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  • exactly how realistic is Sandy's treat.

  • Oh, a giant dome full of oxygen under the crushing weight of the Pacific Ocean and capable of a number of unorthodox activities.

  • Way higher the top scientists to look into our four biggest questions and see how many he could actually answer.

  • So let's get to the bottom of the dome at the bottom of bikini Bottom question one.

  • Could this tree even survive in order for the tree dome to function as a habitat, It needs plant life to provide oxygen.

  • We know what you're thinking.

  • If this tree is on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, how could it possibly get enough sunlight to survive?

  • Let's check in with our top scientists.

  • Well, actually, that's the easy part.

  • As long as the tree dome is in the orthotic zone, the ocean sunlight would reach it.

  • No problem.

  • The real problem is Thean side of the tree has been completely destroyed.

  • That's right.

  • Almost all of the inside of the tree has been carved out and replaced with weird squirrel furniture.

  • There's hardly any tree left, so for the tree to provide oxygen, it requires leaves and for it to sustain leaves it needs to be able to move water from the routes through the trunk to reach the lease.

  • And to do that, the tree needs to be well alive.

  • Are we expected to believe that a tree that's been carved away on the inside could really still be alive and healthy on the outside?

  • Well, according to our top scientists, yes.

  • While it's true that the trunk of the tree is responsible for vital processes that keep the tree alive, most of those processes take place on the outer ring of the trunk.

  • As it grows wider, the wood on the inside becomes part would, which provide structural support but is not actually needed to keep the tree growing.

  • In fact, it's not uncommon for critters to use hollow trees as their homes, just like Sandy.

  • And they say SpongeBob's not a realistic show.

  • Question two.

  • What kind of tree is it?

  • Okay, so it's reasonable to conclude that this tree could exist.

  • Or is it C in teeth?

  • The tree don't.

  • Sandy claims it's an oak tree, but couldn't oaktree do this?

  • Okay, I thought that'd be a bigger revealed.

  • Let me explain the bark of an oak tree is generally think course and brittle like this, but the bark on Sandy's tree appears to be paper thin, floppy bark.

  • And what's more in the fleet in her dome, this tree actually produces edible apples.

  • Most Bruder old trees definitely don't do that.

  • No, you're thinking of something I like to call apple trees.

  • Try and keep up.

  • So either Sandy keeps getting new trees, or there's something seriously fishy about this tree.

  • I guess we're gonna have to file this one under unanswered questions.

  • Question three.

  • What exactly is the dough made of in the episode T at the Tree Dome?

  • Sandy claims that it's made of a plastic called polyurethane.

  • Stone is made of the strong, but in the episode feral Friends, she states that the dome is made of a pressure proof glass treat home is made of.

  • So which is it to determine the truth?

  • Our top scientists examined which option could actually withstand the pressure at the bottom of the ocean.

  • Way already deduced that Sandy lives in the product zone of the Pacific Ocean, which only gets about 1200 feet deep at 1200 feet.

  • The pressure of the water on an object is roughly £534 per square inch or P s.

  • I So which material could safely stand up to that kind of pressure?

  • Well, polyurethane has a compressive strength of about 20,000 p.

  • S.

  • I.

  • So it would have no problem standing up to the pressure on the dumping.

  • Glass, on the other hand, has a much lower compressive strength at a meager 1000 PSR.

  • Unfortunately, both materials could theoretically stand up to 534 p.

  • S.

  • I well, looks like that was no help at all.

  • Top scientists Sandy could have made her tree dome out of either material and been just fine.

  • Another one for unanswered questions.

  • Question four.

  • How does the dome defy the laws of physics?

  • Perhaps the strangest thing we've seen the dome do is in the episode flee in her dome in an attempt to stop a flea infestation, Sandy opens or tree dome and let's in some water on by some water.

  • We mean all the water in the entire ocean.

  • According to our top scientists, that's roughly one quintillion and 350 quadrillion metric tons of water, all being shoved into How much space exactly?

  • Well, we know Spun drop is four inches tall, so using him as a ruler, we could conclude that the radius of the dome is 22 inches and the height of the dome is 32.

  • Anxious, at least according to this image, since the image shows is that the dome is not a perfect half, sphere will have to break it up into 1/2 sphere and a cylinder, find a volume of both and combined, which tells us that Sandy's Tree dome has a volume of about 615 leaders.

  • So one Quinn trillion and 350 quadrillion metric tons, all being forced into 615 leaders of space, would give it a density of two quadrillion 196 trillion 470,000,000,100 million metric tons per leader on assuming it didn't collapse into a black hole, it would create a pressure inside the dome of roughly 41 sec Stilyan and 600 quintillion PSC For just a couple of comparisons.

  • A car tire has a P S I s 32 a rocket engine graze a PS 3000 the core of the Earth itself only has a P S I of about 48 million and the material making up Sandy's tree dome is supposedly able to withstand 20,000 P.

  • S, I.

  • At most.

  • According to our top scientists, this tree dome should have been absolutely annihilated by the internal pressure.

  • But once again, Sandy Street Dome has defied science and eluded.

  • Our understanding is going on here, giving us yet another unanswered question.

  • That's all for today.

  • It turns out there are a lot of questions about Sandy's tree dome that just can't be answered, or at least not by our top scientists.

  • Maybe he'll do better next time.

exactly how realistic is Sandy's treat.

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How REALISTIC is Sandy's Tree Dome? ? SpongeBob Deep Dive

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