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Hi, I'm Tom Kenny, the voice of SpongeBob Square pants.
Now, whether you also know him as patchy, the Pirates hey, get up by God or even Gary the Snail.
Everyone's familiar with the voice of Tom Kenny.
Yeah, well, not me.
What that just won't do for you.
Squid words out there.
Let's get to know the face.
About 1000 voices do it.
Tom Kenny was born and raised in Syracuse, New York.
Why does it have to be so far away?
But the neighborhood was too small for Tom Soon.
He blew his comedy career all the way to the West Coast boy, where his arms time.
I want to skip the jokes and get right to the part where I throw.
Find out that guy Tom Kenny spent eight years performing stand up comedy before finding his true voice in voiceover.
I've been training my whole life, and now I'm ready.
Tom landed smack dab in the center of Rocco's modern life as the voice of pepper.
This is when it all changed.
Pepper Wolf expressed the spirit of positivity that would make Tom Kenny Florida funny voices and positivity.
That's that's all I got going for me.
Free cleaning.
Tom had finally found his college.
My character name is Sal Lami.
Working with ever was a cash cow in friendship.
That is because it was their Tom.
Kenny met the one and only Stephen Hillenburg beings to do when encountering a legendary creature.
The two became close friends.
What, working as artists on different sides of the paper but hold the brakes.
Stephen was brainstorming a whole different project, and it started as the enter titles.
Oh, Tom loved the idea.
And when Mr Hillenburg introduced Tom to a sponge named Bob, Tom immediately knew what this poorest personality sounded like.
It's your voice.
Well, actually, Patrick is right.
Tom Kenny gave his voice to sponge Bob Square pants, and it was a CIF too long lost friends had finally reunited.
I hope it lasts for ever a man.
In 1999 the rest of the world joined in.
SpongeBob's first line ever would have been a set a day every day on, and that's how SpongeBob found his sound.
Bring it around down now, while this pineapple under the sea became home to Tom Kenny, people he would still vacation elsewhere.
His voice is like stand back and locks the love doctor operate.
May I say you look absolutely fabulous.
That's why I never wear underwear even back in bikini bottom.
SpongeBob wasn't the only one to use Mr Kenny's talented toe jelly fish area.
Raison, Your mother has dinner waiting.
They write me a home 86 Those Patties, crabs and, of course, patching.
The Pirate also shares a close family resemblance to Mr Kenny.
Oh, hi kids.
Patchy pirate here on a glorious day Patty, maybe president of SpongeBob's Fan club.
But it's clear that Tom deserves a fan club of his own.
Just look at all the awards he's won like classic World of Bikini Bottom wouldn't be the same without the one and only Tom Kenny Jellyfish wouldn't have the same buzz and hot sauce.
Wouldn't have the same bite.
Really, really.
So tell us, Woodward.
Now, do you see how important our land walking friend is?
Can I go now?
Those jokes.
Enough of that.
Get them shipshape.
Burgers shipped out.
Really doing yourself shoe across the street at the crumb basket.
Happen again?
Sorry, Mr Slabs.
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Man Behind the Sponge: Tom Kenny (SpongeBob Voice) ?Everything You Need to Know!

35 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 11, 2020
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