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  • As the attorney representing Adrian's trust,

  • I'm required to read a prepared statement.

  • Cecilia,

  • although our relationship was far from perfect

  • I thought that you would talk to me rather than run away.

  • Are you OK?


  • What happened to him?

  • He cut his wrists.

  • Per his final wishes,

  • you're getting five million dollars.

  • Contingent of course on the fine print.

  • You can't be ruled to be mentally incompetent.

  • It just doesn't make any sense.

  • What? Adrian wouldn't kill himself.

  • Listen, you're getting your freedom back, OK?

  • Don't let him haunt you.

  • Hello?

  • I'm scared.

  • You don't have to be scared of him anymore.

  • He was a sociopath.

  • Completely in control of everything.

  • He said that wherever I went, he would find me.

  • Walk right up to me, and I wouldn't be able to see him.

  • You OK?

  • Someone's sitting in that chair.

  • I found something that can prove what I'm experiencing.

  • You need help. Adrian is dead.

  • I went to his house today.

  • He's not dead.

  • I have a pile of ashes in a box

  • that would disagree with you.

  • He has figured out a way to be invisible.

  • The only thing more brilliant

  • than inventing something that makes you invisible

  • is coming up with the perfect way to torture you,

  • even in death.

  • Adrian's true genius was how he got in people's heads.

  • Don't come any closer! HEY!

  • I'm not crazy.

  • Please listen to me!

  • You're saying the person trying to kill you

  • is in the room right now,

  • but we can't see him?

  • He's listening.

  • Where are you?

  • Where are you? Show yourself! Come on!

  • Do it!

  • There you are.

As the attorney representing Adrian's trust,

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The Invisible Man - Official Trailer [HD]

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