's not really my thing.
I'm really nervous right now. I feel like shaky.
I hope it tastes like ceviche.
I have no idea what this is. Or this. Or that.
Oh sticky rice. I love sticky rice. I can do sticky rice all day.
I'm using my hands--abandoning the chopsticks.
*biting and chewing*
It tastes really gross.
I'm not-- I don't do slimy things.
I like it.
It's really good.
It's like I feel like I'm eating like muscle.
I don't know what it is, but it's good. Yeah.
That was tuna? Oh god.
I'll go for the salmon because I like salmon when it's cooked.
I'm not even gonna smell it because
00:00:52,760 --> 00:00:53,750 Ew... Oh, God.
Ew. Oh my God. That was the grossest one.
It's so slimy.
Not a fan.
I don't understand why you wouldn't cook your salmon. Like I just-- I wanna see some grill marks on this.
If I'm at a restaurant, I'm not gonna pick that one for sure.
Some ginger, a little wasabi. Huh, I guess. Is that a lot? I can't really tell what's supposed to be a lot of wasabi.
I don't know why I did that?
*heavy breathing*
This one's really good.
Oh! *heavy breath*
This one's not that bad actually.
*pounding sound* Mmm that's hot!
Yeah. Yeah, I dig this one.
Holy spicy! Can we take a break?
It actually went a lot better than I thought it would.
Yeah I would eat sushi again.
I guess if I go out with my friends, I'll have something that I can order now besides egg rolls.
It wasn't the most disgusting thing I've ever eaten... actually... I don't know.
I wanna get the first one. I loved the first one. Thanks.
This one's really good.
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Americans Try Sushi For The First Time

85 Folder Collection
erikayokoyama published on August 11, 2020
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