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Why are you so moody? Is it that time of the month again?
[Things women are tired of hearing]
So you're a sports fan, can you name me the players on the team?
Hey, baby!
You know, you should put your hair down more.
You've got brothers, right? Your brothers got you into sports?
Are you sure you should be out here alone?
Dressed like that?
Kinda asking for attention.
Why are you eating salad? Are you on a diet or something?
Don't cut your hair, 'cause you'll look like a boy.
Listen, sweetie...
I'm just... I'm giving you a compliment, that's all.
Well, your biological clock is ticking.
You curse a lot for a girl.
Don't be so sensitive.
Relax, it was just a joke.
You're being too picky.
Oh, hey, let me get that, it's a little heavy.
Just relax.
Don't get all feminist on me.
[I wish...]
Is this like a... feminist thing.
[I could just...]
Calm down, what are you ...
Grand slam!
You want me to smile? Oh I'll give you a smile.
Okay, alright, that's enough.
I just heard that your eggs die by 30.
Do you want me to just pop out an egg right now?
Oh my God ... it's coming... it's a girl!
[Though what would really happen...]
I just heard that your eggs die by 30.
Come on, I'm just looking for a smile.
I got it, I'll take it for you, no worries, you're good.
[But now you know what we're thinking]
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Things Women Are Tired Of Hearing

300 Folder Collection
Cindy Lin published on August 11, 2020    Cindy Lin translated    adam reviewed
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