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But we started like that.
Yeah, Haley, cool cats and kittens, its direction.
And this is perfect.
Honestly, this is all I do.
Old days feature over.
Here's a very special drawer.
Bears, outfits, a leather jacket when she's feeling like a badass coat or sweater.
Of course, these incredible ski know Alfred right here, that sombrero.
This is her favorite toy.
Come here.
Quarantines, you know, been up and down.
But you know, there's tough days and then there's fun days that I get to spend my brother dog flow.
Come on, let's see you don't.
Here is my Florentine buddy and do laundry and wash the floors Anybody healthy and go running every day.
Not true.
There were You guys were cool things I really love.
This is my first via May, and it was for calling mind with chain smokers.
You love it.
I have been to be I have Disney Awards to really cool.
But let me show you something that really this is the top of the snare head.
It has my payments off the songs I did which was a monster.
Pray I'm gonna shoot crazy.
I don't know.
Hey, Mama.
Time taking home and I can't stop thinking about you.
I won.
Sexiest songstress.
So this is a helmet that I got the Indy 500 when I saying The Star Spangled Banner and it's like a legit helmet and it look at that and it has, like, crystalline stuff.
And when you actually put this on, it's like, really, I'm looking right now.
It's really stuff.
It's like, Look, look.
So we're in my sitting area.
I'm with Bear.
She's in her cute little outfit.
I really, really love I where it's like, so fun to me because I feel like you could dress up any outfit.
How sick those are the paparazzi glasses.
They're called the backup glasses.
They cover half of my face, and it's like, Do I feel these are great skiing losses?
Elton John sunglasses liken Elton John moment Well, and then I have a pair of I want to be cool hipster instagram flame glasses flown on air making this dish.
It's called Grosh being dish, and, um, my mom used to do for us when were little.
We're about to finish off our girls got the beans right here, going, yeah, he's better making this in me.
So he's gonna take control.
Look pretty here.
I can cook things really well, but I'm not great at cutting for me.
It's like I just use the whole rustic excuse.
Salt eight.
Us being in district.
I try my best to write list down deuce little things here and there to have someone structure.
Today I'm going to give bareback and call this person, this person, this person and I put it in the list.
A lot of my days have been consisting of organizing stuff in cleaning and then sleeping and then getting back up trying to finish with Start I love panties because I feel like it brings me closer to the artist McGeary that they were making their music.
This T shirt is probably one of my favorite vintage tees.
I go around looking for these T shirts, or sometimes we'll just find me.
Dollars was that girl World tour.
It was her 1987 tour.
I wasn't born yet growing up at home, and Mommy's play a lot of Madonna.
I grew up in Staten Island, and at the time they were selling this T shirt with a super rare.
It says we stop the violence and it was after before Dad passed away crazy because as messed up Is this my sound?
I also find that being locked down in quarantine has made me closer to my family and my family.
I was like, I want a Sunday call with all 15 of us every Sunday.
And I don't want it to stop it like night, every single night.
Adding cucumbers in.
I have tomatoes.
I have a little bit of avocado on there.
We're gonna just add some salt, paprika, garlic powder to the onions.
Show the onions.
They look really good right now.
We're gonna add some paprika.
We kind of go a little crazy on this.
This is what it's all about, though.
Pepper plans cucumber plans growing up in our yard in Staten Island in New York City.
And every summer we would make fresh tomato, onion, pepper salad, and we had some cheese on top.
And we're gonna just pour this in to the mixture.
Hard to explain, Lee.
And the taste is unbelievable about people going to steal your screen.
These are not normal times, but we can't allow ourselves to fall down the dark hole of like what ifs?
What you mean?
So this will, I think it was perspective to be more grateful.
Like to go outside and to see friends.
And I can't believe how much I took that for granted.
We kind of feel like our lives are at halt, like, what do we do?
And I think that this is a time when we could be compassionate with ourselves and just say, you know what?
It's OK.
We can do little things here and there to better ourselves, but we should be nice to ourselves.
Alright, so we finish cooking and I'm gonna take you outside to where we're gonna have our meal.
Here is the food that we made.
You see it?
We get the salad.
That's red.
That's gonna be delicious.
You got to do with the all being in it.
But I have to do this one because me myself and I I mean easy, cool.
It's just Oh, no, I like last up.
They won't let me.
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ビービー・レクサ、家族とのステイホーム中の過ごし方。| VOGUE JAPAN

37 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 10, 2020
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