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Sure: I'm going to go check on Mom:
Hi: How can I help you?
Hi: WelI, we got your blood work back:
You are slightly anemic, which explains the fainting:
But there's something else you need to know:
You're pregnant:
That's impossible:
I paid a man thousands of dolIars to telI me that that's impossible:
WelI, you're only about eight weeks along, but you are definitely pregnant:
He said the chances were one in a milIion:
WelI, I'd start buying Iottery tickets, if I were you:
Wait a minute:
I'm pregnant: What?
I'm pregnant:
You okay?
Oh, my God:
Hi: Can I see her?
She's gorgeous: What's her name?
This is Stef:
Stephanie, that's beautiful:
No, Stefani: Like Gwen Stefani:
Even better: HelIo:
Are you waking up?
So, you're pregnant:
How'd you know that?
I can read people's energies:
PIus, your sister told me:
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Baby Mama (11/11) Movie CLIP - One in a Million (2008) HD

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fisher published on April 15, 2013
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