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Hey, guys, Welcome to took your creative play.
I am your host, Emma.
And today I'm here with the wonderfully beautiful Natasha and she od okay.
Today we're gonna be playing another game of charades.
We have done this before, so if you want to check out that video, it's just so the link up here, wherever it is today, we're gonna be doing charades again.
And she would He is going to be this raids Mosca.
She has come up with some Japanese things that she's gonna be acting them out and attach, and I'd have to guess what they are.
I'm back for revenge.
Yeah, uh, I'm gonna do my best in her flat win.
Once again, he literally stressed the entire time even before informing shows like, Well, I got todo because I've lost too old to Yeah.
Yeah, I'm get out.
Gay men.
It's so like I'm winning by a Well, nothing flukes we'll see about today.
So I would have vaginal charades.
Shooting is just going to describe it.
It's not really actual stories.
She's just gonna be describing It is best that she can in English.
Good luck, Shorty.
Yes, everyone, I would like to his old.
Please begin that.
Okay, this is something you can enjoy from all this one.
So much variety.
Each one you can eat at Cole must.
Well, he's one by his people.
Evening, please.
Just describing the same thing.
Thinking really are well, now way.
She only means e o trying.
Okay, So number is a kind of, I guess, a suit.
It's got a lot of stuff in it.
There's a little different varieties.
So it's just a big pot of soup.
You add in different kinds are part of broth, had in different kinds of, like meats and vegetables and noodles at the end.
And you all sit around the pot and and grab whatever you want to eat.
And it's a really good experience I love.
All right.
Next thing.
E o E o k e Mais car ries grew and campus.
Hey, only been I know screws.
O'Connell's dream a dream.
I have never been a Christmas room.
Have you been Chris's room?
So Okay, pelvis huddles empty.
Oh, he loves us.
I've sold behind on.
Okay, now I know it's crystal compost.
Yeah, you know what to get for Christmas.
It's kind of sad, but Okay, Okay.
Next question for you don't see me, but when the weather gets colder, you will see it everywhere.
Especially you, the track, and that this is very, very Japanese.
The Night e Where?
Because anything.
Okay, girls don't make up on Oh, facemask I Why am I in this video?
Let's just be a m on answering things.
Question correctly.
Video dry.
Okay, I will try hot.
Uh, okay.
Yeah, that makes sense.
Face months.
I mean, in the summer, people still weather because they feel sick.
And yes, mainly in the winds of people weather that keeps like the face moist as well.
Like the circulation doesn't make your face dry on because more people is sick in the winter.
It, like, is more preventive.
This well, he's great, Gray if he e que I'm gonna try.
Wait Gray, huge and cute.
I e I like with even I don't know what it is.
What's happening today.
Are you OK?
You need Teoh.
No, it's weird, cause like, she's, like, sick and sleep.
And I'm great, but I'm not doing so great.
Senior care.
Oh, this one you will get people doing something has always is still much variety.
And you can buy before going Teoh before going to triple Going on a trip has so much dreams.
Yeah, Okay.
What dreams reams in?
Yeah, when you open it, you so I mean, I'll try, but I don't think it's right dreams, but only Ah get But that's what you get when you go on a trip and you break.
So yeah, so you get you get to guess what you can keep.
You can keep giving please before you wanna trip.
Is this And as dreams and you can dream You get by.
Oh, really?
I'm just, like hooked on dreams.
Yeah, maybe.
Like way one point.
Ec events just like bentos Big Sell it like the train stations on the train.
Shinkansen Really tight.
Stay there.
Five Many things come by, Don or my drink.
Like open on you.
Oh my true.
My dreams.
This is like icon.
I can't Okay, This one you can see in the shop?
If one has the meaning off.
Lucky I don't know.
What's call animal is that I feel so relieved that a couple of points.
This one has a sister.
Oh, my God.
Sister is cute and frying.
Don't wait flies, right?
Only when he was It's like helicopter hat or whatever.
Yeah, Okay, so we're back to more like Okay, wait.
Really little twin study.
Oh, letting her get her revenge.
Twin Star last time should get Littleton cells, which has lost it.
It should be on Emma's side.
Aren't you?
I see what's happened in here.
Okay, Attention.
I just want to warn, uh, don't like, Oh, who, uh, not gay.
Used to be okay.
He doesn't like it, you know, at 13 to 1 way love region so much, right?
Christmas Christmas just gave him, like, go and help a zzz.
All right, this is the last question.
Yeah, State farm is whole kids.
Maybe maybe Kara Body one.
You only useful this some years.
It's one can't be many things.
That backpack.
I don't know.
I think the big box bag middle schools No way like elementary schools.
Okay, I do.
You know the name for it?
No, I have no idea.
Nono said so with the final score, it's 6464 But, uh, I think I can give you another chance.
K, I accept this pity points.
Just been putting tools one point in the cup, so Well, calorie green, green, your green and I'm pink.
We're gonna have a couple of couples, and she or he is going to pick out when the bulls and we'll see who is the overall winner.
Alright, Kenji, bring him in.
Okay, so I told will win, will you In?
OK, so you need Close your eyes.
I won't pick.
Excuse me s close your eyes close.
I get to shuffle it and Emma gets to shuffle it.
Excuse me.
Close your eyes.
You okay?
So I just went to lose There's no forfeit anything, right?
What should we do?
Okay, but when he gets a snack?
Press usual, as usual.
Very simple people.
Yeah, What?
We get to choose a snack out of the books.
That's next.
Yeah, we get Trusnik.
When it chooses a snack, here we go.
I've got my eyes close to I don't I'm looking at it.
You're looking at Maybe I'll please.
Oh, okay.
Oh, wait.
Let me get your snacks.
I feel like it's a fate.
All right, you Bunches.
Which one do you choose?
Such variety variety.
I think I'll go with all Classic.
Hey, hey, hey.
Great things come in.
Small packages, okay?
Size don't matter, but yeah, I don't think this way.
So congratulations.
You want I finally s currently right now we have supporting Chris Broad on his trip across Japan.
So if you guys want to know more about that, go and check it out on take your creative news website.
Thanks for coming on the show guy.
And we'll see in the video sometime soon, okay?
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Can You Guess These Common Japanese Words & Products?

31 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 10, 2020
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