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alright I have my next victim
I feel like I'm cutting off everybody's hair all the time
it's really fun but I want to make sure that you guys know that i'm
not anti-long hair
I think long hair is beautiful but I like short hair too
so this is awesome Christina
that I was telling you about, I cut her baby williams hair a little while ago
and she decided that she wants to chop off her hair a little bit
at or below her shoulders and do a really cute balayage
like peekaboo highlight technique so that's what we're doing today
and I am ready to chop off this pony tail
what I did was pulled it back the way she naturally parted it when she came in
I pulled it back in a ponytail and then I held my fingers where that ponytail met and I pulled it back around front
to make sure that was long enough for her so we have that length
and this is where it is
and we're going to cut it off now, when I do this I usually
I usually just stick my shears in and do a little bit at a time
it helps to not make your shears dull
it's gone!!!
it's scary. oh and look at her pretty ombre it's gone
it's like a little pony horsey tail
it's falling apart because I didn't put a very good elastic in there
now i'm going to color it because this cut is definitely
not done
it's uneven, there's a long piece right here
but you know what it's close enough to where I won't be waisting a ton of color
i'm going to do the color and then we'll cut it after the color is done
so for the color she wanted the top to not be
any maintenance so doesn't want to have highlights that come straight out from the top of her head
so we're going to section off right at the roll of the head and that is where the head
starts to roll
down so like the top of the head would be here these are the sides
this rolling part that's right on that little roll that we're going to pull this
hair up
and I'm just doing a circle section in the back and it doesn't have to be perfect
i'm going to pull all of this hair and put it in a clip
now i'm not going to want to do anything on the roots of this hair, I might pull it down
and do just a few on the very ends like a balayage technique
but all of the highlights that I paint on or I mean an ombre technique maybe just with
this but I will a deeper highlight in through here to make the peekaboo but I will be using
a balayage and that is just when you paint the highlights
onto the hair freehand and you're not using foils and i'm using the framesi decolor cream
and I always use that when I do balayage technique because if you're using foils it doesn't really
matter you can use the bleach that swells or whatever but if you're painting it on by
and it swells then it will be messy and it will give you polka dots all over the head
make sure that the cream or the color that you are using is non swelling when you're
doing this technique and this is virgin hair it doesn't have any color on it we had the
lightning on the end that we cut off but I could even just use a high lift color line
on this because it hasn't had artificial color put into it but sine we want it to be I don't
know you said that you liked the reddish what was that in the picture that you showed me
but that was her natural hair okay so you're not wanting to change your natural no I guess
not well I think that the balayage technique will give it that look a little bit anyway
because so of the parts of the hair that just got a little feather of the lightener will
be more of a reddish tone than the actual highlight part so it should melt and be similar
to that so i'm going to mix up the color okay so I mixed up 20 grams of the decolor cream
and 20ml of the 40 volume developer and I made sure that i went with 40 because her
hair is very dark and we don't want the highlights to be too dark we want them to be pretty light
right you gotta wear gloves when you do this because it can get really messy and you need
a few clips to help keep the hair up so i'm going to start on her right side and take
down leave like an inch and a half section down so just about that big side of her head
and you need to pull it tight and then you're going to pick up your color your decolor cream
or whatever you are using and you want to have a good amount on the brush no like enough
that's going to fall off but a good nice line on there and you are going to pick a spot
and start and you just draw it down and then i usually do a little bit wow frog in my throat
I usually do just a little bit different on the levels just to make sure that it doesn't
have like solid lines in there and these keep it real soft and natural so that you don't
have huge noticeable lines and then on the ends on just these little ends i'm going to
saturate it a little bit so it's kind of a balayage or ombre kind of an ombre technique
make sure you get both sides on the bottom and then you can just let it sit like that
so we're going to take down the next section make sure you wipe your hands off when you
grab the next section i'm just going to do one big one on this one right here right over her ear
make sure there is a good amount of color on the spots that you are lightening because
if it's too thin then it won't lift enough okay so on this underneath one I had one and
so on this one i'm just going to do the two edges and bring it down so you can pull it
a little bit tighter to a v shape and you'll notice in the middle I did a teeny little
one in the middle just to soften the line okay this will be the last section on this
side i'm going to leave this front piece out because it already has that really big one
alright we'll just do a few small ones on this one at different levels I like to do
the ones that are a little bit taller by the face because naturally the hair around the
face is usually a little bit lighter and if you see any really big chunks you can smooth them down you don't want anything really
huge dripping down into spots that you don't want them so make sure it's clean but saturated
okay so that's all for that side lets do the same thing on the other and you don't have
