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Hey guys! Welcome back.
I am Silvia Reis, Redken brand ambassador
and today we are here with my client Gabby
and we are going to be touching up her hair
and doing a base bump with the new color gels.
They have been revamped and you can now use it with any developer.
So that's where we're gonna be using on her today.
So as you can see, she's got pretty grown out roots.
So this is where I'm gonna use the color gels
to lift her base and warm her up
just a tad bit more as you can see in the end result here.
I also went ahead and balayaged a little bit of her roots
just to touch it up and bring some more lightness around the face.
So for the lightener formula, I used flash lift with 20 volume
and i just teased and balayaged some of those areas around the face.
So now, for her base formula,
I'm gonna be using the new revamped color gels,
which you can now mix with any regular developer.
I'm gonna go in with one ounce of 7N and one ounce of 20 volume developer.
Always remembering to put our gloves on
and I just start to apply at the roots
and bring it down to where her blonde highlights start.
I did wanna soften her previous highlights,
just to give it more of that soft and more balayaged look.
So I just apply this formula all over her roots.
The color gels are both great at bumping the base,
which is lifting the base color about a level or two
but it's also great to just soften harsh lines as we see here.
I'm going to tone her hair.
The formula I used for this was 1/2 ounce of O9P,
1/2 ounce of O9N,
1 ounce of crystal clear and 2 ounces of processing solution.
This adds a ton of shine to the hair
and makes sure that all of her tones are balanced.
And then I'm just going to blow her out and style and finish.
So as you can see her base is lifted and a little bit warmer.
I think it complements her balayage and just gives it a much softer look.
I'm just giving her hair a soft bend
to showcase all the colors and we are all done.
All right guys, thank you so much for watching.
Hope you enjoy this type of video and I'll see in the next one.
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In Salon Base Bump & Blonde Balayage Tutorial

14 Folder Collection
Oscar Loo published on August 9, 2020
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