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Ah, hey, guys.
It is I think a day I'm here and I woke up at about six AM I tried to wake up pretty early so I can get some things done.
But I just had breakfast.
I had some.
So we nut butter, which is not.
It looks like peanut butter, but it's not made of soy, and it's really good for you.
So I had that and I haven't gone to the grocery store in a while, and I need to go pick up some groceries today.
So I'm gonna go ahead and do that.
So I'm gonna go quickly and I'll probably film.
Something's on my phone.
I usually go grocery shopping maybe two times a week.
I don't have a car, and it's hard to carry everything.
Yeah, I'm going to do that, I think today.
Okay, so it's like, extremely hard to like hold my phone and shop at the same time, so I couldn't do it.
Guys, I got some shots, but it's this grocery shopping.
You know how it goes.
That's a Japanese grocery store.
It was empty in there, which I was pretty shocked about, Um but yeah, So now I'm in this tiny space in my kitchen, and I'm going to be putting my stuff away.
And I have a very tiny fridge.
This is this the fridge.
I wish.
I wish I had a bigger fridge.
I used to have one, but when I moved to my apartment that was infested with cockroaches, I couldn't bring it because it didn't fit, but it would have fit.
Here is my tiny fridge.
I have a ton of crap in here.
Were get.
This is like a challenge right now.
Like trying to fit everything inside this tiny ass bridge.
Put this year.
Ignore the wine bottles.
You know, there's times when you need that.
Don't get too much stuff, but I got some chocolate celery you can't get, like, tiny cut up Hillary.
This is cut up as you can get it.
Got some tuna already have a couple cans.
This is like tuna in the water noodles for my lunch Carrots.
I got some brown rice today.
I'm hoping this is brown rice.
It looks like brown white, right?
That's a skin mine which is broke.
Brown rice, apples, lettuce like mixed lettuce for salads.
Which is what I'm making today.
I have finished for a movie green use.
I get most of my vegetables frozen because things don't last long in Japan.
Chicken for the meal we're about to make tonight and onion a sweet potato, my favorite type of yogurt thus far, although I do have another Greek yogurt that I haven't tried yet.
So there we go and some bananas.
And I got my lovely WalMart Walmart bag that he was partnered with Walmart.
So a lot of the stuff.
They're like Japanese Walmart.
Basically, you know, market.
The product wait up problem that I have with this apartment is the fact that it's basically there's basically no sunlight.
But over here in my workspace, there's none.
So I feel very drained.
I've lived here for like, five years, then five years.
Guys, I've lived in this apartment for about eight months.
I moved a lot.
It moved so much.
But I've been through a lot and a lot of people don't know.
Everything that I've been through made me pretty strong person each day.
It's always still hard living in another country.
I don't know days like these, sometimes you feel a little bit alone.
I wanted to do what I'm doing today.
Like I came to Japan to teach, whereas a lot of people come to Japan because I just want to experience a different culture, which is great.
But I wanted to do that as well as teach English.
Here in Japan, I'm very content.
I love my job.
I love my students, my kids.
I say.
I call them my kids because they're just They're so full of life, so full of energy.
They all have different personalities.
They all have so much love in their hearts.
And teaching here for this long has been such a gift.
I have so much that I want to do and I'm still young, but I'm not getting any younger.
So I'm trying to see what else I can do, because I know that I could do so much more and I could be something someday.
So I'm trying.
You don't come to Japan with a purpose, then you're doing it wrong.
Okay, so today this is my lunch.
I didn't show process making it because basically, just Manny's and news in simple recedes with like lettuce and red onion and a little bit of mustard with tuna.
It's like a tuna salad.
And then I didn't try this yet and kind of nervous about it.
It's like a milk protein drink.
I was thinking maybe it would help keep me full today.
Um, because I have gained a little bit of muscle and which is good, and I've lost a little bit of week, but I'm not trying to lose weight.
I'm just trying Teoh tone up, then be healthy.
So this is what I'm eating for lunch.
So it is about three.
PM Feels like five.
I've been working nonstop today.
I'm exhausted like first in many days that I had to sit down and edited video.
But I'm just, like, so antsy, like I just want to get out.
I want to do something.
But I don't know, like I just haven't been as motivated, and I guess you have those days where you're just not motivated to do anything.
I try to do a zillion things at one time, and I can't because I'm literally doing a zillion things in my life.
So I'm like I said, me doing music.
I'm doing videos I'm teaching.
Thank you.
Golden Software for sponsoring this video.
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But this program is great.
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It's very straightforward.
If you're a beginner, um, you don't have to do a bunch of research to understand it.
You can also create slideshow, social media content and logs using the software.
I'm making a video about travel tips in Japan for my Twitter page right now.
It should be posted so you can check it out.
It took me literally 15 minutes to make this, um, and you can create a lot of content on in this program.
There's tons of transitions, titles diggers to make your videos look super pretty, and you can upload them straight from this editor to YouTube when you finish so you can install this on Mac or Windows, and I hope you guys will check out.
That's a little bit about this program, and they gave me a certain amount off.
If you guys by the program, you want to use it so like that done below.
And it's a really good program.
If you're doing social media, or if you're just doing daily flogs or you don't have the time to learn another program, you just want to do it for fun.
I think this program is pretty, pretty simple, pretty straightforward, very easy to work with.
This has been a very hard day trying to film this because going through a lot and I can't really talk about everything because I feel like there's some things that are just kind of like personal.
You just keep to yourself.
I don't really know what to say to the camera anymore.
It is pouring rain, So I had to bring my clothes in today on It sucks because when you wash clothes in Japan, Indurain's then they don't dry.
So this is like a typical day off where I don't do anything, So I'm sorry.
There's not so much going on, but it is tried really, really hard to like push through today because I try to get through each day being a strong person.
I know he used that word a lot, but I try, like, really hard so bad at explaining these things.
I'm sorry, guys decided instead of eating the chicken that I have a bridge going to make some breakfast for dinner because it always makes me happy.
My parents and I love going out for breakfast, but we also like making breakfast at home.
I mean, my dad specifically and my dad, and I always I mean, like, when I went home last time, Way would wake up early, especially on a Sunday, because he's home on a Sunday, um, super early Sunday morning, put some bacon in the oven.
Tastes really good in the oven, and we would just injury breakfast together.
So me and my dad really loved breakfast.
Breakfast foods.
Okay, so this is my breakfast dinner breakfast.
I made an egg in a fancy frame, but it's really, really bad.
They call it egg in a basket.
I gonna frame whatever.
Um, just egg and toast with a little bit of butter and then have a salad so random it's pretty much the end of my night.
I'm gonna just, like, edit this blawg and watch some YouTube videos and just go to bed early because they just want the state end.
Thank you guys for watching.
And I will see you guys in the next video.
Good night.
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114 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 11, 2020
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