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it looks painful way, Theo.
Sound of construction?
Uh, yeah.
Hey, guys.
Okay, but today we're in a socks right now, and we're gonna go to the oldest theme park in Japan, which was driven in 18 97.
I guess I think it was open to the flower park in, like, 18 50 something.
And then it opened a theme park in 18 97.
So we're gonna try all the old ass arise and test them for you, just to make sure that they're safe.
There's 300 yen Rahman right there.
We're looking for food for this guy, and then we're gonna go on the rides, which is probably a bad idea, because then you're gonna be full, and then you get sick.
I don't I don't actually hate roller coaster, so I probably won't go on a roller coaster.
Their baby.
Right, So going the baby.
Right, baby, right.
Nobody cares about your writing.
Maybe it'll be fine.
You can film wave to you when I when I go by guys, everybody's day drinking.
Because today's a holiday.
You know what holiday is its sports on fitness day?
Basically, it's like tar my teeth are gonna look like someday when you put it like wreckers.
That's so good.
It's like taco stand, but without talking about, like a snack, Was it?
It doesn't look appetizing, but it's freaking amazing.
Get all this stuff that showings gonna buy me, right?
Oh, so cute.
No, Almost no way for anything.
Which is really good.
My God, I'm so excited.
Look at her.
Do you think she's cute?
No, I mean, I know of her sexy.
That's a weird question.
That's a weird contact.
They apparently all the rides are shut down in our enemy Paid began to get into, like, maybe do nothing so exciting.
Way excited with me.
You drink your guy.
So this is probably the most haunted being parked ever.
I want to win this right on this one way on this one.
Now with you.
Want to go first?
Then there's, like a ninja place here.
Well, everything here is with Children.
Oh, my God.
It's smooth way.
It wasn't scary, but seeing all the jealous faces on kids okay, we have to write all these rides from 1 to 10.
But how was it?
Was it 11 to 10.
10 pretty high when I'm, like, idiot drive.
And I freaked out.
I never thought you actually have to get, like tickets just by, like, the individual tickets started to get on each ride.
Looks like she's having a good time with her mouth.
Did you make out with that, uh, dragon in my belly and braver.
Having fun?
Best place.
DisneySea, Disneyland.
Um, right.
But I love the sound of construction that Grandma's had enough.
Okay, so we're on the roof right now from building.
This is the only place that you'll see a lawn in Tokyo.
Things is rare.
Oh, my God.
I just want to sniff it.
One thing I miss in America are like lawns case.
I literally couldn't film anything, but it was It was fun.
Like, I think it's worth it.
Uh, to come for 1000 yen have become when the monarch construction thinking.
Yeah, that's right.
Where have you taken me today?
Put up your therapy.
What are we going to do?
We're going to feel like we're gonna make We're gonna make it like he's gonna do on your eyes.
It's gonna flash and he's gonna be on your forehead.
Your No, it's not.
Your friend's gonna You're gonna do it And I'm gonna feel man to your audience Does give a shit about It's only funny you down below I'm not about just looks carry you Oh, my God, It looks painful, Tonto.
No, I just think that I think you just hold up both hands.
Both hands.
Trust me.
Relax your muscles.
Relax your muscles that I know.
It's weird.
See, it's not that bad, right?
That bad, right?
It just feels weird handed.
Oh, my God.
Here so bad.
But it's weird.
Ah, it's literally strobe lights in my head.
Okay, that was interesting.
You feel rejuvenated?
Well, I probably would not do that again, OK?
But I couldn't do that for, like, 10 minutes story.
Especially unlike the core head like that looks painful.
Alright, guys, if you if you like it, then 1000 likes on this video.
Kelly's gonna go in and do 60 minutes electric there.
Alright, guys, come on, turning the camera.
Thank you guys for watching.
Don't forget to subscribe to this channel for more videos like this and hit the bell icon.
Follow me on all my social media platforms and sign up for my mailing list at Lovelace kelly dot com.
Call me down below on any video ideas, cause I'm always needing more and I'll see you guys in the next video.
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BETTER THAN DISNEY?? // Japan’s Oldest 1800`s Theme Park: Hanayashiki

24 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 11, 2020
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