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All right! Here we go! Can you put it in the GPS, please?
How long does it say it's gonna take to get there?
Umm ... five and a half hours.
Five and a half hours?!
We can make it in five.
It's hot now!
You're wearing a jacket! Take it off!
I'm driving!
Here. Just give me your arm.
Come on!
Pull your elbow in!
I'm cold now.
Hey! My phone's only at, like, 20 percent!
Yeah but mine's at 19 so ... I win.
All right, look at this exit. We've got sandwiches or chicken. You want sandwiches or chicken?
I...I don't want a sandwich.
What about chicken?
We either gotta eat now or we gotta eat, like, 30 miles down cause this is the last exit for a while!
Ok, well then we'll just eat 30 miles down. What's the big deal?
Ugh, I'm so hungry!
Oh my gosh!
You wanna fry?
Yes please!
Hey! Hey! Slow down!
Hey put that down, you're gonna get motion sick again.
I feel fine.
I just need a second!
I have to pee.
You just went, like, 30 minutes ago!
Are we there yet?
No, can you open this for me?
Thank you.
(window rolling down)
What are you doing?
Just getting some air.
Kevin! Come on!
I think we're (going) past a paper mill or something.
I know!
Hey we're almost there! Five minutes!
It was a pothole!
We're here!
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When Couples go on Road Trips

73 Folder Collection
nanako.kamiya published on August 10, 2020
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