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[horn blowing]
Bikini Bottom's top public access show for the last 20 weeks,
The Guitar Lord!
Ah, the sanctity of my bathroom.
The only place in the world where I can let it all hang out.
Squidward, my man, you are perfect.
Good morning, Squidward. Isn't it a lovely day?
Ha, did you say hello to the flowers yet?
Good morning, flowers.
Now reading boring Science Digest, that's fun!
Erosion, ha!
Mytosis, oh!
Oh, I thought I told that kid not to put the organic sea cucumber
on top of the free range anenomes.
At least my flowers survived the trip.
[playing clarinet]
[doorbell ringing]
Yeah, uh, we're with the pet hospital down the street,
and I understand you have a dying animal on the premises.
Hello, you've reached the house of unrecognized talent.
Please start after the...
[music playing]
And just a touch of pepper.
Not on the rug!
SpongeBob! Will you keep it down? I am trying to cook.
Oh, hey Squidward. Just doing a little home improvement.
Well, you made my spill pepper all over my important rug.
OK, Squidward.
This is great. My day off, no worries, just relaxation.
I'm the boss, I deserve this.
A banana, peeled to your likely, your incoporialness.
One watermelon fresh from the manure field, your sporkiness.
There's my hat.
And there's that, and here we go.
Must... relax...
Look at yourself. You're losing your blueish glow.
Stop worrying so much.
Painting fruit. There's nothing more fun than painting fruit.
This is more fun than anything.
[Patrick screaming]
Oh, look what I've done.
Oh, no!
[playing clarinet]
It is here that the boxes reach their final stage of assembly.
Isn't there anything on that isn't about boxes?
And welocome back to championship boxing.
I guess this is OK. I mean, it's not really about boxes.
[bell ringing]
I give up.
Warm fire, cosy slippers,
and a piping hot cup of tea with a lemon wedge.
Why do I even bother?
What are those neanderthals up to?
Don't they know I'm busy spoiling myself?
Goodnight, Clarie.
Tomorrow we begin life anew.
Mm, honey...
What? Oh...
All of the most intelligent programming starts before 5 AM.
Our programming will begin shortly.
How sophisticated.
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24 Hours with SQUIDWARD ☀️His Entire Day, Hour by Hour! | SpongeBob

32 Folder Collection
Summer published on August 9, 2020
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