to do the exact same pattern you can try to match it i'm going to kind of try to remember
what I did but it doesn't it's not really a huge deal it doesn't have t look the exact
same as long as you have about the same amount of color in there it should look good so now
we need to do something in the back and I want it to match or be similar so i'm going
to take that same type of thing pick up sections starting from the back down here but you can
go a little bit higher because it's okay to have a darker base underneath back here so
i'm going to start right there just below or in the middle of the ears right before
the head starts to roll under really steep so right there take a little bit more okay
and then i'm going to be working in two different sections here because that's too big to hold
in your hand and the hair would just not reach so i'll start over here
i'm taking pretty big sections down probably an inch and she has thick hair so it's a lot
of hair but the more hair that you take down the less noticeable the highlights will be
because there's more thickness covering them before the next highlight level because i'm
taking a big section down and then sectioning that one off again back here to just be highlighting
this smaller top section so that there's like an in-between making it a peekaboo color that
kind of shows through the darker layer on the sides I didn't do that because they're
going to have all of this darkness laying over them and that will create the peekaboo
but since we're back here i'm just doing because it's faster and it doesn't really get seen
so you don't really need to worry as much back here
and then if you have like I did a really big chunk in the middle here so in order to give
it a little bit of variation i'm going to take a little section and not paint that one at all
so now that i'm up here closer to the top my section is a little bit smaller so
I can handle this whole piece because of how we sectioned off the top so i'll just do three
highlights on this one and
you can see as i'm getting closer to the top i'm taking alittle bit smaller section just because I want there to be a little bit more lightness
on the top
you can see the ends over here are already lightening up really nicely getting a really
pretty nice blond color so i'm glad that we're on our last section becausecatch
it needs to up alright so that's pretty much it I don't think we're going to do any on the top at
all just because she already has these leftover little bit of highlight on the ends from the
last time we did her balayage and that's going to blend it in real nicely and we kind of
want it to be peekaboo anyway so i think we're done with the color we'll just let you process
back here for another 15 and if these are too light if these are done if these one process
all the way to where i'm like oh I like how light those are and this isn't done yet then
I can just rinse out the two front sections and leave the back if I need to do that but
I don't think I will I think it will be okay it's actually natural looking to have the
hair slightly lighter color in the front than the back so that's why I started in the front
with this one okay i let it process how long did we let that process probably like 25-30
minutes so like 30 minutes and I just watched it and it looks light enough to me i'm probably
going to tone it with a B because it has a little bit of an orange tone to it so i'll
use a Redkin Shades eq 9B you can see here it's a really pretty caramel blond there is
a tiny little bit of brassiness in it it's not bad but I like the tone that toners give
so i'm going to tone it okay I just washed her hair out I am mixing up the toner just
an ounce of the 9B it's called sterling and it's from the shades EQ and then you have
to use the processing solution it's one to one so and ounce of the processing solution
and I always just when i'm doing toning I just mix it with my finger real quick cause
it's not going to be on my hands for very long and also i ring out the hair to get all
of the extra moisture out because hair is like a sponge so we gotta try to get some
of the water out so it soaks up the toner nice so even towel dry it if you have to to
make sure that you get all of that extra water that you can get out okay so now we're ready
to pour the toner on and since it's mostly on her ends we don't need to tone this top
section but it's okay if it gets everywhere because it only deposits on the hair that's
lighter than a 9 or lightened hair it won't do anything to her brown natural hair so it's
not something scary just pour it all over and work it into the roots and sometimes to
get all the rest of the color out I dip the ends in to kind of smear it around an soak
up the last little bit and then you can actually watch the hair change it's like magic right
before your eyes so the brassiness is just getting covered up by that blue tone and it's
turning into that really pretty caramel color so you can see that's a different tone and
it looks much better so i love toning almost every time I lighten I use a toner of some
kind usually unless they want it really really bright and I got it lighter with the bleach
then I can leave it sometimes but that's good I think it's time to rinse it out Okay everyone
we are done with the color and i'm going to cut her hair now so the link to the haircut
will be right here and I will show you the end result of the color after I do her haircut
because then it will be dry and you can see it and it will be prettier so i hope this
color technique helped you and it gave you some new ideas to leave the top untouched
and just do the peekaboo highlights it's a fun new idea and i hope you guys try it let
me know how it goes give me thumbs up and comment and let me know what you guys want
to see next time we'll see you later bye
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How To Balayage Ombre Step by Step Hair Tutorial

34 Folder Collection
Oscar Loo published on August 9, 2020
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