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because obviously we can drive behind him since we're driving on the road and we can't drive that slowly.
Since it's not the fastest cycler, you can take any scenes.
Always volume.
Is it my book before my take me Go after first time?
I have bangs look so different, dude.
Volume up, body mouth, cool massage.
It feels good.
It feels good.
It's like scratching my head Ninja way, not ski bunny.
You see a difference.
You have got more volume on your, I guess.
It feels really good.
It feels light like, uh, like my hair just goes up naturally, like I'm a super model because you're worth it.
If there's one thing I've got to do in terms of preparation for the next two months of which will be cycling might be a haircut.
I don't want all this hair in the way.
What's going on system?
Do you?
What's going on?
Listening to his own song, Life is believes in his own car.
A luxury for service can have takes me back Good memories.
I love this song.
Why have you got a sword?
So it's Mike What?
So on our way now to get some dinner.
Kind of a pretty cycling celebrate.
Early dinner at one of our favorite is a Caires is.
Actually there is a car we filmed in for next movie.
The song we just heard one of Ah, the phone is really nice.
Is women called Keiko San?
She was the person who gave Nats kisum seaweed to give to her son, who lives in London.
Didn't ask you to wait to go there.
Have some food on.
Just relax and chill out before tomorrow's cycle begins.
Go Quest.
Oh, no more so no energy, No, a little, a little bit.
Stuff stops you doing points cycle, spiteful cycles.
Class goals.
Let's see.
Oh, like a duck run over last call.
It will save one.
Chris Breaking Boy.
Oh, nasty, nasty went on it.
I think it's probably a good thing that skis not cycling.
Yes, it's definitely get a big squeeze.
He's going in his car.
Pros on.
I now declare this 2000 kilometre cycle five minutes later.
Carly, what we're doing is that car kind of goes ahead of Chris and we meet Chris Addison location to make sure that he's still living and not injured.
So we only got, like, what, 88 to 10 kilometers climb?
So usually I guess around 5 to 10 kilometers, maybe part distant, just to make sure that Chris is OK.
Because obviously we can drive behind him since we're driving on roads and you can't drive that slowly since it's not the fastest cycler.
All right, Christopher, first stop.
How many kilometers we got?
Approximately that.
You know, my watch is fucked.
I've got gave got Fitbit thing.
It's not telling me anything.
When I was done 21 minutes, I think we cycled about 10 kilometers.
I want to say it's not the fastest cycler.
Okay, we stop for a cigarette break.
Yeah, in 20 minutes.
20 minutes.
You couldn't handle no cigarette.
Come on, stop, Loga.
All right, Matzke, What's up?
Good morning.
Good morning.
Morning, beings.
Pretty tired.
No sleep.
There's in Master Developer.
I'm guessing you're developing something right now.
Playing Tetris.
I wish, uh, working the website to make it better.
Just for you guys and for Mr Broad.
That's what this is.
This has been Yeah.
Oh, good.
So, uh yeah, things happen.
Our car just died.
And Chris, when I had already so yeah, trying to flag down cars were hoping that cars will stop for us since we have car issues.
But no, no stop.
But can't you see our cars up like this?
Come on.
I had a car.
University really might spark a little bit.
Yes, we got it.
Oh, yes.
Job safe.
Thank you.
You're safe by Christopher Sitting down.
No idea.
See you at the next stop.
One helpful tips.
If you want to stand on budget and you're on the road, it's not technically on the road not to be on the road.
But if you want to be on the budget, eat healthy.
This is the best food and cheapest food.
I think in Japan that's still really, really healthy.
Lots of protein in this.
Not like because I saw this taste like feet.
I love it.
Been eating it since I was three.
I think my mom thought I was easy to eat because the beans air like very chewy and not very easy.
Easy to.
And so she thought, Oh, what babies can eat it and it's healthy, so it's feed it to him when he's unities that supermarkets convenience stores almost anywhere.
So yeah, check out.
Not dull.
Try to get used to it because you will not regret it.
So this is the top of hotel.
We all got single rooms, forcing rooms busy.
Always get like a food on area for the TV.
A nest kind of original set up.
Of course.
You gotta sink here.
I mean, you cut up bathroom here.
This kind of basic set up of your normal room.
We're going to head into the onset now.
Luckily, we are staying it kind of its own scent town.
So it's been all right.
See, we all knew your like banana Breakfast of champions from wind Been good is a good really, but not a lot of weight.
Try that.
Peace of mind.
Come on, pro.
I guess you need the calories, though.
This is the only time that maybe you're fine eating piece of art and film a chicken, anything Always cutting.
Always carrying.
Oh, yeah, I like it.
You like it?
Oh, well, it's cool.
It's cool.
It's cool.
It's cool.
Too little Giant Suri from making that a little giant Suri That's a little dry, Shorty.
That's right, though.
John's ready right there.
Yeah, sure change.
Right now, you can see Chris is actually over there.
He wants to shoot a eating lunch seen in the park, but now started raining.
So I wonder what he he's getting picked up.
Okay, wait.
I'll show you how far he is.
I think you finally realize it's raining.
He's probably filming his bicycle down with the rain.
Not sure what he's filming.
What are you doing?
Yeah, he has these, like, interesting picnic scenes that he always wants to shoot every day.
The life of cycling with Mr Broad.
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Abroad in Japan's Journey Across Japan [Leg 1 - Behind the Scenes]

43 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 10, 2020
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