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  • Today I would like to show you three rules that will improve your spoken English immediately.

  • Only three little things that when applied will have a tremendous impact on your English fluency.

  • Rule number one: speak slowly.

  • Interestingly, many people from the moment they start speaking in a foreign language, they double their speaking rate.

  • This has two negative side effects.

  • First, while you are still translating, it will make it much harder on you to find the word in that vocabulary box that you have in your brain.

  • Second, your dialogue partner starts speaking faster, too.

  • You understand less and enter a downward spiral of miscommunication.

  • To avoid this trap just count 21, 22 after each sentence.

  • Sounds crazy but try it and you will see it really does the trick.

  • Rule number two: grammar is not important.

  • Many people when speaking their mother tongue they don't care much about grammar, but from the moment they start speaking a foreign language they turn into real sticklers for grammar.

  • Don't go around second-guessing each sentence that you're saying according to its grammatical correctness.

  • Your English may not be perfect but whose is.

  • And remember it's better to say something in the wrong way than say nothing with the right grammar.

  • Rule number three: easy does it.

  • If you still translate the sentence that you are about to say from your mother tongue into English, go easy on yourself.

  • You will not be able to keep the level of your native language in a foreign one.

  • Avoid complication and try to express yourself as simple as possible.

  • Focus on the core message of what you want to say.

  • Use main clauses only and don't get lost in a jumble of sub-clauses.

  • Three simple rules one big impact.

  • Try it and you will see.

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Today I would like to show you three rules that will improve your spoken English immediately.

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3 tricks to speak English better immediately - don't waste time - make it easy on yourself

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