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It's no secret that I'm a time-lord
scheduling, planning, time management
These are my strengths
but with every strength, there is a flipside
so although I can schedule myself within an inch of my life and be prolific as all hell,
I can also spread myself way too thin
and realize it way too late
ohh nooooo, wait noo
I don't, no, I don't like this
So, having been someone who takes on too much, too often
Here are the signs that I look for that usually trigger this realization for me and some helpful ways to adjust
Number one
you're exhausted
all the time
Whenever I find myself exhausted all the time,
I try to always schedule relaxation
whether that means I have to cancel or reschedule a previous commitment
it's worth it, because if you're dead tired, you're not going to do anything productive
you're stressed out, all the time
Whenever I'm stressed out, I know that that means I have to slow down
So my favorites right now are: drinking a cup of tea, and going for a small walk outside
or sitting down and petting my cats for five minutes
'cause normally when you get really stressed out, it also comes with headaches right?
So, you really just have to slow down and breathe
you forget to eat
Oh! It's 6PM already? Pfft! Time for breakfast!
Don't forget to eat!
I do this all the time, it'll be like so late in the day
and I feel really upset and sad and angry and I'm like "Why do I feel this way?" and then you're like "Oh yeah, I forgot to eat"
Don't do this
You're forgetful and drop the ball on things
I hate, hate, hate whenever I'm not at the top of my game
If I'm missing meetings or I'm forgetting things that are said in emails
I know that it's time for me to take a look at everything that I'm doing and start trimming some stuff
because if you're doing everything horribly, you don't want to be doing it at all
you wish for the sweet release of death
or at least a nap
Please time, *sob*, just slow down or stop and I swear I will worship you as the one true god of all gods
I don't wanna...*cries*...I don't wanna, *cries*
This one's really hard for me, my tendency is to stay up all night and try to finish all the work that I have to do
but now I'm trying to go to sleep at a decent hour and just wake up earlier and more refreshed to finish it
because lack of sleep is a nightmare and you become a monster for the rest of the day
I wanna do everything all the time
but life is long, you know? You have to pace yourself
Realistically, you can accomplish three to five goals every day
and it is quality over quantity.
You want to be giving one hundred percent of yourself to everything that you're doing
Not ten percent to a bunch of stuff because you've taken on too much
I hope this helps
I'm Anna Akana
Stay awesome, Gotham
Thank you so much to Skillshare for sponsoring today's episode
I love learning, you know whether it's taking
a pole class,
an aerial class,
learning a new instrument,
or even just knitting
I love expanding my skillset and challenging myself
so Skillshare is an online learning community for creators with over 15,000 classes
in photography, design, art and more
Everyone can take a class, try a project or even teach a class themselves
I've been really wanting to get into painting lately
so taking the fine arts classes has been great to kind of learn acrylics and see all the ways you can use this very diverse paint
You can check out the link in my description box for a free 2-month trial with unlimited access to learning
Thanks Skillshare! Bye!
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When You Spread Yourself Too Thin

81 Folder Collection
nico published on August 11, 2020
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