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Hurry, son.
Your mother has dinner waiting.
Hi, Mom.
Lome Square.
I cannot hold on to you any longer, Little pebble, you hold too many memories.
I eyes to the greatest teacher ever.
Thank you, Mrs Puff.
I know I speak for everyone when I say that we consider you a member of the square pants family.
I think you've made your point.
Dear him, Mrs Puff.
We were starting to think SpongeBob was never going to get his license.
But you never gave up on him.
You never quit.
You never took the easy way out.
Well, I okay.
We wanted to make sure.
Mrs Puff, the greatest driving teacher in the world, was here to see this.
See what?
I am.
Ready room.
Mr Crabs.
Oh, hello.
Can you believe it's been eleventy seven years already?
Watch the potty, Mouth care.
Today is a day for gentle reflection.
I remember my first visit to the Krusty Krab.
I don't know.
This doesn't look like a family restaurant.
Well, what do you think, baby?
Would you like to eat here?
Well, okay then.
What would you like?
Wow, me.
What kind of party?
Is that, dear?
Uh, aquarium Fish flakes.
Oh, hell, Now it is a party.
You just turn around and go home trapped in the basement way.
Leave now.
We'll miss the party.
Oh, yeah.
We're celebrating your cousin Blackjacks.
Released from prison.
Now, if you're klutzy, mother can stop dropping her punch glass like you drop that picture frame.
I told you, Harold, that was the Puma Gators cold Huma gators.
So that wasn't a crime scene I saw at your house.
The only crime that ever happened at our house was the infest station of those worthless krill.
But they should be gone by now.
So you two aren't tortured by cousin blackjack?
Your cousin blackjack has paid his debt to society and renounced his criminal ways.
Never again will he litter.
Oh, here comes the man of the hour.
He's been talking all day about playing with little cousin again.
He mentioned something that jumping rope with you Like the old You a quiver like a jellyfish.
Porter Do cover.
Great show.
All right, boys.
All right, let's turn down the volume back there.
I have an idea.
Why don't we play a road game to pass the time.
Anybody know any?
Did you get to go first?
And she threw it all away?
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Mother's Day 2020: Every Time SpongeBob's Mom Visits ?SpongeBob

47 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 11, 2020
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